Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: The award-winning edition with Kevin Kline, Denzel Washington, Eli Manning and Clive Davis


My apologies for the horrendous screen-cap. Not my best freeze-frame.

At the end of the video and after the break is the answer to this week’s quiz: With everyone from the Foo Fighters to Alicia Keys in attendance, Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party has become almost as celebrated as the ceremony itself. Where does the music mogul live in Westchester County?

A. Armonk
B. Bedford
C. Chappaqua
D. Pound Ridge

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‘Farnsworth Invention’ goes the way of the cathode ray tube

After 104 performances and three months, “The Farnsworth Invention” will be coming to a close on Broadway. The play, scripted by Scarsdale native Aaron Sorkin (of “West Wing” fame, and “Studio 60” shame), has been opted by New Line for a feature film, so if you haven’t already caught a showing on the Great White Way, you may still get a chance to see it down the road.

“Aaron Sorkin Play Closing March 2 in NYC” [AP]

Rosie O’Donnell swears off the sauce

Ever since leaving The View, Rosie O’Donnell’s blog hasn’t had nearly as many salacious anti-Hasselbeck haikus as it used to. But last week its regular readership was treated to one interesting little “Ask Ro” Q&A:

Kathy writes:

So Rosie, Alcoholic or NOT? Just spit it out! Don’t go all Star Jones on us here. What led to you stopping the Beer? You’ll only help someone else. “you felt it was time�…WHY…inquiring minds…


Rosie’s response:

cause i was drinking too much
cause i didnt want to anymore
cause it is hard to lose weight wen drinking
cause i can never have only one


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Clive Davis’ Grammy pre-party steals show from actual ceremony

clive-davis.jpgWho needs to attend a three-and-a-half hour Grammy ceremony when everyone wants to witness the real show before the show?

That’s how legendary the pre-parties have been for host and Pound Ridge resident Clive Davis. And last night’s festivities were no exception, according to MTV News.

The guest list at Davis’ Beverly Hilton soirée included — take a deep breath — Alicia Keys, Foo Fighters, Chris Daughtry, Fantasia Barrino, Lindsay Lohan, Pink, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Busta Rhymes, Michael Strahan, Rod Stewart, Mark Ronson, Nicole Richie, Chad Kroeger, Slash, Rihanna, Akon, Wyclef Jean and Raquel Welch.

Davis has famously used the venue not only to celebrate established industry talent, but also formally to launch the career of his latest protégé. Last night was the launch party for British star but American unknown Leona Lewis, who took the stage after the Foos played their two most recent hits, “The Pretender” and “Best of You.”

Of course, Lewis worshiped at the altar of almighty Davis:


I can’t believe I’m here. Big thank you to Clive Davis. … It’s a real honor for me to be singing here and singing for everybody.


Note to Kelly Clarkson (of whom I’m a fan): This is how to treat Clive Davis.

(AP Photo/Richard Drew)

EXCLUSIVE: Fred Norris plays Yonkers, compares me to ‘Verizon Guy’

fred.jpgAfter working last night’s 2-10 shift for The Journal News, I headed down to Burke’s Bar in Yonkers to catch the first set of King Norris, the band fronted by and named after Howard Stern’s sound effects guru, Fred Norris.

Near the end of their set of classic and standard rock, Norris picked a bespectacled me out of the crowd and said something to the effect of “Hey, that looks like the Verizon Guy.”

I shouted back, “I can hear you now.”

He replied with something like “Well, if any of you need help with your phone service, go see him.” He threw in another joke that I found funny but will choose not to post on a family-friendly blog.

During King Norris’ intermission, I was reintroduced to Norris through his drummer, Frank Fallon, who helped me secure my December interview with him in Eastchester. Norris offered a firm handshake and was as kind as he was at our last meeting. After a brief and casual conversation, I was on my way.

For what it’s worth: Despite the fact I sometimes wear thick-rimmed black frames, I don’t see much of a resemblance to Verizon Guy beyond that. But Norris has a Don Rickles-like quality about him; most of the time, it’s an honor to be tweaked by the guy.

(AP Photo/Stuart Ramson)

Denzel Washington named ‘America’s Favorite Movie Star’ for 2nd straight year

denzel.jpgDenzel Washington is America’s Favorite Movie Star, according to a recent Harris Interactive poll.

Harris polled 1,114 American adults online from Dec. 4 and 12, releasing the findings Jan. 15.

Last year, the Mount Vernon-raised Academy Award-winner bumped the previous year’s No. 1, Tom Hanks, into second place, where Hanks remains in ’08.

Rounding out the top five: Johnny Depp, Julia Roberts and Will Smith.

(Photo: Matthew Brown/The Journal News)

Man(ning)’s best friend: Eli continues to help guide-dog charity

eli-manning.jpgA few years ago, some New York Giants fans might have complained quarterback Eli Manning was playing football like a dog. This June, the Super Bowl MVP will again be playing golf for man’s best friend.

