Vanessa Williams on loving Botox, her own version of ‘Big Love,’ and racism in Millwood

Not only did this year’s Oscars prove to be far less interesting than the annual Barbara Walters special that preceded them, but Vanessa Williams somehow managed to outshine all of her fellow profilees. With all due respect to Miley Cyrus and Harrison Ford fans, Williams’ 20 minutes of airtime was way, way more revealing.

112201_086_pre.jpgAmong the things she told Barbara:

• “I certainly do Botox, which I definitely think that almost every woman that I know has [done]. And it’s a miracle drug, no cutting, nothing — and I love it. But I also want to act too … so I don’t do it to freeze my face.”

• Growing up in Millwood, she faced racism, including people calling her the n word and saying that her parents couldn’t afford their Westchester home.

• When pressed about whether she supports Barack Obama, she said his presidential campaign makes her “very proud.” But she hastened to add that she’s really excited about Hillary’s campaign, too. “I live in Chappaqua. She’s my neighbor. It’s a no-lose situation. And I am really, really excited that it’s happening at this point.”

• Most astonishing of all, she admitted to the rumors that at some point last summer she had both of her ex-husbands, Ramon Hervey and Rick Fox, living with her. In other words, should Wilhelmina Slater ever get killed off on “Ugly Betty,” it’s clear that she’d fit in just fine over on the set of “Big Love.”

Barbara Walters Oscars Special on ABC


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