Justine Bateman goes to Washington … to save the Internet

It’s a question you’ve no doubt asked yourself countless times before: 112605_1774_pre.jpgWhere does Justine Bateman stand on the whole “Net Neutrality” debate?

I’m sure Lawrence Lessig and Kevin Martin have perfectly good arguments on the topic, too, but during late April’s Senate Committee Hearing on the Future of the Internet, it was Bateman, a Rye native (and sister of Jason) who really stole the show. A few choice excerpts for her full statement to the committee are after the break.

When I started acting in the early 1980s creativity in TV and film was still rampant and innovation of ideas and performance were exalted. … In today’s TV market a show like Family Ties, may never make it to TV.

Traditional media is now like a pool over which a pool cover has been placed causing those wild ducks that used to swim around in your pool to go elsewhere. (True story about my pool. I’m sorry we don’t see those ducks anymore.) Those ducks now I’m sure have found an open body of water in which to swim, much like we content creators have been found open distribution on the Internet.

Aside from the overt Tony Soprano reference, that’s a pretty good point. Well said, Mallory!

(Desperate Housewives Photo of Justine Bateman: ABC / Danny Feld)

Ted Mann

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