Fred Norris’ band reschedules Eastchester gig for Dec. 8

fred.jpgFor Lower Hudson Valley fans of Howard Stern’s sound effects guru, perhaps they are now imitating the “Woooooo-hoo!” that Fred Norris frequently cues up for the radio show.

Although Norris’ band had to cancel Saturday’s Eastchester gig due to a “family emergency,” the trio plans to return Dec. 8 to Mickey Spillane’s on Route 22. King Norris drummer Frank Fallon delivered this news last night in an exclusive e-mail to Suburbarazzi.

Hey now.

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Jason Bateman will not, I repeat not, be making a porno … yet

It was simply too good a rumor to be true.

Last month sites like CinemaBlend began hinting that Rye native Jason Bateman might have one of the leading roles in the new Kevin Smith flick, “Zack and Miri Make a Porno.” Eh, not so much. As Bateman himself put it to fellow movie-industry gossiper SlashFilm, “No, I read that, but no, Not at all… I met him at a coffee bean and tea leaf in LA about three months ago, and that’s about as close to the accuracy of it.”

Too bad. Guess his IMDB profile didn’t get the memo. On the positive side, while we won’t get to enjoy Bateman’s finest Ron Jeremy impersonation, he does have two highly anticiapted flicks coming out this fall: Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium and The Kingdom.

‘Ugly Betty’ Spoiler Alert

While we’re still in Emmy pre-show mode, what better time to share a little preview of the “Ugly Betty” season premier? ABC is already promoting the Sept. 27 episode with this teaser:


“How Betty Got Her Grieve Back”- Betty’s life is in chaos after a series of very unfortunate events, but despite all that’s happened, she’s still in denial about one thing — how much Henry’s departure has affected her. Meanwhile, Amanda turns to junk food and to Marc in dealing with the revelation that Fey Sommers was her real mother, and Wilhelmina schemes to turn the tragic Meade family events to her advantage, on the season premiere of ABC’s award-winning Ugly Betty, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.


No word yet if we’ll get to see any make-out sessions between Chappaqua’s Vanessa Williams and her real-life ex, Rick Fox (who’ll be doing a guest stint on the show this year), but you can be sure we’ll be TiVo’ing this sucker.

Suburbarazzi Emmy Pre-Show on RNN

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The answer to this week’s quiz is after the break.

Stay tuned later in the week and we’ll fill out your extended Emmy ballot with all the other nominees who have connections to the Lower Hudson Valley.

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At last! Funny or Die releases rare Bill Murray video

bill.jpgFollowing weeks of secrecy and buzz, the Funny or Die video featuring the one and only Bill Murray has hit the Web. And it is good!

If you have nine minutes to spare, spend them well on “Fact Checkers Unit,” which features Murray playing himself. Not only is it funny for the average viewer, it’s particularly amusing for anyone involved in publishing.

Although part of the fact-checkers’ mission is to discover where Murray lives, there’s no specific mention of Sneden’s Landing. Had these fact-checkers been regular Suburbarazzi readers, they would have saved themselves a lot of time. That’s time they could have spent enjoying more of Murray’s funny songs, which he frequently offered when he channeled Nick the Lounge Singer on “Saturday Night Live.”

Also, how cool is it that Murray agreed to do this exclusive Internet video with — no offense to those involved — a couple of relatively unknown comedians and the brilliant Kristen Schaal of “Flight of the Conchords”? Props to the dynamic duo of Peter Karinen and Brian Sacca for pulling this off. Anyone who references Dr. Peter Venkman with such vigor and respect is pretty sweet in my book.

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Fred Norris’ band postpones Eastchester gig due to ‘family emergency’

fred.jpgNeither Howard Stern’s sound effects guru, Fred Norris, nor Norris’ fellow King Norris band members was anywhere to be found Saturday night at Mickey Spillane’s in Eastchester. In their place was a music deejay, playing classic rock songs a little too loudly at the bar on Route 22. Bar patrons had been informed that the gig was canceled due to a family emergency.

I got off the phone a few minutes ago with Frank Fallon, King Norris’ drummer, who confirmed that the band had to postpone the show indefinitely for that reason. Fallon didn’t want to go on the record about what took place, but he said everyone involved is now OK and apologized for the late notice of the show’s postponement.

Norris was back on the air this morning with Stern, who launched his professional career in Briarcliff Manor.

Fallon said he is working to reschedule the Mickey Spillane’s gig.

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Was Funny Or Die behind Bill Murray’s golf cart prank or not?

tjndc5-5ge15ao59zt1gfnl7aie_layout.jpgEarlier this week Funny or Die sent out a press release inviting reporters, bloggers, and the like to visit the site for an enticing new clip. Here’s what it said:




Only problem: Sept. 6 has come and gone, and — well, no Bill Murray clip. Naturally, the web was buzzing with the possibility that Will Ferrell and his wiley group of Internet pranksters were the ones behind Murray’s recent golf cart antics in Sweden, where he was arrested for a DUI while attempting to be the vehicle’s designated drive. But even after scouring the site and the web, there appears to be no clip after all.

So, what’s the story? Has anyone seen a leaked version? Was the Sneden’s Landing resident a witting accomplice to some skit, or is Murray just a poor victim in Ferrell & Co’s web of deceit?

(Murray at the Venice Film Festival, where he’s currently promoting “The Darjeeling Limited”: AP Photo/Andrew Medichini)

In anticlimactic fashion, ‘The View’ adds 5th panelist

110838_537_pre.jpgWith the departure of South Nyack’s Rosie O’Donnell from “The View,” the quest to replace her with a high-profile, provocative figure kept Hollywood insiders guessing and talking.

