And now a word about our dreadful blog host, Media Temple

We’re back … for now. As you may have noticed, Suburbarazzi — and all of our LoHud Blogs siblings (with the exception of Yankees) — have been the victim of repeated outages for the last two months. After spending weeks and weeks troubleshooting the problem, I can assure you we’ve left no stone unturned.

At various points we thought our problems might be related to our tag clouds, Varsity Insider blog, and even those wonderful little embedded databases you used to find on blogs like Hall Monitor and Small Bites. Alas, even after taking down these features (or blogs), the problem just didn’t go away. Even purging all our Rosie O’Donnell coverage didn’t do the trick (though it was clensing). That error screen of death (“LoHud Blogs are Down”) kept rearing its ugly head. While many of us began to suspect that the problem may not be on our end after all, that truth was only crystallized during the latest outage. Indeed, all of our problem appear to be directly the result of our blog host, Media Temple.

gs-bloggers-logo.jpgFor the past two years, we’ve been hosted on what is known as Grid Server — Media Temple’s low-cost hosting option which boasts an “on-demand scalability [that] means you’ll always be ready for intense bursts of traffic and the growing audience resulting from your online success.” Course, it didn’t quite work like that for us. And, as any quick Google search will tell you, we’re not alone. What was touted as “on-demand” hosting ended up being a lot more like a bunch of old Apple IIC’s strung together with twine and earwax.

The good news: We’re finally switching over to a dedicated hosting plan from Media Temple — what they call their Nitro servers. Hopefully that means no more outages. And for all you bloggers out there in cyberspace considering getting MT’s grid plan, be careful. Very careful.

Ted Mann

Ted Mann aspires to join Stephen Baldwin’s Breakthrough Ministry, more commonly known as “skateboarding for the savior." Before becoming a Senior Editor at InTown, he worked at The Atlantic Monthly, the Philadelphia City Paper, and the University of Pennsylvania Press. His writing has also appeared in The New York Times, The New York Press, and The Pennsylvania Gazette.