OMG! (Or, in Spanish, ODM!) Menudo to play Playland this Saturday night!

Ricky Martin might be long gone, but fans will be piling into Rye Playland this Saturday when the latest manifestation of Menudo comes to town.

ricky.jpgFounded in 1970, Menudo has sold more than 40 million records worldwide and had roughly 2,309 members spanning four decades. The newest version of the group, which includes 15-year-old Dutchess County product Chris Moy, was created on the MTV TR3S reality show, “Making Menudo.”

I’m not exactly a huge Menudo fan, but there could be tremendous comedic incentive for going if the group decides to bring back these winning outfits for no apparent reason.

I still happen to think Playland’s crowning musical achievement was the music video for “Fantasy,” which features former Bedford resident Mariah Carey and the late, great ODB.

(AP Photo/Arnulfo Franc0)

Long lost Jessica Lange to turn up in Yonkers

Aside from “Broken Flowers” back in 2005 and “Big Fish” a few years before that, Jessica Lange has been largely MIA from show biz.tjndc5-5baolojwfm1127stv6bw_layout.jpg

But we just got word that the Oscar winner will be taking to the stage in Yonkers, to deliver a different kind of performance — the commencement address at Sarah Lawrence College. She’ll be speaking to the 310 graduating seniors, one of whom is her daughter, Hannah Jane Shepherd. Presumably dad (and Lange ex) Sam Shepherd should be there, too.

Look for photo of the event, courtesy of my colleague Nicole Neroulias, in the Suburbarazzi Flickr sidebar stream tomorrow.

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New York Mag’s Bonnie Fuller obituary: tabloid queen was an ‘idiot savant’

Given that Bonnie Fuller just announced her resignation from American Media Inc. about a week ago, it seems a little early to declare her career over. Still, that’s pretty much what New York Magazine said in this week’s article about the Hastings resident’s “tragic” rise and fall (what, she doesn’t even get a feature story treatment, just some measly FOB thing?).

tjndc5-5e5byipar8g6ufx3oto_layout.jpgThe piece stopped short of singing “ding, dong, the wicked witch is dead,” but it was all too happy to point out that Fuller’s memoir is now going for 1 cent on Amazon and that she’s been called everything from “the Devil” to “evil genius.” The author, Simon Dumenco, ultimately gave the cruelest epitaph of all, “She was really something of an idiot savant: the perfect media power player for our uniquely idiotic times.” All I have to say is, watch your back, Simon.

True, Fuller may be done with tabloid magazines — after stints at Us Weekly, Star, Glamour, YM, Marie Claire, and Cosmo, we’d be burnt out, too! — but as we related earlier this week, she may be headed to Hollywood or to some Tina Brown-type Internet venture. Wherever she ultimately ends up, you’d be a fool to count her out of the media biz. As the New York piece itself charted out, every time Fuller has quit or been fired, she always managed to rebound. Call her the Hillary Clinton of magazine editing. Or, as Portfolio put it yesterday, “the Bill Parcells of publishing.”

The tabloid queen is dead. Long live the tabloid queen.

“Just How Tragic is Bonnie Fuller?” [New York]

(Photo: Mark Vergari / InTown Westchester)

Podcast: May 21

On the big show this week: Joe Girardi visits Fox Lane High School, Emeril jumps ship from the Food Network, and Diddy’s Foxwoods bash.

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Quiz: Leona Lewis, one of the hitmakers to be helmed by Pound Ridge resident Clive Davis, scored an international No. 1 with her hit “Bleeding Love.” Which singer with ties to the Lower Hudson Valley cowrote the song?

A. Mariah Carey, formerly of Bedford
B. Kimberley Locke, North Salem resident
C. Jesse McCartney, Ardsley native

The answer, as always, is at the end of the video or after the break. It’s also revealed in, uh, the next post down.

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Without a No. 1 hit of his own (yet), Jesse McCartney gives Leona Lewis international chart-topper

You probably know by now that British singing sensation Leona Lewis, one of the hitmakers helmed by Pound Ridge resident Clive Davis, scored an international No. 1 with her song, “Bleeding Love.”

