EXCLUSIVE: Actor Richard Moll chats about Yorktown shoot

richardmoll21.jpgToday I spoke with Richard Moll, who played bailiff Bull Shannon on TV’s “Night Court” and appeared Monday in Yorktown Heights to film his role in an Internet mockumentary series about fantasy football.

I watched many an episode of “Night Court” as a preteen when it was syndicated locally on Fox, so when the 64-year-old Moll agreed to a phone interview, I was genuinely psyched and had to stop myself from pulling my own version of “The Chris Farley Show.” Remember that time when Bull scored so well on an IQ test that scientists tested him to see if he could unlock the mysteries of life, including the reason why men have nipples? That was awesome.

Because we talked about both his Yorktown visit and career in general, I’m publishing the parts of the interview about his Yorktown experience here and about the rest of his career on Remote Access. Enjoy!

Suburbarazzi: Did you enjoy your visit to Yorktown?

Richard Moll: It made me want to put on my Revolutionary War garb and shoot a gun at anyone who was wearing red. [Pause.] It was fine! It was very nice. We shot at (“Fantastic Two” producer Jeremy Newberger’s) home and it was very beautiful. I love Westchester County. I don’t know that I’ve ever been there before. It’s so close to Manhattan, so lush and rural-looking. I love the dense deciduous forests. It’s very beautiful.

Suburbarazzi: I could tell by the photos of the film shoot that you were really into the character, who wears a black leather vest and pants combo.

Richard Moll: I appreciated the fact that they let me use my own clothes.

Suburbarazzi: What attracted you to the role?

Richard Moll: Desperation for work. No, I see it as a fun character. I do like to work and generally, given my type, the characters I play are almost always quite a bit of fun. So it’s not too hard to persuade me.

Click here to read the rest of the interview, including Moll’s relationship (or lack thereof) with the “Night Court” cast; his inaccurate filmography on Internet Movie Database; his choice to live life these days without a TV or computer; his career in cartoon voice-overs, including the recurring role of Two-Face on the critically acclaimed “Batman: The Animated Series”; and his legendary prowess on “Super Password” and other game shows.

(Photo by Tanya Pann, courtesy of Ironbound Films/Broadband Enterprises)

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