Name that celebrity endorsement!

robbins-edwards.jpgIn this inaugural post of 2008, I figured it would only be fitting to stay on the topic of Hillary Clinton (our No. 1 Person of the Year) and politics for a sec. After all, with the Iowa Caucuses a day away, that’s all anyone is talking about today.

Pretty much everything that can be said about the candidates has been said — except, that is, for an exhaustive rundown of celebrity endorsements. And no, I’m not talking about the Chuck Norrises, Barbara Streisands, and Oprahs of the world — we’re just looking at the who our beloved Lower Hudson Valley stars are campaigning for.

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Tim Robbins –> John Edwards

OK, so the Pound Ridge resident may not have the star power of some other celebrity endorsement — “I’m not Oprah,” he said during on recent campaigning trip to Iowa — but he still gets props for hitting the trail and publicly showing his support for Edwards.

Vanessa Williams –> Hillary Clinton?

While she hasn’t come out publicly in favor of Clinton, given that they’re both Chappaqua residents and that in 2000 she donated to Hillary’s Senate campaign, you got to figure she’s a backer this time, too.

Martha Stewart –> Hillary Clinton

The Katonah kingpin was one of the very first local celebs to throw her weight behind Hillary. As Page Six summed it up in January of last year, “When asked if she would support Hillary Clinton for the 2008 presidency, the domestic diva said she’d already written her check for the maximum amount.”

Rosie O’Donnell –> Barack Obama?

Again, the South Nyack resident hasn’t hit the campaign trail with him or anything, but on her blog one commenter asked, “Do you think Oprah is as intelligent as she thinks considering she is backing a candidate, OBAMA who lacks experience for becomming a President?” To which she replied simply, “i think o is smart / and her suport of obama is inspiring.” Throw in past comments about Hillary — “i think politics robs one of access 2 their essence” — and it sure doesn’t sound like Rosie is part of the Clinton camp.

Donald Trump –> Hillary Clinton?

While this doesn’t technically count as an presidential endorsement, Trump did tell Larry King last year that Hillary “is a very capable woman. She has done an amazing job as a senator of New York.”

Then again, a thumbs-up from Trump and/or O’Donnell wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing. As MediaPost reports, a study by E-Poll Market Research shows that 10 percent of Americans would have a negative reaction to certain celebrity endorsements. At the top of this list: Rosie O’Donnell. And following just behind her: Tom Cruise, Madonna, Jane Fonda, and, yes, Donald Trump.

If the above names aren’t quite enough to sate your celebrity-endorsement hunger, here are a few non-LoHudder that I came across in the course of researching this post. Enjoy!

Hillary Clinton:
Tony Bennett
Barbara Streisand
Magic Johnson
Maya Angelou
Steven Spielberg
Rob Reiner
John Grisham
Carly Simon
Mary Steenburgen
Ted Danson
Billie Jean King
Victoria Rowell
Quincy Jones
Carole King

Barack Obama:
Oprah Winfrey
George Clooney
Scarlett Johanson
Will Smith
Halle Barry
Zach Braff
Jessica Biel

John Edwards:
Jackson Browne
Kevin Bacon
Bonnie Raitt
John Mellencamp
Jean Smart
Madeleine Stowe
Lance Armstrong

Chris Dodd:
Paul Simon
Lorne Michaels
Richard Plepler
Paul Newman

Bill Richardson:
Lee Iacocoa
Martin Sheen

Dennis Kucinich
Sean Penn

Rudy Giuliani:
Bo Derek
Robert Duvall
Kelsey Grammer
Cheryl Ladd
Dennis Miller
John O’Hurley
Adam Sandler
Tom Selleck
Ron Silver
David Zucker

Mike Huckabee:
Chuck Norris
Ric Flair

Fred Thompson:
Pat Sajak

John McCain:
Curt Schilling

Mitt Romney:
Randy Owen

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