Z100's Zootopia 2008 - Press RoomBut did you know that Ardsley native Jesse McCartney cowrote the track with OneRepublic lead singer Ryan Tedder and, after opting not to include it on McCartney’s own album, gave it to her?

MTV recently scored an interview with McCartney, who elaborated on the creative process behind the single that “some people didn’t hear (as a hit) at first”:

I recorded it and decided it probably wasn’t right for my album. So we just kind of swept it under the rug, and somehow Clive Davis heard it — I think Ryan played it for Clive — and he fell in love with it and called and said, ‘I really want this song for Leona.’ And we did not expect it was going to be the biggest song in Europe of ’07.

Using the ever-popular third-person point of view, he insisted that he was not upset that he did not include his version of the song on his own album:

A hit for Leona Lewis may not necessarily mean a hit for Jesse McCartney.

Don’t feel too bad for McCartney, though. Despite the fact that he has yet to chart a No. 1 single as a singer, his latest track — the Justin Timberlakesque “Leavin'” — is soaring up the charts and could soon give him his first chart-topper on lead vocals. As of this post’s publication, it was the seventh-most downloaded song on iTunes. LoHud power!

Check out MTV’s full video interview with McCartney after the break. Continue reading

All the buzz from Diddy’s latest party is about who DIDN’T show up

Former Mount Vernon resident Sean “Diddy” Combs can always land his share of A-listers for his notorious parties, but when it came to this weekend’s shenanigans at MGM Grand at Mohegan Sun, the real story involved the halves of celebrity couples that failed to show.

AP/Stuart RamsonThe Boston Herald reported that singer and part-time stand-up comedian John Mayer (raised in nearby Fairfield County, by the way) arrived without purported gal-pal Jennifer Aniston. Perhaps that’s because they’re keeping things as private as possible, or y’know, she just wanted to do something else.

mariah.jpgBut the stranger absence that the Herald hawed at involved former Bedford resident Mariah Carey, who was nowhere to be found near recent husband Nick Cannon at Diddy’s party. I suppose there’s an ebb and a flow to all this; keep the wedding silent, make a huge scene about the nuptials to People magazine, then play it low-key.

Unless Oprah Winfrey swoops in first, do you think Mariah’s next public appearance with Cannon will be for the season premiere of “Wild ‘N Out”? Methinks yes.

(AP photo of Diddy by Stuart Ramson; AP Photo of Carey by Evan Agostini)

Paired with vintage Martha Stewart, Emeril Lagasse will be seen at same BAM time, different BAM channel

It’s not an Emeril Lagasse story without a pun involving the word “Bam!”, is it?

emeril-martha.jpg According to Yahoo!, the outspoken chef will be moving his show from the Food Network. He’ll be setting up shop — er, kitchen — for the Fine Living Network and paired up with a show featuring Bedford resident Martha Stewart. The chef’s show will keep its 7 p.m. time slot when it debuts July 7.

In February, Stewart’s company bought out his line of cookbooks, TV shows and kitchen products for $50 million, but Lagasse retains control of his restaurants. And that’s a good thing.

It’s not a Martha Stewart story without a pun involving “It’s a good thing,” is it?

(AP Photo/The Martha Stewart Show, Anders Krusberg)

Susan Sarandon gets a gothic-letter tattoo at age 61

I’m all for gothic typefaces and equally enthusiastic about neck and wrist tattoos. But the two together, and on a senior citizen, and one that’s never had a tat before? That, I’m not so cool with. 52d56d76964645458a34f700cfe5e113.jpgBut that’s just what Pound Ridge resident Susan Sarandon did when she had the letters M, E, and J (her kids initials) carved into her backside, and the letters E and A into her wrist (for daughter Eva Amurri). See a photo of the back on the Daily Mail’s site.

Sort of like 46-year-old Tom Chiarella’s article on “Learning to Smoke” (for the first time) in the March Esquire, if you ask me. What’s the point?

