Ruby Dee’s SAG Awards stunner

Nothing was more surprising — and gratifying — than New Rochelle resident Ruby Dee’s win for Best Support Actress at the SAG awards last night. I so wish I’d taped to transcribed her speech, but the win caught me as off guard as it did Cate Blanchett and just about everyone else in the audience.

rubydee.jpgIn retrospect, maybe it shouldn’t have. Despite Dee’s role in “American Gangster” consisting of only a handful of screen time, it seemed clear that last night’s ceremony was all about recognizing and rewarding the sentimental favorites — “The Sopranos” sweeping Actor, Actress, and Cast; Julie Christi winning for Best Actress; the half hour spent on celebrating Charles Durning.

That said, Dee’s speech was totally captivating. From the opening (Will she remember Russell Crowe’s name?) to the ending (during which she rambled happily about audiobooks and memoirs and other projects), it was a little less coherent than my aunt’s speech at her 100th birthday, but every bit as moving. Especially the nod to her husband Ossie Davis, who died in 2005. “I accept it also for my husband Ossie, because he’s working on things up there.â€?

If anyone has video of the speech, or knows where it’s posted online, please give us a holler.

(AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Ted Mann

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