One thing Susan Sarandon and Paris Hilton share in common: Doggie dress-up

sarandon-in-woodcock.jpgIn the best piece of celebrity dog gossip to hit the Lower Hudson Valley since Vanessa Williams’ pooch went missing last spring, the word is out that Susan Sarandon’s dog has a starring role in her new comedy, “Mr. Woodcock.”

According to ContactMusic, the Pound Ridge resident always takes Penny the puppy with her on set. And while filming this movie with Billy Bob Thornton, the costume designers decided to dress up the dog just like her beauty queen character. Here’s how Sarandon summed it all up.


They did a really sweet thing. I had brought my little dog, who’s just a mutty dog and they made her a prom dress just like mine. … She wore it to my son Jack’s pre-prom junior year dance, last May (07). It had little rhinestones and was made from the same material as my outfit in the film.

I’m now starting a scrap book with my dog with all of these pictures on different sets because it’s pretty funny.


Note to Tim Robbins: Lest you want Jack to get his ass whooped at Senior prom, you best advise him to leave the dog at home.

(“Mr. Woodcock� photo from New Line Cinema)

Montel Williams talks the talk, walks the walk in Yorktown to raise money for MS research

Talk show host Montel Williams visited Yorktown on Saturday morning for his foundation’s inaugural Westchester Walk to Defeat MS. The Manhattan resident was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999 and launched the Montel Williams MS Foundation a year later.

Today the foundation reported that the inaugural event attracted 83 people and raised $98,844, which would be dedicated to MS research and the quest for a cure. Foundation Manager Janine Quijije said the donation deadline for this intitiative would be extended until Oct. 19 in an effort to reach and surpass the $100,000 goal.

In a phone interview Wednesday, Williams told me that the foundation has donated more than $1.2 million since its inception.

“We’re funding research at some of the top research hospitals in the world, including the Nobel Institute,” he said. “We’ve been funding a project there for two years, and they’ve now been published for having identified one of the genes that may be responsible for MS – based solely on the money we’ve given them.”

Somers resident Sue Walsh, who also lives with the disease, had never met Williams prior to the event, which she co-chaired. “He’s a nice man,” she said. “And you can tell he’s very passionate about (the cause).”

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Lower Hudson Valley lays claim to at least 3 Emmys; Katherine Heigl’s LoHud membership status under review

emmy-award.jpgLate last week, Ted Mann and I made our picks for who, among our Lower Hudson Valley celebrities, would and should win Emmys. Now it’s time for our scorecard, granting a point for correct guesses as well as Lower Hudson Valley victories.

•SERIES (DRAMA): “The Sopranos” (parts filmed in LoHud; starred Sneden’s Landing homeowner Lorraine Bracco, Purchase College grad Edie Falco and Mount Vernon- and Brewster-raised Michael Imperioli.)

Ted and I thought “The Sopranos” would and should win. And with Bracco also sharing in this victory, everyone gets a point. Ted 1, Chris 1, Lower Hudson Valley 1.

•SERIES (COMEDY): “30 Rock”

While both Ted and I wanted “30 Rock” to win, I thought “Ugly Betty” would take the trophy, while Ted picked “The Office” to claim it. Unlike “Entourage,” which stars Mamaroneck native Kevin Dillon and “Ugly Betty,” which stars Chappaqua resident Vanessa Williams, “30 Rock” has no obvious connection to the Lower Hudson Valley, but we’re all winners in another sense because “30 Rock” is a fantastic show. Let’s hope it’s not doomed with the “Arrested Development” Emmy curse. Ted 1, Chris 1, Lower Hudson Valley, 1.

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Joan Rivers liveblogs the Emmys with the best of ’em

tjndc5-5b50uaz9h54y2t3s7p4_layout.jpgA lot of fine bloggers undertook the valiant task of liveblogging the Emmies (including Suburbarazzi’s own Chris Serico, over on our sister blog, Remote Access), but perhaps the most unexpected entry in the free-for-all was Larchmont native Joan Rivers and her daughter, Melissa.

