Diddy Wants a Gold Medal for Sex

Mount Vernon-raised P. Diddy told New York Magazine he could win the U.S. Olympic team a gold medal (in bed).

tjndc5-5b5g7jgk3romxkhjezi_original1.jpgDiddy was asked if he were to compete in the Olympics, his dream gold medal would be for “who could have sex the longest. I think that’s an event I can do well in. And probably who could stay up the longest.”

Take that Michael Phelps! He thought he told you that he won’t stop, he thought he told you that he wont stop!

Diddy clarified to the reporter “Just so you know, that’s supposed to be funny. Even though I am serious.”

When asked who he’d compete against, he said “Whoever’s up for the challenge.”

If that was an Olympic event, I’m sure Diddy would have some stiff competition.

AP Photo/Stuart Ramson)

Aman Ali

Aman Ali has been a mobile journalist for the Journal News since 2007. Prior to that he worked in Washington, D.C., for The Hill covering Capitol Hill politics and the 2008 Presidential race. An Ohio native, Ali received his degree in newspaper journalism from Kent State University. If he's not on assignment reporting, he can be found at home beating 12-year-olds online in Madden football on his Xbox 360.