Preppy Catherine Zeta-Jones looks right at home in Westchester

Team coverage of Z-J here at the Journal News today!

After Mojo Nicole Neroulias reported that the movie “Rebound,” which is shooting right now in Pocantico Hills and Tarrytown this morning, photographer Seth Harrison got on the set to take a few photos. These pics of Zeta-Jones getting her makeup and hair touched up were taken at the Pocantico Hills Central School.

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In case you’re not working and in the mood to do a little star gazing, here’s the location, courtesy our friends at Google.

Catherine Zeta-Jones trotting around Tarrytown today

This just in from intrepid Journal News reporter Nicole Neroulias: tjndc5-5j2zoqphgeog2zbaf42_layout.jpg

A film crew is backing up traffic on Bedford Road, near Coprock Road, this morning. The crew is filming “The Rebound,” a movie starring Catherine Zeta-Jones. Police and film crews are stopping traffic periodically along Bedford Road, also known as Route 448. Drivers should expect delays throughout the morning.

In the movie, Zeta-Jones plays a single mom who captivates her 25-year-old neighbor, played by Justin Bartha (“National Treasure”). The movie started shooting in Manhattan earlier this month, is due in theaters next year.

UPDATE: Nicole confirms that the film crew moved into the Pocantico Hills Central School for interior scenes for the rest of the day. Here are some shots she took of the production today.



(Location-shoot photos: Nicole Neroulias; AP Photo of Zeta-Jones in Australia in March/Rick Rycroft)

Great moments in Baldwin-brother spoof shows

Upset that we won’t get any new episodes of “Dirty Sexy Money” — and Billy Baldwin’s prescient, spot-on Eliot Spitzer impression — until 2010? Or September at the very earliest? Well, my friends, it is possible to get your Baldwin fix at the local multiplex right now.

Billy (who lives in Bedford) has a small part in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” starring in the show-within-a-show, the mock “CSI” series “Crime Scene.” I’ve never seen somebody lampoon David Caruso quite so perfectly … except, of course, David Caruso himself in “Jade.”

The best part of the whole “Crime Scene” setup — NBC actually created a website for the faux show:


All this got me to thinking: Which Baldwin brother does spoof TV (or film) the best? Remember “Cleaver”? Or, more recently, “The Celebrity Apprentice”?

And the nominees, along with video clips and a poll, are after the break.

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Podcast: April 23

On this week’s podcast: Al Pacino’s cinematic abortion, how Jason Bateman got his groove back, and Rosie O’Donnell gets “Crafty.”

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As you probably know if you’ve been keeping up with Suburbarazzi, we’ve become huge Kimberly Locke fans ever since interviewing her last month. So I couldn’t resist making another quiz question about the North Salem songbird. To wit:

After the recent episode of “American Idol” in which Locke performed her new single “Fall,” she told TMZ that one of the contestants tried to ask her out on a date. Alas, she declined. Can you guess which AI hopeful got the big diss?

A.  David Archuleta
B.  Michael Johns
C.  Chikezie
D.  Jason Castro

The answers, as always, is at the end of the clip and after the break.

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Two hours of peace, love, and Ang Lee

For reasons that still baffle me, plenty of Marvel fanboys came out of the woodwork yesterday to dispute the assertion that the new Hulk movie will be anything but awesome. And while they were 100 percent right that I’m not a “true Hulk fan,” I was heartened to hear that more than a few of them liked the 2003 Hulk movie by Larchmont’s Ang Lee. As  Coquito Von Tito put it, “I just hope they didn’t dumb down the high standards set by the Ang Lee film, which, we all must admit, was too highbrow to sell.”

tjndc5-5j3sluhaa041ddaww9ec_layout.jpgWell put. The good news — for us highbrow junkies, anyway — is that Lee is still delivering the goods. As the The Hollywood Reporter reports, he’s even signed on for another trip to Brokeback territory, in the form of the upcoming film “Taking Woodstock.” This movie will revolve around the life of the Greenwich Village interior designer and part-time Catskills hotel manager who issued the permit for a certain three-day-long 1969 concert in Bethel, NY. A little party called Woodstock. According to THR, it’ll be based on Elliot Tiber’s 2007 memoir “Taking Woodstock: A True Story of a Riot, a Concert, and a Life,” and produced — as all Lee movies are — with James Schamus and Focus Features.

Marvel — who needs ’em anyway?

(AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)

More trailer trash: ‘The Incredible Hulk’ and ‘Speed Racer’

After reading Entertainment Weekly’s Summer Movie Preview issue this weekend, I got a little trailer obsessed.

I’ve already shared my thoughts on “Indy 4” (oh, hell yeah) and “Righteous Kill” (eh, not so righteous looking). But I wanted to take a minute out to look at two more of the summer’s biggest expected blockbusters — “The Incredible Hulk” and “Speed Racer” — both of which, by the way, have LoHud connections. Tenuous LoHud connections, but still enough for me to post the trailers.