Yes, in case you didn’t get the memo, Joan was stripped of her red carpet credentials in April (for shame, TV Guide Channel, for shame). But VH1, bless their “Surreal” souls, was quick to scoop up the dynamic Rivers duo … just so long as they make all their wisecracks in cyberspace, on the specially created blog,

All the better, I say, since it allowed Rivers to use those seven dirty words they don’t let you utter on most telecasts (or LoHud blogs). Even more surprising, the Rivers’ commentary was thoroughly entertaining. I fully expected to rank on their ranking on the starlets. But, well, they’re at least as good on the web as they were on E! or TV Guide Channel.

My favorite excerpts are after the break. But trust me, the whole blog (about 4 pages worth) is worth reading. Very, very funny stuff.

Funnier, that is, that about 95 percent of the bits on the actual show.

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Suburbarazzi gauges chances of LoHud’s Emmy nominees

emmy-award.jpgEarlier this week, Ted Mann and I chatted with RNN’s Stacy-Ann Gooden about a few of the Emmy nominees with connections to the Lower Hudson Valley. Given time constraints, we only had so much time to debate a few of the candidates, but thanks to the good ol’-fashioned(?) blog, we can offer our takes on which LoHud celebs we think, and hope, will win at Sunday’s ceremony.

Keep in mind that a couple of celebs with a local connection already had their fates decided at “ceremonies held earlier.” North Salem resident Stanley Tucci won Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for his appearance on “Monk.” (My gripe: Why wasn’t Paul Reubens’ hilarious performance as Gerhardt on “30 Rock” even nominated?) And while Suffern native Tim Daly didn’t win Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama for his appearance on “The Sopranos,” the winner in that category — John Goodman — appeared on “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,” created by Scarsdale native Aaron Sorkin.

Ted found legit connections to the Lower Hudson Valley in eight major categories. We’ll give you a couple of teasers before the break. Check out the rest of our predictions and rooting interests after the break.

•”Boston Legal”
•“Grey’s Anatomy” (stars Katherine Heigl from nearby New Canaan)
•“Heroes” (stars Palisades native Hayden Panettiere)
•“The Sopranos” (parts filmed in LoHud; starred Sneden’s Landing homeowner Lorraine Bracco)

CHRIS: Thinks “The Sopranos” will win and wants “The Sopranos” to win.
TED: Thinks “The Sopranos” will win and wants “The Sopranos” to win.

•“Entourage” (stars Mamaroneck’s Kevin Dillon)
•”The Office”
•”30 Rock”
•”Two and a Half Men”
•“Ugly Betty” (stars Chappaqua’s Vanessa Williams)

CHRIS: Thinks “Ugly Betty” will win but wants “30 Rock” to win.
TED: Thinks “The Office” will win but wants “30 Rock” to win.

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Hayden Panettiere and Stephen Colletti take the express train to splitsville

dd_dshpanettiere141180×270.jpgHey, let’s look at the positives: For an up-and-coming part-time pop singer like Panettiere, nothing could be better for helping her come up with some brooding break-up songs.

Plus, given that Colletti was already of legal drinking age, it was only a matter of time before he began corrupting the 18-year-old’s (nearly) spotless record.

Ah, you’re better off without him, Hayden.

“Hayden & Stephen: It’s Over!” []

Hire Kevin Dillion for your next corporate meeting … for a mere $15k

AP Photo/Andrew Medichini
If you’ve ever been curious about how much it costs to book Johnny Drama to do his “Victory!” shtick, now you know. This $15,000 appearance fee for the Mamaroneck native was reported on Defamer, which saw it in an e-mail newsletter from Esterman Entertainment. That would be the same agency that also reps Kevin Federline and just about every American Idol reject from Season One onwards. Sounds like a Dillon brother is a step up.

The site also says that Dillon’s Entourage co-stars, Jeremy Piven and Jerry Ferrara, are also “connected to Esterman in some way or another,” though no word yet on whether they command the same kind of fees. Still, if you’re looking for a celebrity to add to your foursome, you really can’t beat Dillon — who is a regular at Winged Foot and reportedly has a 7.3 handicap. Then again, if you’re shelling out $15k, you probably don’t want to be losing in the first place.

Bracco slashes the price of her Sneden’s Landing home


Need evidence that the high-end housing market is in turnaround? (We were certainly debating this point around our office earlier this week.)