Sarandon’s response when asked why she’s chosen to deface her body at 61:

“Why not? I turned 60 [last year] and after a while you think, ‘Well I’ve only got my body for a few more years anyway’. … I have a young husband, I have young kids. I don’t smoke, I have lots of water, do a fair amount of activity and have good genes.”

What is it with these old people? Why is it always an either-or between smoking and tattooing? Oh how I miss the days of early bird specials, matinée movies, and shuffleboard.

[via Fametastic]

(AP Photo/Peter Kramer)

Bonnie Fuller heading to the celebrity tabloid mothership?

Now that Hastings resident and tabloid queen Bonnie Fuller is out of a job at AMI, what’s her next move? MediaWeek’s theory: She’ll be heading to the Hollywood, where she’s been reportedly meeting with TV execs.

So does this mean she’s angling for her own tabloid TV show to go up head-to-head against longtime arch nemesis Jeanine Pirro on daytime TV? Not quite. For starters, I’m kidding about nemesis thing (though they would be perfect enemies, don’t you think?). Plus, “She wants to be a TV producer,” said a former colleague. “She is a mass communicator. The same things that drive her as an editor would work as a producer.”

On the other hand, Fuller friend Bob Guccione Jr. (not the Penthouse guy — his son, who founded Spin and now publishes Discover) suggested, “I can see her in TV or online. Online is a more open field. Online, she could easily own her own business.”

And, we might add, you could be a Suburbarazzi correspondent! Remember, the offer is on the table. We’ve been looking to open an L.A. bureau for some time now.

(AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

EXCLUSIVE: Yanks skipper Joe Girardi chats with Fox Lane High School students, tells them to ‘help others’

After covering another story at Fox Lane High School this morning, I heard a buzz in the hallway about Yankees manager Joe Girardi visiting the school.

joe-g.jpgSure enough, at the front entrance, there was No. 27 himself sporting a red polo shirt, chatting with students and autographing their shirts. Resisting the temptation to go all Chris Farley Show on him and say, “Hey, thanks for that triple in the ’96 World Series,” I opted for the more professional approach:

Chris Serico/Suburbarazzi: “So, what are you doing here?”
Joe Girardi: “Just came to visit the school on my off day.”
Chris Serico/Suburbarazzi: “Nice. That’s cool. What did you tell the kids?”
Joe Girardi: “Reach out. Help others.”

Epic stuff on my part, I know. But the guy was swarmed with students and on his way out the door, so I left it at that. From what I could tell, he was very kind and accommodating to the kids, long before he knew a nosy reporter was in the building.

Here’s the exclusive clip, all seven seconds of it:


Go Yanks.

(AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

Matt Dillon misses Mary! Er, Cameron Diaz!

Hey, speaking of the Dillon boys, Matt is interested in getting back together with Cameron Diaz, says OK! Magazine. According to them, brother Kevin told Matt to reach out to her and see what happens, and that that’s precisely what he did. However, since being spotted at Chateau Marmont on March 15, the two, who starred together in “There’s Something About Mary,” haven’t been spotted together again.


Could it have something to do with Cameron Diaz also being a car snob, and Matt, too, driving an auto as uncool (and unwashed) as a his brother’s Lincoln? Or that he starred opposite a VW bug in “Herbie Fully Loaded”? Cameron, please say it ain’t so.

(Dillon: AP Photo/Michel Euler; Diaz: AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)

Kevin Dillon loses fan thanks to dirty Lincoln

I can’t say that my opinion of celebrities has ever been swayed much by the cars they drive, but, understandably, the folks over at Celebrity Cars blog take that it all a little personally. And when Mamaroneck native Kevin Dillon shows himself in public, driving a dirty old Lincoln — well, that’s apparently enough to negate all his fine acting in Entourage.

Kev, here’s a suggestion: Why not get brother Matt to hook you up with one of those eco-friendly hybrid Ford taxis? Might not be the coolest car on the planet, but hey, all the cool Hollywood kids have hybrids these days. And at least the yellow-and-green color scheme is a little more eye catching.

(Photo: Claudette Barius/HBO)