Word to your mazel tov! Paul Shaffer helms rap inspired by synagogue congregant’s poem

shaffer1.jpgWith a little help from the Blues Brothers, Bedford resident Paul Shaffer has collaborated with jazz, R&B and rock legends.

Now, the CBS Orchestra leader can add Larry Levy to that résumé.

Shaffer and Levy are part of the Mount Kisco Hebrew Congregation, which on April 13 will celebrate not only its 100th anniversary but also Levy’s 93rd birthday.

Levy’s poem about the anniversary inspired Shaffer to produce a rap video that uses those words and others written by Jewish rapper Etan G. The result is a video that will be shown at an event celebrating the congregation’s anniversary, but curious Suburbarazzi readers can view it on YouTube right now.

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Like many of Shaffer’s efforts, the video is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but the tribute itself seems appropriate, especially after reading about Levy’s life in a press release issued by the synagogue this week:


A native of Poland, Levy escaped when he was a teenager and immigrated to Palestine. Shortly after he left, his entire family fell victim to the Holocaust in Poland and was entirely wiped out. While living in Palestine (before the State of Israel was established), Levy met his wife, Toby, and they ultimately decided to move to America, in search of a better life. The moved to Chattanooga, Tenn., where they lived for 60 years. When they grew older, they made the decision to live closer to their children — in northern Westchester, N.Y. — and moved to Mount Kisco in 2000.


Mazel tov, Larry!

(File photo/The Journal News.)

Chris Serico

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