Bill Murray’s upcoming skydive inspires first Suburbarazzi Match Game post

Bill Murray is gonna jump. And it’s not because of those “Garfield” movies, either.

tjndc5-5k88gfwkaxdihbqmo6_layout.jpg(Just kidding, Billy. You’re still one of my all-time favorite actors. Truth.)

On behalf of the U.S.O. of Illinois, the Sneden’s Landing resident and Second City native will be doing a tandem jump with the Golden Knights skydiving team at the Chicago Air and Water Show on Aug. 15, according to the Associated Press.

And now for a Suburbarazzi Match Game Exclusive! I love “SNL” way too much to pick on any of its cast members, so I’ll let you, the reading public, fill in the punch line accordingly:

I haven’t seen an “SNL” cast member choose to take a dive like this since [BLANK] tried to launch a movie career. Zing!

Maybe we’ll check your answers against those of Betty White and Richard Dawson in the near future. In the meantime, post away!

(AP Photo/Evan Agostini)

Chris Serico

A Westchester native and Boston College grad, Chris Serico will host your game show for scale. A features reporter for the The Journal News, he's also written for the newspaper's Listening Room, Suburbarazzi and Remote Access entertainment blogs. For those about to rock, he salutes you.