List of Olympic athletes from our area

The Olympic games in Beijing is coming up in the next week or two. Be sure to root for the local athletes representing our country:

James Blake (from Yonkers) — tennis
Courtney King-Dye (trains in Bedford) — dressage
McLain Ward (from Brewster) — equestrian
Sarah Mergenthaler (former coach at American Yacht Club in Rye) — sailing


Then we have a few local athletes representing other countries that deserve some love too:

Milan Jotanovic (Manhattan College) — shot put for Serbia
Aliann Pompey (Manhattan College) — track for Guyana
Joe Ryan (Manhattan College) — coach for Guyana

I’ll add more to the list if I find more and try to update you guys on their progress when the games start.

(Photo by Angela Gaul / The Journal News)

Aman Ali

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