Podcast: July 31 (EXCLUSIVE interview with comedian Nick Di Paolo!)

Special edition podcast this week: In an exclusive interview with Suburbarazzi correspondent Chris Serico (a.k.a. me), stand-up comedian Nick DiPaolo recounts his experiences performing in Afghanistan, explains his move to Westchester and talks about his new radio show on Sirius.

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<a href=”http://www.lohud.com/assets/mov/072908_Suburbarazzi_lohud.flv” title=”Anarchy Media Player – Right click to download file”><em>Flash video</em></a>

Chris Serico

A Westchester native and Boston College grad, Chris Serico will host your game show for scale. A features reporter for the The Journal News, he's also written for the newspaper's Listening Room, Suburbarazzi and Remote Access entertainment blogs. For those about to rock, he salutes you.