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A bad day for Rockland’s rappers

Posted by: Ted Mann - Posted in Daven Brown, fire, lucky me, New City, Nyack, Stephen Redmond on Feb 27, 2008

A very bad day.

First, The Journal News broke a story that rapper Lucky Me (below, right), aka “Mr. I Love New City,” aka Stephen Redmond, aka Daven Brown, was charged with felony count of cocaine possession. The arrest, which took place last Friday, Feb 18, was at 18 Francis Place in Central Nyack. Bail for Brown or Lucky Me or whatever he’s calling himself these days was set at $50,000.

Second, the other musical wordsmith known as Fire (below, left) has set our Rockland Magazine inbox on — well, fire. In the March issue, which just came out, we did a short piece comparing Fire and Lucky Me. After the break, find out what the public had to say.


The Fire/Lucky Me story (I’ll post a link when it’s live on the site) was inspired, in part, by one of this blog’s most commented on posts of 2007 (a preview of our Suburbarazzi People of the Year), which drew plenty of smack talk from the two rappers, not to mention their fans. Though they didn’t make our blog’s top 25, the comment back-and-forth inspired a few follow-up posts, as well as the print package.

Anyway, our magazine readers were none too pleased. One, a manager at a Nyack club, said that Fire was a “is a trouble making, drug-dealing, weapon carrying thug” and that he’d been banned from her establishment. “I won’t begin to recount all of the revolting things he has shouted at me and called me,” she wrote. Another reader suggested that the piece should be read as a cautionary notice to parents. Since we pointed out that Fire hangs out at the Palisades Center McDonald’s, the reader said kids should be discouraged from going there.

No word yet on how Mickey D’s feels about all this, but clearly, Rockland’s rap rep took a serious hit today. Where’s Saigon when you need him?

“Rapper who spoke of cocaine use in New City charged with possessing the drug” [LoHud.com]

(Fire photo, left, courtesy Fire; Lucky Me photo, right, The Journal News)