Who’s up for ‘Viking Quest,’ the movie?

AP Photo/Andrew MedichiniOr maybe the question should be, who isn’t up for a spoof of “300” starring none other than Johnny Drama?

The project, titled “National Lampoon’s 301: The Legend of Awesomest Maximus Wallace Leonidas,” is set to star Mamaroneck’s own Kevin Dillon, according to Ain’t it Cool News. It’ll be a parody of flicks like “Braveheart,” “Troy,” “300,” and “Gladiator.”

He might not have been able to conquer his supporting actor competition at the Emmys — and I was starting to get a little nervous about the lack of new IMBD movie credits after “Poseidon” — but hey, who’s shouting “VICTORY!” now?

(AP Photo/Andrew Medichini) 

Rosie O’Donnell’s memoir a “train wreck of a book”

celebrity-detox.JPGWhile we haven’t had any more luck scoring a copy of O’Donnell’s memoir, “Celebrity Detox,” than we did with Stephen Baldwin’s “The Unusual Suspect,” our corporate brothers over at USA Today managed to get a copy. And their book review offers more excerpts than any other preview I’ve read to date. The bottom line:

This is a train wreck of a book — part self-help psychobabble, part searing memoir — by a grown woman who lost her mother as a child.

It’s baffling and fascinating and brutally honest, although some stories defy logic.


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Bracco coming back to TV

tjndc5-5b5oqvauioobzu6jezi_layout.jpgLongtime Sneden’s Landing homeowner and former “Sopranos” shrink Lorraine Bracco may be coming back to your television soon thanks to a new Lifetime show called “Long Island Confidential.”

Variety reports that she’s been cast in the show’s pilot, which will revolve around a female homicide detective (Alison Elliott) trying to balance work and family when she returns to her childhood home in Long Island. Bracco will play the Elliot character’s mother.

While I would have preferred if the show was set in Rockland, rather than Long Island — Bracco has homes in both areas — it’s great to see Lorraine back on the air, no matter what the setting.

(AP Photo/ Pfizer,Sante D’Orazio)

Mets meltdown devestates Matt Dillon

small-101806mets20.jpgMany fans are still reeling from the team’s spectacular collapse. And, as this NY Post story explains, one of them is Mamaroneck native Matt Dillon, who was at the dreadful 8-1 loss to the Marlins on Sunday. Here’s how the paper summed up Dillon’s reaction:


Actor and Mamaroneck native Matt Dillon sat stunned in his front-row Shea seat behind home plate after the final out.

He leaned forward, putting his hands into the backstop netting for several minutes before his buddies convinced him it was time to go home.

“This is what it means to be a diehard, a truly diehard fan,” said an ashen-faced Dillon, his right hand over his broken heart.

“I’m still a Mets fan – of course I am. I’m a diehard, diehard fan.”


Matt, I feel your pain. But Phillies fans, don’t go blowing this all out of proportion. Yes, Philadelphia Weekly, I’m talking to you. While Dillon was clearly distressed, this does not mean “the Phillies made Matt Dillon cry.” The only thing that can make Matty cry, as we all know, is global warming.

(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Get your ‘Farnsworth Invention’ tickets while they’re hot

Tickets for Aaron Sorkin’s new Broadway play, “The Farnsworth Invention,” just started going on sale on Monday. The Scarsdale-raised scribe crafted the story around the battle between boy genius Philo T. Farnsworth (played by Jimmi Simpson), television in high school in 1927, and David Sarnoff (Hank Azaria), the top dog at RCA. The ensuing legal showdown shows how the large corporation basically crushed the rights of Farnsworth, the rightful patent owner.

sorkin-farnsworth.jpgIf it all sounds suspiciously like a metaphor for “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” — genius creative type is destroyed by corporate television — just remember, that show had neither Hank Azaria nor a patent dispute. Oh, if only it had.

Previews for the play start on October 15 (tickets are $50-$90), and then the regular run will begin on November 14 ($55-$100) at the Music Box Theatre (call 212-239-6200 or 800-432-7250 or go to Telecharge.com). For more info on the play, check out www.FarnsworthOnBroadway.com.

(Sorkin: AP Photo/Nick Ut)

From Lauer to Leno to Letterman, LoHud celebs dominate Forbes list of TV’s Top Earners

letterman.jpgNorth Salem resident David Letterman earned $40 million from June 2006 to June 2007 through television, ranking him fourth on Forbes magazine’s new list of TV’s Top Earners and tops among celebrities who have lived or attended college in the Lower Hudson Valley.

His newest BFF, Oprah Winfrey, tops the list. And it isn’t even close. She made $260 million in that one-year span, about $200 million more than the runner-up, Jerry Seinfeld ($60 million) and even more over “American Idol” staple Simon Cowell ($45 million).

Suddenly Alex Rodriguez’s contract doesn’t seem so out of the ordinary.

Other LoHudders on the list: Westchester real estate maven and golf course owner Donald Trump (No. 5, $32 million); New Rochelle native Jay Leno (No. 6, $32 million); former Putnam County resident (Judge) Judy Sheindlin (No. 7, $30 million); former Chappaqua, Ardsley and Hartsdale resident Matt Lauer (No. 17, $13 million); Sarah Lawrence College graduate Barbara Walters (No. 18, $12 million); and Irvington resident Meredith Vieira (No. 20, $10 million).

(AP Photo/John Paul Filo, CBS)

Let the Hayden Panettiere backlash begin

panettiere-emmys.jpgYou might think that this week’s Britney Spears custody battle would be a gift to the blogarazzi, something for us to chatter about for weeks on end. And you’d be right. Sort of. But the thing is, it’s a lot less fun talking about about a celebrity meltdown when every single other media outlet is doing the same thing (that much we learned from O’Donnell-palooza 2007).

But there is one thing more frustrating: young celebrities who don’t drink, never have run-ins with the law, and who are cleaner than clean in every other respect (the polar opposite of DMX).

I’m talking about Palisades native Hayden Panettiere, who — aside from the occasional trumped-up tattoo stunt or photog freak-out — is basically a saint. Which really gets kind of annoying after a while.

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Bill Murray says ‘this is the year’ for the Chicago Cubs


Alright, technically a female reporter asked, “Is this the year for the Cubs,” and Murray replied, “Yes it is.” When she asked how he knew, the Sneden’s Landing resident replied, “When you are a man, you will know. You are not yet man. You are still young man. When you are a man, you will know. It’s time.”

Later on during the impromptu press conference, held last Thursday, Murray confirmed that he wasn’t in the running to buy the Cubbies. When asked if he considered putting in an offer, he said, “No, I save, but I don’t save that much. But, it’s interesting.”

In the immortal words of Jim Carrey in “Dumb & Dumber” … “So you’re telling me there’s a chance? Yes!!!”

“Bill Murray: This is the year” [ChicagoSports]

(Murray with Craig Monroe: AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)