Shameless Speculation: Is Hayden Panettiere dating Milo Ventimiglia, her “Heroes” co-star?

nup_109797_0016.jpgSimply posing the question is probably enough to put me on Hayden’s hit list, but ah, I ain’t afraid of you, missy.

So, let’s weigh the evidence (I’ll assign a + or – point total to the rumor for each point):

• caught the two walking arm in arm after the Emmy awards. However, when pressed by the cameraman, Ventimiglia said they weren’t dating and Panettiere said, “I’m holding onto him because I’m about to fall over in these heels!” -2

• Hollywood Grind says that the two attended the Governor’s Ball and that Milo was seen cutting Hayden’s meat. +1

• The two seem rather close in a series of photos from the “Heroes” world tour. +1

• E! points out the obvious: that Milo is 30 and Hayden just turned 18. -1

• Finally, this YouTube clip, via HollywoodTV, shows Ventimiglia grinding into Panettiere on the dance floor at the Duran Duran concert staged at Disney Hall in downtown Los Angeles, an official after-party of the Emmy Awards. While it’s not definitive, the two do look awfully intimate. +3

Final tally: +2

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a certified rumor.

(Photo: NBC Universal)

Ted Mann

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