Sold to the man with the green hair! Actor/auctioneer Chevy Chase poses with Captain Planet

chevy2.jpgBedford resident Chevy Chase, seen here doing an unintentional Dick Cheney impression at last month’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, put his celebrity to work last week to raise money for the Captain Planet Foundation.

Chevy and his wife, Jayni, appeared at a Thursday fundraiser at New York City’s Sherry-Netherland Hotel, where he posed for photos with the Cap’n himself and served as an auctioneer for the charity, whose mission to support hands-on environmental projects for children. That’s a theme to which the Chases can relate as they are the founders of the Center for Environmental Education charity, which raises awareness about global issues through educational initiatives.

The April 24 event, hosted by Ted Turner, was held two days after Earth Day.

Brita Belli, of E (Environmental) magazine, cites Jayni’s role in the evening’s festivities:


(She) discussed the importance of greening the nation’s schools from top to bottom, and educating kids about the process while they’re at it. She mentioned the traveling art show called Cool Globes, which brings attention to global warming solutions by various artist renderings on actual globes.


Now if there were only a way to incorporate microphone sight-gags into environmental curricula…

(AP Photo/Evan Agostini)

Chris Serico

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