Update: DMX off the hook on drug charges (sort of)

ph2007082902011.jpgMind you, he’s still knee deep in Westchester arrest warrants, charges of animal cruelty, and weapons possession. But hey, the guy will take what he can get.

The latest AP update to the raid on the rapper’s Arizona home came last week, as investigators confirmed that the chunky substance seized from DMX’s bedroom was not meth or any other illegal drug. I’m guessing maybe BC headache powder, is a dead ringer for at least a half dozen narcotics, or else pit bull creatine.

Anyway, that’s the good news. The bad? They still found a sizable quantity of illegal marijuana.

Oh, also drug paraphernalia, guns, ammo, and — worst of all — three dead dogs. Throw in the 12 other malnourished dogs that were taken into custody and, well, the man is still in quite a pickle. Although no charges have been filed yet, it now seems all but certain that the artist, also known as Earl Simmons, will soon be a wanted man in two states (I’ll spare you the full recap of his two outstanding arrest warrants in Westchester).

The big question, then, is simple: Where the heck is he?

His concert tour appears to have been scrapped. And when reporters in Arizona asked DMX’s lawyer, Murray Richman, about the rapper’s whereabouts, his answer was simply, “Why should I tell you.” (By the way, love answer. Just love it.)

Richman also told Spin that “He is not in the U.S.”

Given the man’s luck lately, it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if, in his haste to get the hell out of Dodge, he decided to take a little vacation to Central America. I hear Belize and Honduras are beautiful this time of year. Excepting the occasional Class Five hurricane of course.

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Hayden Panettiere’s good-girl phase finally ends thanks to ankle tattoo

Hayden PanettiereWe all knew it would have to come to an end sooner or later. She may still be miles away from Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton territory, but we now have the official first sign that Panettiere’s angelic aura has been slightly tarnished. Or at least, her angelic skin has.

SFGate’s Daily Dish reports that the actress, who grew up in Palisades, drove her mother to tears when she revealed that she got an ankle tattoo without permission. It isn’t so much that the “Heroes” star, who just turned 18, was committing some underage mortal sin. More upsetting was that she got the offending inkstain over a year ago and kept it hidden from mom.

Panettiere said that the body art shows a small Leo symbol. It was discovered, she explained, when “I was being body-scanned for a special effect on ‘Heroes.’ And she [mom] saw it, tried to rub it off and suddenly I realized. Her eyes welled up.”

Update: Bill Murray was actually the golf cart’s designated driver

billmurray-golfcart.jpgLet me be the first blogger to officially apologize to Sneden’s Landing’s Bill Murray for jumping to the conclusion that he was driving a golf cart under the influence in Stockholm. As Murray explained to the AP, the Swedish po-po jumped the gun and “assumed that I was drunk.” The pigs still insisted on giving him a breathalyser. And when Murray refused that, a blood test.

The full story, in Murray’s words, is after the break.

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Sean Penn, Michael Douglas, and Julie Taymor heading to Westchester this week


Sean Penn will be at the Pelham Picture House tonight for a screening of his new film, Into The Wild. Michael Douglas will be there on Thursday for a screening of his upcoming film, King of California. Both screenings will be followed by Q&As with film critic Peter Travers. ($45; 7pm; www.thepicturehouse.org; 175 Wolfs Lane; Pelham).

Up north a bit, Julie Taymor will be at the Jacob Burns Film Center for a screening and Q&A about her new film, Across the Universe, a musical using various Beatles’ tunes. The famed director will then discuss the movie with critic Janet Maslin ($20; 7pm; www.burnsfilmcenter.org; 364 Manville Rd.; Pleasantville; 914-747-5555).

(AP Photos/Jerome Delay, Venezuelan Culture Ministry, Michel Spingler) 

They asked, Billy Baldwin answered

tjndc5-5et5nbuqdlhdpza9ic4_layout.jpgIn a recent interview in the gay and lesbian newsmagazine, The Advocate, Brandon Voss asked Billy Baldwin the question nobody was thinking:

Voss: If the Baldwin brothers were gay, who would get the hottest guys?

Billy: It would have to be me, because I’ve always gotten the hottest chicks. I’m the tall, thin, good-looking, intelligent, talented, charming one,
and all the other brothers are all the other things.

Elsewhere Billy discussed the the burden of carrying the Baldwin tag.

<blockquote><div>Sometimes it can backfire, with Stephen being the holy roller, Daniel having the rap sheet a mile long, and Alec with his current exploits
in the media. One of my friends mailed me a shirt they were selling on
Melrose that said NOT A BALDWIN. I guess it was supposed to be worn by
geeky guys to say, “I’m not that good-looking.” But I wore it to a
party and someone thought that I was jokingly trying to hide my
identity, like I was ashamed to admit that I was in the Baldwin
family. [Laughs] Look, we’ve had a couple of weeks of bad press—Danny
got locked up, Alec’s voice mail to his daughter—but it’s not like I’m
ready to cut and run.</div></blockquote>

(AP Photo/Seth Wenig)