Watch the video and join the debate after the break.

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Another day, another dollar, another gaudy Trump tower in AC

Part-time Bedford resident Donald Trump just christened his latest Atlantic City hotel tower, a $255 million deal that, as our sister paper in Cherry Hill reports, tjndc5-5je393y0t201j77yqnvi_layout.jpgwould have never gotten built if Trump were looking for bank underwriting these days (even with his better-than-expected ratings on “The Celebrity Apprentice”). The economy is just that bad. Or maybe Trump’s casinos are just that tacky.

Also, Newsday reports that Trump is going to be naming the 782-room tower after one Donald J. Trump.

In other news, we hear the Pope went to church on Sunday.

(AP Photo/The Press of Atlantic City, Ben Fogletto)

Rob Thomas usurping Rob Thomas as the most famous Rob Thomas

Speaking as someone whose name has already been effectively trademarked by a half-dozen more famous Ted Manns, my sympathies go out to Rob Thomas the television producer (below, left), who seemed destined to always play second fiddle to Rob Thomas the singer and Mount Kisco resident (below, right). Alright, so maybe TV Rob he was lucky enough to get his IMDB page to show up on the first batch of Google results, but just about everything else is all Matchbox Twenty Rob. Then again, maybe not for long.


See, TV Rob’s career, which began with his hit “Veronica Mars,” is hotter now than ever before, with him successfully selling three pilots in this season alone. They are: a “90210” spinoff, a comedy called “Cupid,” and “Good Behavior” about the matriach of a crime family who decides to take over when her husband is sent off to jail.

Nicely done, TV Rob. Music Rob is going to have to come up with something way better than songs on the “Meet the Robinsons” soundtrack to top that!

(TV Rob: IMDB; Music Rob: AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Glenn Close to daughter: Act, act, act!

Usually superstar actors and actresses encourage their spawn to take up another line of work. tjndc5-5b3i292djmbky2rk6jt_layout1.jpgBut not Bedford’s Glenn Close. According to a comment she made to OK! Magazine, close wants her 19-year-old daughter Annie to follow in her footsteps. Quoth the bunny boiler:

“I would love for my daughter to act. I don’t know if she will but I can’t think of a better profession. I’ve never been able to understand why some people do something for their whole life and then decide that they don’t want their kids to do it. I’ve had a fantastic life in this industry. I can’t think of a more exciting thing for my daughter to do.”

(Close and daughter Annie in 2001: Rohanna Mertens for The Journal News)

DMX sparks frat-house riot

In case all you Pi Beta Phis out there ever considered hiring DMX for your next Spring Fling shindig, don’t. tjndc5-5b1xw0oqsso138s5pgqo_layout.jpgYeah, sure, he’s wild and unpredictable and sure to yield some crazy cocaine-addled/ pitbull-abusing/ warrant-flaunting stories. But as the brothers at Indiana University’s Lambda Chi Alpha learned when they scheduled him for a recent performance, he might just also lead to a riot.

At the show in question, the rapper, who lives on the Mount Kisco-Bedford border, showed up an hour late. When he finally got on stage at 9:30 p.m., police were taking positions, getting ready to put the kibbutz on the whole thing. According to this account, officials sprayed mace into the crowd, only making the matter worse.

Ang Lee adopted by Brangelina

Not quite sure what Adar Eisenbruch was going for in his piece for the Johns Hopkins News Ledger — a kind of “Shouts and Murmurs” riff, presumably. Whatever it is, I like it.

And since there aren’t nearly enough reasons to write about low-key Larchmont resident Ang Lee, I figured I’d point y’all to this.

One little excerpt:

Asked how the 53-year-old Lee would fit into their family, Jolie acknowledged that he was “a bit” older than the other children she and Pitt have adopted but explained that they “were looking for a different sort of parenting challenge.” She further stated that the couple hopes that “Anggie” would be a “good big brother, a role model” to their other children, named Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh.

“Brad, Angelina adopt Ang Lee” [JHNL]

Pacino’s ’88 Minutes’ joins ‘Bio Dome’ as one of the worst rated films in Metacritic history

I meant to post this yesterday, when, after doing a search for what movie to go see tonight, I discovered a shocker: The new Al Pacino thriller “88 Minutes” was at the bottom of Metacritic’s list of the all-time worst-rated movies. The aggregated critics’ number: 2. Out of 100. Which put it only one point short of the all-time worst movie, “Bio Dome,” starring Al’s Rockland neighbor Stephen Baldwin (Pacino lives in Sneden’s Landing, Baldwin in Upper Grandview).


Fortunately for the flick, a few more reviews trickled in over the last day, and Pacino can breathe a “Hoo Hah!” sigh of relief. The film is now tallying a somewhat less embarrassing 12 (putting it, as of this morning, at #29 on the worst-movies list).

OK, what am I saying, that’s still abysmal. And to think I was giving the trailer for his other upcoming movie, “Righteous Kill,” a hard time. That was just mean.