God bless America: DMX curses in court

I’ve never laughed so hard and felt so patriotic at the same time. Rapper DMX in court on Tuesday threw the F-word at a judge during a Miami court appearance.tjndc5-5b5df7fvkl413fsv3ezi_original.jpg

The exchange is priceless, courtesy of CBS 4 News in south Florida:

“I ain’t going back to no f—ing jail,” DMX said.

“Oh, well that just ingratiated you to me,” said Judge Lawrence Schwartz. “I’ve never heard the F-word before, so it’s OK.”

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Only in America can someone like DMX get away with that. I wonder what DMX would have said back to the judge:

“Ingratiated? Whaaaaaaaaat! Who said anything about slicing parmesan cheese?”

If anybody understood that lame joke, I will be one happy brown kid.

(AP Photo/Diane Bondareff)

Aman Ali

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