Gordon Ramsay is Lasse Hallstrom’s worst ‘Nightmare’

gordon_tilesingle1.jpg“New Amsterdam” has become the lastest casualty in the increasingly fickle world of Fox television programming. Helmed (in part) by Bedford director Lasse Hallstrom and Mamaroneck’s Leslie Holleran, the show is about a cop cursed with the gift of immortality (think “Highlander” meets “NYPD Blue”) and it was slated to be a mid-season replacement. But Variety reports today that this plan has been shelved due to the popularity of Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares.”

And while this may sound like bad news for the Hudson Valley, there actually is a silver lining in Ramsay’s conquest of the Fox network. Tonight on the show he’ll be going to town on Tuckahoe’s Olde Stone Mill. In case you missed the promo on last week’s episode, it looks to be one of his testiest restaurant makeovers so far.

In other words, bad news for Hallstrom and Co. means good news for Westchester diners.

“Fox gives ‘Kitchen’ another order” [Variety]

Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: Matchbox 20’s return, Aaron Sorkin’s retreat to Broadway, and Marthapedia’s rise


This week’s quiz:

Which Lower Hudson Valley native has been signed on to headline the “300� spoof “301�?
• Mamaroneck native Kevin Dillon
• Rye native Jason Bateman
• Former Sneden’s Landing resident Angelina Jolie
• Peekskill-born Paul Reubens (a.k.a. Pee Wee Herman)

The answer is at the end of the clip and after the break.

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We’re back and — cross your fingers — here to stay

You know how employers sometimes ask you to take a mandatory vacation? Like when you’re so stressed that your stress has become contagious and your attytood has gone airborne? Well, that’s never happened to me, per se, but this week I got a taste of it when the entire LoHud blog system went down.

For the count.

As you can see, though, we managed to climb back up to our knees on number “9.” And provided we don’t have any more server meltdowns, we’ll be back blogging at our usual clip.

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Donald Trump says younger self would’ve been ‘all over’ Miss Teen USA contestant

trump-and-connor.jpgWe all know Donald Trump has a thing for pageants. The owner of Miss USA’s defense of one contestant, Tara Conner (pictured), led to arguably the biggest celebrity feud of 2006 in the Lower Hudson Valley and beyond.

So in light of his comments on Howard Stern’s radio show this morning, maybe it wouldn’t surprise too many people if Trump dumped Melania in favor of Miss Teen USA South Carolina to whisk her away on a luxurious trip to “the Iraq.”

The 61-year-old real estate maven declared his attraction to 18-year-old Lauren Caitlin Upton, the pageant contestant whose infamous answer about declining map skills was heard ’round the world — including South Africa, “the Iraq and the Asian countries.”


She’s one of the most beautiful human beings I’ve ever seen. … It was so amazing because her beauty was so incredible, and yet the answer was like — people were saying, ‘What did she say?’ — it didn’t make any difference because she’s so beautiful. Now, she’s an 11. … If she were a 7 or 8 or 9, nobody would have cared about the answer.


The married real estate maven said he’d prefer Upton over Charlize Theron.


Trump: “You wouldn’t even think about it.”
Stern: “Right.”
Trump: “It wouldn’t be– it’s not even a contest. …”
Stern: “But you know, in the old days, you would have been taggin’ her. That’s the crazy thing.
Trump: “Well, in the old days, believe me, I would have been– I wouldn’t be talking to you right now.”
Stern: “Right. You’d be all over her.”
Trump: “All over. So, this kid is gorgeous.”


(AP Photo/Rick Maiman)

Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: Forbes’ rich list has lots of LoHud love, Richard Moll gets ‘Fantastic’ in Yorktown

<a href=”http://www.lohud.com/assets/flv/100907_suburbarazzi_lohud.flv” title=”Anarchy Media Player – Right click to download file”><em>Download:</em></a>

This week’s quiz: Of these “Today” show personalities, who did NOT make Forbes’ most recent list of Top TV Earners?

A. Matt Lauer (formerly of Ardsley, Chappaqua and Hartsdale)
B. Al Roker (formerly of Yorktown)
C. Meredith Vieira (currently of Irvington)

The answer is at the end of the clip and after the break.


Shockingly, the answer’s Al Roker. The guy’s been on “Seinfeld” for cryin’ out loud! Give him a raise.

Note to Yankees: Eat more steak at Morton’s in ’08


This photo comes via the Morton’s steakhouse in White Plains, which entertained Roger Clemens and Andy Petitte last Saturday night. The two were there cheering on the Texas Longhorns and psyching themselves up for the do-or-die game against Cleveland (which they won). Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone on the team (certainly not Ron Villone, who replaced Clemens) ate there at any point on Sunday, which may help explain the 6-4 loss to the Indians on Monday. At least, that’s my theory.