Well, the news that Lorraine Bracco has dropped the price of her 2-acre Sneden’s  Landing estate to $2.9 million pretty well proves the point.

The home, you might remember, was first listed all the way back in 2004 — right around the time the air first started leaking out of the real-estate bubble — at $4.4 mil.  She had bought the home with her former boyfriend Harvey Keitel (before home-wrecker Edward James Olmos came along) from fellow local celebrity Ellen Burstyn. Now the website of her broker, Mason Sammett, shows the “Actor’s Hudson River Estate” has dropped more than a third in price.

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Olbermann finally tops O’Reilly

tjndc5-5djfjv8q3rt1csw07aov_layout.jpgWait, what’s that I hear? Oh yes, angels singing. (Or, if you’re Robert Cox of Olbermann Watch, angels weeping.)

As TV Newsr reports, “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” finally became the top rated cable news show in the 25-54 demo for the first time in its history. More important, the Hastings-bred MSNBC ancor beat out Fox News’s “O’Reilly Factor” for the first time ever.

I suppose this has been a long time coming, and what with his recent exposure after Sunday night football, Olbermann has never been hotter. As Phil Griffin, the NBC News exec responsible for MSNBC put it, “For years MSNBC struggled to find someone to be the tent pole and lead the way. … In 11 years, I dont think there has been a better moment.”

(AP Photo/Reed Saxon, file)

Judge Judy mentors our youth


Lots of celebrity sightings today in the LoHud. In addition to Timothy Hutton, Judge Judy was also spotted earlier today by intrepid InTown Editor Jeanne Muchnick during an event at Bonnie Briar Country Club. Here’s Jeanne’s report:


Who Knew Judge Judy was so tiny? Or so short? Her red heels and red jacket screamed “power,� but the girls she was standing next to—eight Mamaroneck High School students—towered over her. It was all part of a photo opp at Bonnie Briar Country Club to kick-off the first-ever mentoring program, funded by Judge Judy and administered by the Westchester County Office for Women. Eight mentors (Myself included!) and their protégées – juniors and seniors at the high school, met for the first time. The girls will start working their four-hour shifts next week; the program itself runs for 25 weeks and was the brainchild of Judge Judy’s daughter, Nicole Sheindlin, a Larchmont resident.

But what I liked the best about the luncheon (besides the decadent cannolis and the fact that I got to meet my mentee – shout-out to Sheri Abramowitz!) was Judge Judy’s advice to the students: “You only get one chance for a first impression,� she warned. In other words, no face piercings, bare midriffs or tattoos in places you can’t see. If I had the choice between hiring a girl with piercings and tattoos, or someone who looked clean, I’d go with the girl without—despite the fact that the girl with the piercings might be a qualified candidate. Some people might tell you that’s not ‘p.c.’,� she said. “But ‘p.c.’ has never been my thing.�

To that, I say you go girl.


(Photo courtesy

Timothy Hutton spotted at Patterson deli with coffee, newspaper

htton.jpgHey, we’re Suburbarazzi. We’ll take any celebrity sighting in the Lower Hudson Valley we can get!

Patterson resident Timothy Hutton was spotted this morning drinking coffee and thumbing through a newspaper at Sauro’s Deli, according to a Suburbarazzi spy (translation: one of my coworkers). The Oscar-winner was standing next to the newspaper racks at the front of the Patterson store on Route 311, according to our trusted source.

(AP Photo/Paul Hurschmann)

Wrong number: Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay laughs at on-air gaffe

Hartsdale resident Michael Kay told a funny story to his YES Network broadcast partners during last night’s Yankees-Blue Jays game.

michael-kay.jpgKay said that about three years ago, he invited listeners of his ESPN sports talk radio show to call him up to contribute to the conversation. The only problem: Kay rattled off his home phone number instead of the ESPN Radio hotline.

As soon as he broadcast the wrong digits, he realized what he had done, but opted not to address the matter in an effort to draw as little attention to the mistake as possible. But savvy listeners still called him at home and left him messages that I’m sure had very little to do with sports.

Asked if he changed his number, Kay laughed and said he hadn’t; he said that people just forgot it over time.

The same can’t be said for 867-5309. Poor Jenny.

(Photo by Mark Vergari/The Journal News.)