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Are Jay-Z and Beyoncé moving to Scarsdale?

Posted by: Chris Serico - Posted in Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Scarsdale on May 28, 2008

When Jay-Z named his recent album “Kingdom Come,” did he have Scarsdale in mind?

jb.jpgHe and Beyoncé Knowles are rumored to be making the move to Scarsdale, where the power couple secured a marriage license last month. Late last week, TMZ reported that the newlyweds own a 15,000 square-foot modern colonial on property that spans 2 acres.

The house, replacing another that had been razed on that site, reportedly has been under construction for six months, according to the gossip site.

Thanks to Journal News reporter Aman Ali for the heads-up on this item.

(AP Photo/Kim Johnson Flodin)