Which B- or C-lister would it be? Rosanne Barr? Kathy Griffin? Ricki Lake? Wanda Sykes? Bette Midler? Gayle King? Would it be a man? Perhaps Mario Cantone or Ross (Matthews) the Intern from “The Tonight Show”? Or, in a bizarre twist, would it possibly be Ivanka Trump, the daughter of O’Donnell’s most publicized rival?

As we all know, Whoopi Goldberg made her “View” co-host debut this week, even stirring things up with some commentary about Michael Vick that I’m not even sure she really believes. But, as far as “View” co-host stories go, the real news appeared to be over.

tjndc5-5fx34669pk1dk9s5sx_layout.jpgBut today, the Associated Press informs us that “The View” will be adding Sherri Shepherd, whom Suburbarazzi’s own Robert Zeliger correctly placed at the bottom of his potential co-host rankings among the nominees he considered.

Now, I’ve never heard of Shepherd before, so I won’t critique her talent. But the fact that she was the only name among those Zeliger mentioned that I didn’t recognize doesn’t help “The View” secure any new viewers. Then again, I’m not in front of a TV when “The View” is on, so no one is trying to reach out to my demographic.

Still, even if Shepherd’s a good fit for the show as a guest, why wouldn’t Sarah Lawrence College alumna Barbara Walters make waves by landing another permanent high-profile, buzz-worthy panelist? Would it cost too much money? Or too much ego? Discuss.

(Goldberg photo: ABC/Steve Fenn; Shepherd: AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Panettiere looking forward to doing her own stunts

nup_103648_0067.JPGIn addition to coming clean about her ankle tattoo, another good thing about Hayden Panettiere turning 18 is that she can now do her own stunts on “Heroes.”

As the Palisades native put it to the NY Daily News last month, “There are certain stunts that they won’t let me do because I’m a minor and now this next season I get to do them. Yay!”

She also said that, if given her choice of superpowers, she’s choose invisibility. “If I could walk out my door and not be followed by paparazzi, I’d be a very happy person.”

Last, but not least, after the break you’ll find a few photos of her faux graduation from “Heroes High,” a ceremony held last spring after “Heroes” wrapped Season 1. (No word still on whether she ever got a real diploma from Tappan Zee high.) The new season kicks off September 24.

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Bueller and Frye turn 40. Time for a sequel!

bueller.jpgLife moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around … you could end up middle-aged and contemplating a reboot of a 1980s classic.

Yes, indeed, the script for “Ferris Bueller 2: Another Day Off” is currently making the rounds in Hollywood. In fact, some pages from the screenplay have even found their way online. You can read them at the St. Petersburg Times’ “Stuck in the ’80s” blog. Naturally, the screenwriter, Rick Rapier, is hoping that Matthew Broderick will reprise his role as Ferris and Alan Ruck — who lives in Piermont — will play Cameron.

And what, pray tell, would Rapier have Ferris doing 30 years after playing hooky in high school? For starters, he’s now got a Tony Robbins-esque career as a motivational self-help guru and Cameron is his business partner. On the eve of Ferris’s 40th birthday, though, he bugs out and has a mini mid-life crisis, leading him to take the day off and skip out on a pay-per-view special.

Ok, I know all this sounds completely insane, but here’s the really weird part: The script is actually kinda good. I mean, I thoroughly enjoyed a few of the excerpts on the St. Pete blog. After the break, I’ll paste a few of my favorite parts.

So, what do you think? It’s probably a pipe dream to think that John Hughes would get on board to direct a sequel, but should Broderick and Ruck consider it?

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Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: Letterman’s the ‘get,’ Moll’s on the ‘Net, and Amurri’s tête-à-tête

Yesterday, I chatted on RNN about Oprah Winfrey’s upcoming interview of North Salem resident David Letterman; “Night Court” star Richard Moll’s Yorktown Heights shoot for an Internet mockumentary; and Eva Amurri’s rejection of the risque role that her mother, Pound Ridge resident Susan Sarandon, made famous.


After the break, find out the answer to this week’s quiz question: Chappaqua resident Bill Clinton and his nephew ran into the family of Al Gore’s oldest daughter at what unusual Manhattan location a couple of weeks ago?

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De Niro cheaps out on Connecticut high schools

denirox.jpgDon’t get me wrong, I’m delighted that the Pacino-De Niro movie “Righteous Kill” is filming so close to home. It’s like having a three-week long lunar eclipse in the next-door neighbor’s yard. But the news that the production company, set to begin filming tomorrow in Bridgeport, only agreed to pay $2,000 a day to rent Harding High School and $1,000 to get the McKinley School’s cafeteria gave me a case of — pardon the pun — righteous indignation.

When renting a house in the suburbs, it’s common for film crews to pay upwards of $30k for a couple weeks. I’d wager that the house the “Righteous Kill” crew is filming at up in New Haven, at 801 Orange St. (source: New Haven Register), is fetching about that. And here in Bridgeport we’re talking about an entire school. Two schools, in fact!

According to the CT Post, the film will turn “Harding High School’s weight room into a precinct gym, its faculty men’s room into a night club bathroom and the school’s main gym into, well, a high school gym.” And all this is going on while school is in session — Sept. 6 through 10 and on Sept. 24 at Harding and on Oct. 1 at McKinley.

I’m sure the students will love it. (Incidentally, if any of you kids are reading this, cell phone pics of any of the stars — De Niro, Pacino, 50 Cent, Carla Gugino, Donnie Wahlberg, and Martin Scorsese — would be much appreciated. Email them HERE.)

But you’d think that the film could have at least forked over enough for the schools to afford a free lunch of Salisbury steak or sloppy joes. Can you think of a better way to spend that “Stardust” blood money?

(AP Photo/Marco Garcia)