It was announced today that Manning will return to host the Guiding Eyes for the Blind Golf Classic on June 23 at Whippoorwill Club in Armonk. Entering its 31st year, the event raises money and awareness for the Yorktown Heights-based organization that trains guide-dogs and offers them to the blind for free.

eli2.jpgIn a press release, Guiding Eyes CEO and President Bill Badger said at last year’s fundraiser — held June 25 at Mount Kisco Country Club — Manning golfed with sponsors and stayed at the banquet until the event’s conclusion. Badger continued to rave about the recent Super Bowl champ:


Everyone here — even our blind graduates, who couldn’t watch the game but listened instead — is moved by Eli’s association with Guiding Eyes. On behalf of our staff, our graduates, and our volunteers, Guiding Eyes for the Blind extends its heartiest congratulations to Eli Manning and the New York Giants.


Hear hear! Or should I say woof woof?

(Game photo: Julie Jacobson/AP; golf photo: Ricky Flores / The Journal News)

Bono old news? Pete Seeger’s the latest musician to earn Nobel buzz

pete-seeger.jpgWhat do U2 frontman Bono and folk singer Pete Seeger have in common? In addition to being musicians, they’ve both been linked to the Nobel Peace Prize.

Citing a petition to nominate the Nyack-raised Seeger for his environmental efforts, a press release issued today promotes an upcoming “American Masters” episode about the activist:


In 1966, Seeger – disgusted with the ongoing pollution of the Hudson River – began his campaign to ‘build a boat to the save the river’ by singing to friends and passing his banjo around for contributions. A few years later, he launched the Sloop Clearwater and founded the Clearwater environmental organization (

Pete Seeger’s beloved Clearwater environmental organization has been spreading its message of conservation, preservation and education through the annual Clearwater Festival, this year being held June 21 & 22 on the shores of the Hudson River.


“Pete Seeger: The Power of Song” will debut at 9 p.m. EST Feb. 27 on PBS. That station is, like, educational and stuff.

(AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

Fred Norris to return to Westchester this Saturday

fred.jpgAfter a well-received and well-documented performance at Mickey Spillane’s restaurant in Eastchester on Dec. 8, the rock trio fronted by and named after Howard Stern sidekick Fred Norris will return to Westchester County with a Yonkers gig this Saturday night.

King Norris will be performing at Burke’s Bar at 645 Bronx River Road. Showtime is scheduled for 10:30 p.m.

If it’s anything like his Eastchester show, Norris will be kind to fans who approach him, crack a few jokes and — oh yeah — play some solid covers of classic, punk and alternative rock songs.

(AP Photo/Stuart Ramson)

Who needs the Oscar when you can win a Kevin?

kline.jpgForget the Oscars. Nominees for the third-annual Kevin Kline Awards were announced Jan. 25.

The Garrison resident and Academy Award-winner for whom the trophies are named hails from St. Louis, where local theater actors and crew members will walk away winners on March 20.

The decision to name the awards after Kline was not his idea, although he’s honored by the tribute, according to a quote posted on the awards’ Web site:


I’ve long been under the impression that people didn’t lend their names to awards until after they had died. I’m in pretty good health right now, and feeling all the better for having received this lovely and unexpected honor. It’s gratifying to think that I can continue to be associated with theater excellence in the city where so many of my earliest theater impressions were formed.


If this trend keeps up, maybe his wife will get in on the act. Could the Phoebe Cates Awards be held in her native New York City?


Super Bluesday: Rosie O’Donnell torn between Obama, Clinton

rosie.jpgSouth Nyack resident Rosie O’Donnell is usually conclusive with her opinions, so it’s a bit surprising on this Super Tuesday that she’s torn between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Her feelings on the two Democratic presidential candidates were published yesterday on the Web site of the Huffington Post:


It’s still early yet, but so far I find both candidates believable. They are different, with a different mix of talents to bring to the political table, but they both seem to have the passion, plans, drive, and intelligence I want in my next president.

Could a Clinton-Obama or Obama-Clinton ticket be our future? I hope so. I think America would benefit from the strengths of either individual, but if those strengths were combined, we might just have the Democratic powerhouse the country needs to turn itself around, and back into peace, prosperity and opportunity.


Clinton stayed in her hamlet of Chappaqua to cast her vote this morning.

(AP Photo/Tina Fineberg)

Vanessa Williams cranking out awards, new albums

In case it wasn’t already clear from her role on “Ugly Betty,” Vanessa Williams is a friend to the gay community. At a Human Rights Campaign gala dinner on February 23, the group is going to award her with their Ally for Equality Award . The group is the nation’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality.

vanessa-williams.jpgAnother interesting tidbit about Williams that I saw in the press release: Apparently she’s planning to put out a new album, her eighth, in ’08. The Chappaqua resident signed with Concord Records last year, and although I wasn’t able to find many more details, she did confirm the planned album to Starpulse last October: “I was in Rio for Christmas working on a couple of songs and I’m going back into the studio in the next couple of months so hopefully I should have something ready by the time the next series of ‘Ugly Betty’ ends.”

So, uh, with the Writer’s Strike, does that mean she’s already had time to go back and wrap it up? We’ll stay on top of this and try to get a firm release date.

(AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)