Piermont couple destroys marriage on FOX reality show — FUN, FUN, FUN!

Will somebody please explain to me why 24-year-old Frank Cleri, a NYC police officer and Piermont resident, would choose to bring his wife, Lauren (below), onto FOX’s “Moment of Truth” — a show whose whole premise is for contestants to speak truthfully about painful, personal issues — to cop to her own infidelity? And not just talk about it, but admit that she wishes she’d married another man?

lauren-cleri.jpegI understand the desire to earn a few game show bucks. But honesty, did she really think that after peppering her with a series of hard-hitting polygraphed questions, they were going to hold back, to just ask the softball ones like, “As an employee of a hair salon, have you ever told somebody you liked their hair style when you didn’t?”

In order to get to the $100,000 mark on the show, Cleri was asked by her ex-boyfriend if she wishes she’d married him, and she said “yes.” Then the next question: “Are you a good person?” She answered “yes” and, of course, the lie detector disagreed strongly.

In other words, she probably ruined her marriage and all she got for it was a meesley $0.00. And remember, she knew every single one of the questions that were coming (given to her during the initial polygraph). She could have just as easily walked away after the question preceding the $100,000 one, cashing out and sparing her marriage.

From the sound of Amy Padnani’s report on LoHud, I’m not the only person who finds participation in a show like this baffling. “Think about it first,” said Laura Duran at Bunbury’s Coffee Shop. “Do you really mean it when you say you want to get married?” Gerardo Madera added, “In the end, it’s not even worth it. Some lies are just better left unsaid.”

UPDATE: Just saw the couple on Access Hollywood. Apparently they invited the show’s TV cameras into their Piermont home to give their side of the story.

Question: “Are you guys in therapy?”

Lauren Cleri: “We probably should be.”

“‘Truth’ hurts for Piermont couple on reality show” [LoHud.com]

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