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Martha Stewart’s Farm Gets Hit by Lightning — Twice!

Posted by: Aman Ali - Posted in Bedford, Martha Stewart on Aug 11, 2008

Martha Stewart today said on her blog that lightning yesterday struck two trees on her Bedford farm. She said in recent months her farm has been a frequent target for lightning.

tjndc5-5c1uuoic3w41agq20g52_original1.jpg The post is a Martha classic. I love when she says “I’m waiting to hear the assessment from my arborist.” That’s when you know you got money, when you can afford an arborist. Sure Jay-Z owns a bunch of businesses and part of an NBA sports team, but can he say that he has an arborist? Didn’t think so.

Blogs come a dime a dozen these days and its hard to find good ones worth reading regularly. But Martha’s blog is always entertaining.

(AP Photo/Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Anders Krusberg)