Also, as my colleague Liz Johnson pointed out, doesn’t that guy in the tux next to Petitte look an awful lot like Paul McCartney? Any chance we can blame the Monday night loss on The Beatles, too?

(Photo courtesy Morton’s)

Billy Baldwin’s ‘Dirty’ secret: He doesn’t want to leave Bedford for Hollywood

tjndc5-5et5nbuqdlhdpza9ic4_layout.jpgI’m as happy as anyone that Bedford resident Billy Baldwin got cast in “Dirty Sexy Money.” Better still, after watching the first two episodes, I’m already set to DVR a season pass. The only potential downside to the show becoming a hit? Despite being set in New York, it’s filmed in L.A.

And that might just mean that if the show is here to stay, Baldwin might have to move the whole fam to California.

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Baby Suburbarazzos!

They can’t vote, they can’t drink (legally), and they can’t even stay up past 11 p.m. Yet they can still operate a digital SLR. And luckily, that’s all it takes for 15-year-old Blaine Hewison and 14-year-old Austin Visschedyk to become bonafide members of the paparazzi club.

This NY Times story about the two budding shutterbugs is guaranteed to make you cringe and laugh at the same time. From the Kim Kardashian candid that Austin took and TMZ.com purchased, to the shot Blaine took of Britney Spears (middle finger extended) that earned him $500 at a local art show, it’s almost too good to be true — the kind of piece my college newspaper used to run as a goof on April Fool’s Day.

Still, as far as I can tell, it all checks out. My favorite part is about how the two have a kind of rivalry going, so much so that they even disbanded their original partnership website, pintsizepaparazzi.com, and now Austin has his own, austinseye.com.

suburbarazzi-t.jpgOK, Westchester teens, we’re waiting. Who’s going to be the first high-schooler in this county to step up and start submitting some cell -phone masterpieces to Suburbarazzi? Here, I’ll even sweeten the pot. First person who manages to get a current, original pic of any of the celebs in our sidebar can earn themselves a snazzy new Suburbarazzi T-shirt, like the one pictured to the right. Submit your photos here via email.

“Just One More Before Bedtime!” [NY Times]

Meredith Vieira back on ‘The View’


Irvington’s Meredith Vieira was back on ‘The View’ today, which I suppose should have been a momentous homecoming. But — well, like most things on the show lately, it wasn’t worth the effort to wade through the ABC site for the clips. Still, if you’re interested in watching, go here.

One tidbit I did like: Meredith greeting the gang with “So how are you crazy bitches?!â€?

(Photo: ABC/Steve Fenn)

In Yorktown home, Richard Moll likes fear; ‘It makes me wanna dance’

richardmoll21.jpgYou might recall how “Night Court” star Richard Moll was in Yorktown on Aug. 27 to film his part in “The Fantastic Two,” an Internet mockumentary series about fantasy football competitors. Three days later, Moll even took me up on an exclusive interview about the experience.

Last week, The Fantastic Two unveiled the fourth installment, and Moll shines in his role as a fantasy sports league intervention counselor to a supposedly addicted character named Charly.

“You smell of fear, Charly,” Moll’s character says. “I like fear. It makes me wanna dance.”

Moll proceeds to break into various moves, including an inspired rendition of the Cabbage Patch. Who knew the man who played Bull Shannon was so smooth?

Wanna know what else he does? Check out Episode 4 here.

(Photo by Tanya Pann, courtesy of Ironbound Films/Broadband Enterprises)

Don’t funk with the Funkmaster Flex Car Show

Funkmaster FlexLos Angeles County made a little slip-up when it canceled the Hip-Hop car show headlined by Dobbs Ferry-based DJ Funkmaster Flex. The rationale for shutting down the event, which was supposed to be held in August, was that the music was “offensive.” There was just one little problem. Two, actually. The First and Fourteenth Amendments.

The organizers of the event, Imagine Media Group LLC, have filed an $800,000 lawsuit on September 20 asserting that the county violated both Constitutional rights. According to this story on AllHipHop, “The company seeks compensatory damages for violation of civil rights, compensatory damages, exemplary and punitive damages and attorney’s fees.”

(photo: Ford Motor Company)

New Pacino-DeNiro movie is en fuego — literally


On Thursday in Bridgeport, Connecticut, a fire broke out on the set of “Righteous Kill,” the new flick starring Sneden’s Landing resident Al Pacino and New Yawker Robert DeNiro. The two thesps were supposed to be filming a scene with 50 Cent at the the Mechanics & Farmers Bank building at State and Main streets, but the fire kind of got in the way and damaged the filming equipment.

According to this account from WVIT in Hartford, no one was injured and the film crew is still assessing the damage.

(De Niro: AP Photo/Markus Schreiber; Pacino: AP Photo/Rene Macura)