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Is Diddy Engaged?

Posted by: Aman Ali - Posted in Diddy, Mount Vernon on Jul 28, 2008

Not according to his rep, who told People.com that the rumor is a “complete fabrication.”


Speculation picked up over the weekend about whether or not the Mount Vernon native was planning on tying the knot with singer Cassie, a New London native signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy record label.

Cassie told reporters earlier this month the two are not together but “definitely friends.”

Just friends? That’s about as credible as me denying my healthy heterosexual man-crush on Jack Bauer.

Diddy has tried to steer attention away from the rumors by talking about his VH1 reality show debuting next month about contestants competing to be his next personal assistant. But if only we cared. Poor Diddy, he’s about as relevant today as Dwayne Wayne’s sunglasses.

(AP Photo/Reed Saxon)