’24’ + The Bible / ComiCon = Stephen Baldwin’s ‘The Remnant’

Consider this my last Stephen Baldwin post here on Suburbarazzi. (Hey, I heard that collective sigh!)

Comicon, as you may have heard, is THE place to promote any and every sci-fi or action project in the works. Either that or it’s a very clever plot by Gillian Anderson to round up all world’s uber-geeks and dissapear them in plume of purple smoke.

Until that happens, though, movies like the “Star Trek” reboot, the upcoming “Watchmen” comic-book-turned-blockbuster, TV shows like “Heroes” and “Lost,” and even the “Dr. Horrible” webisodes will continue getting the red carpet treatment. Add to that list one Stephen Baldwin, who has co-created a new comic book series, dubbed “The Remnant.”

For your consideration:  A supernatural thriller cartoon in the vein of “24,” with religious undertones.

theremnant-cover.jpg  remn01_01_sm.jpg

Baldwin, who has a home in Upper Grandview, summed it up this way to CBR (Comic Book Resources, to those of you not in the know):

tjndc5-5kyuk8xml1t13dyofm9h_layout.jpg“I wanted to do a comic that asked the big questions but answered them in little ways. Philosophy and spirituality are complex beasts, but I believe literature’s purpose is to contextualize these tricky subjects into entertaining stories that speak, not preach, to the reader.”

Baldwin teamed up with the creator of the TV series “Eureka,” Andrew Cosby, as well as Caleb Monroe, Julian Totino Tedesco, and Paul Azaceta to create the new series.

Now, if only we could convince them to do an reboot of that Illustrated Children’s Bible, with Jack Bauer periodically showing up to interrogate the apostles. That I’d pay to see.

(AP Photo/Eric Jamison)

Ted Mann

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