Alan Ruck trades Wrigley Field for Yankee Stadium in ‘Bronx is Burning’

(Mark Vergari/The Journal News)“Spin City” alumnus and Piermont resident Alan Ruck plays reporter Steve Jacobson in “The Bronx is Burning,” ESPN’s miniseries about the turbulent 1977 Yankees in the context of an even more volatile New York City.

I haven’t seen too much of it; I’ve liked John Turturro and Erik Jensen’s takes on Billy Martin and Thurman Munson, respectively, but not enough to watch for more than five minutes at a time. Despite my undying allegiance to the Yanks, I’m not usually impressed with ESPN’s dramatic series (with the short-lived, poker-themed “Tilt” being a notable exception). Too often, they have more overacting than your favorite soap opera. But I like rooting for Ruck, so power to him.

As any ’80s babies will tell you, this isn’t the first time of Ruck’s characters has been to a ballpark. Although his famous “Heyyyyybattabattabatta-sahWING-batta!” sequence from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” was at Wrigley Field and not Yankee Stadium, it’s still pretty cool.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out seconds 26 to 33 in this one-minute version of the movie.

(Photo by Mark Vergari/The Journal News)

Lasse Hallstrom quadruple-play


If you’ve been watching FOX lately (which, during the summer, boils down to: if you’ve been watching “Hell’s Kitchen” or “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”) you’ve probably seen trailers for the new fall series, “New Amsterdam,” about a NYC homicide cop who somehow gained immortal powers back during the Dutch-settler era. (If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the trailer on YouTube.) It’s a trippy premise and more than a little intriguing. And with two of the Lower Hudson Valley’s best filmmakers behind it, how can it disappoint?


Those two would be producer Leslie Holleran, of Larchmont, and director Lasse Hallstrom, of Bedford (above). Both have collaborated on nearly every project they’ve done (from “Cider House Rules” to “Chocolat” to “The Hoax”) and both are listed as exec producers. But lest it seem like the two have gone all Aaron Sorkin — forgoing steady film work for more risky TV projects — Hallstrom in fact has three, count em three, films in the works.

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It’s official: Whoopi is the new Rosie


We’d already heard the rumors about the new moderator of “The View,” but yesterday Barbara Walters made the on-air announcement: Whoopi Goldberg will join the show for its 11th Season on September 4.

This is particularly good news for the Lower Hudson Valley (well, the extended LoHud), as Goldberg was once a resident of Tuxedo Park, meaning that our region will continue to have a presence on the morning show — and we’ll still have the dubious privilege of being able to blog about it here on Suburbarazzi.



(Photos ABC/Steve Fenn) 

Did The Donald offer Rosie $2 mil to appear on ‘The Apprentice’?


OK, granted, this is even more absurd sounding than Rosie getting anally raped on Nip/Tuck, but — well, that one turned out to be true.

And besides, it comes from the most reliable source in the whole media biz: Fox News. I mean, hey, they’re owned by the same guys that own the Wall Street Journal, right? Has to be true.

So here’s what Roger Friedman’s 411 column had to say in his Monday column: Trump offered O’Donnell $2 million to appear in the next season of “The Apprentice,” which will be celebrity-theme. And even though the gig would have only entailed 12 days of work, Friedman’s  “sources” say that Rosie turned him down flat.  “I wouldn’t do it for $200 million,” was the alleged Rosie quote.

Alas, no confirmation on Ro’s blog one way or another yet.

(Trump: AP Photo/Stephen Chernin-File; O’Donnell: AP/Norwegian Cruise Lines)

Stephen Baldwin Watch: Evangelizing in Upstate New York

imagedisplay.jpgUpper Grandview’s Stephen Baldwin continues to bring the word of the lord to our country’s youth. Last week he made the trek up to Utica, New York, for the 11th Annual Generation Conference. 1,500 people were registered for the event, the theme of which was “Loving God and Loving People.”

What did Stevie B. have to contribute? Well, as far as I could glean from an interview he gave with a local TV station, it was that kids today — especially the Lindsay Lohan types — need to have a more hard-core spirituality. That is, not to “have it be something that’s not this Golly gee willikers gosh golly watered down version of it,” as Baldwin said. “I really think there’s an opportunity for this next generation to be the biggest and greatest movement of revival Americans ever seen,” he continued, “And I’m happy to be a part of it.”

Likewise, Stephen. I’m gosh golly gee willikers happy you’re a part of it.

And of course, always a little creeped out at the same time.

“Stephen Baldwin speaks to youth at Generation Conference at Utica Aud” [UKTV2]