Who gave what? Hollywood stars and the politicians they back

Debates, campaign stump speeches, platforms, blah, blah, blah. Let’s talk about what’s really important in the presidential race–which stars are donating to which contenders? And how much?

CNN has compiled a (revealing) list. For example, we know that Hillary still dominates the Hollywood set. Though Barack Obama and (surprise, surprise) New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson aren’t far behind.

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

In Hillary’s corner: Danny DeVito ($2,300), Fran Drescher ($2,300), Tom Hanks ($2,300), Tobey Maguire ($4,600), Marla Maples ($1,000), Pauly Shore ($1,000),
Ben Stiller ($6,900)

In Bill Richardson’s (improbable) corner: Michael Douglas ($3100), Val Kilmer ($2300), Paul Newman ($2300), Edward James Olmos ($2300), Steven Spielberg ($2300), Christie Brinkley ($500), Bette Midler ($4600), Sherry Lansing ($2300)
In Barack’s corner: Jodie Foster ($1,000), Jamie Foxx ($2,300), Will Smith ($4,600), Isaiah Washington ($2,300)

Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd got $1,000 from John Lithgow.

John Edwards has the backing of Oliver Stone and Ben Stiller (wait, didn’t he also give to Hillary?).

Dennis Kucinich has got fomer Baywatch hottie Alexandria Paul and Days of Our Lives diva Deidra Hall.

Rudy Giuliani can call The Sopranos’ “Paulie Walnuts” (Tony Sirico) a backer, as well as Melissa Gilbert.

And in the No, seriously? category, Mark Ruffalo donated $700 to Mike Gravel (in case you don’t know who that is, check out his campaign video here. Seriously, you won’t regret it).

The complete list is here.

TMZ posts photos of Donald Trump doing nothing particularly interesting at L.A. club

AP/Dennis Cook

Sometimes you just have to admit defeat on a slow news day, TMZ.

Merely pointing out that Donald Trump appeared at a club and running two photos of The Donald that are less interesting than the most recent season of “The Apprentice” is hardly gossip.

Making the matter worse? Hyping the item with the headline “Trump Parties Like Britney!” — with Ms. Spears nowhere to be found in said photos. Just because Area is one of Spears’ Los Angeles clubs of choice doth not a partied-out starlet make.

Even worse than that? Your ploys worked and I read your story.

Sorkin signs three-movie deal at DreamWorks

Tom Nycz/The Journal News

With “Studio 60” now firmly behind him, it looks like Scarsdale native Aaron Sorkin will be staying away from the TV biz for a while.  Zap2It reports that he’s just signed a three-picture deal with DreamWorks, the first of which will be a film about the 1968 Chicago Democratic convention called “The Trial of the Chicago 7.” Spielberg may even choose to direct that one.

No word on what the other two DreamWorks projects will be (“The Farnsworth Invention”? “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots”?), but with “Charlie Wilson’s War” (which Sorkin wrote the script for) already in the hopper and due out this winter, it’s clear that the multiplexes will be full of rapid-fire, wonky palaver for months and months to come.

Rosie to reprise her role on ‘Nip/Tuck’

 Prashant Gupta/FX

And the regurgitated Rosie news just keeps on coming …

Laura Saltman over at the Access Hollywood blog reports that O’Donnell is definitely going to be returning to “Nip/Tuck” to reprise her role as horn-dog lottery winner Dawn Budge. The announcement wasn’t exactly a surprise, but it is notable in that it debunks speculation that Rosie would get her own spinoff show. It appears that we can finally quash that festering rumor once and for all.

Rosie’s character is supposed to play the love interest of Oliver Platt and — post-modern irony alert! — one scene will have the plastic surgeons sewing her mouth shut. Even the most hardened O’Donnell cynic has to love that. Also interesting: The Oliver Platt character is supposed to play an executive producer of a tv show about surgery, a character losely based on “Nip/Tuck”s own creator, Ryan Murphy. I say interesting because Murphy, like O’Donnell, is gay. In other words, Rosie is playing a straight character in love with a male character based on a gay man. Is that some kind of clever double-negative?

The episode (number four in the upcoming season) is set to film in mid to late July, after the Troy/McNamara team has already moved their practice from Miami to L.A.

Tough housing market: Martha Stewart’s Westport house went for 26% below asking price

AP Photo/ Louis Lanzano

It turns out even Martha Stewart isn’t immune to the housing slump in this area. The domestic diva’s  Westport, CT home, aka “Turkey Hill,” which she sold this spring after 35 years, actually went for a whopping 26% below her asking price. Stewart had the home on the market for over a year, with a $9 million price tag. She eventually sold it for $6.7 million, according to The Westport News.

Considering what Martha paid for it back in the early 70s–$80,750–the multi-million dollar sale doesn’t seem all that bad.

Here’s how the Westport News describes the home: “The four-acre property with a three-bedroom farmhouse, built by an onion farmer in 1805, includes a converted carriage house and a ‘party barn’ that Ms. Stewart used to entertain guests.”

Stewart now calls Katonah home, where she lives on a 153-acre piece of land.

And who bought Stewart’s infamous Wesport home? That would be Charles G. Berg, former chief executive of Oxford Health Plans Inc.
He told the News: “We’re not planning on doing very much to it. Ms. Stewart spent 35 years making it beautiful.”

Rosie O’Donnell wanted to ‘gay up’ Price is Right, belly rub Trump

Drumroll, please. Here, with a heavy heart and a pained grimace, I present you with the 100th Suburbarazzi post about Rosie O’Donnell. Yes, we counted.

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

The latest news on the South Nyack rabble-rouser is that, while doing stand-up before a 1,500-person audience on her cruise for gay and lesbian families, she explained part of the reason she didn’t get “The Price is Right” gig.

Naturally, she also lashed out, again, against her twin nemiseses (nemisee?) Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Donald Trump. Which of course is hardly news. But what did shock a few was the persistent level of vitriolic hate fir Hasselbeck and the bizarre threat she made towards The Donald. Us Weekly even shows a giant photo of the former that she doctored up to look like the devil.

As for “The Price is Right,” part of the reason CBS passed is that she wanted to “gay it up.” Some excerpts from the show are after the break.

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How does Suburbarazzi: The Magazine sound?


I ask only because of the rumor floating on Radar’s Fresh Intelligence blog (via FishbowlNY) right now about the return of Page Six: The Magazine. As Radar put it, “the New York Post is set to take the title weekly sometime this fall, inserting it as a supplement into the Sunday paper.”

Clearly, there’s an inside baseball fascination here, given the fact that we Suburbarazzi authors pilfer Page Six on a routine basis and our primary job (at least, most of us) is to put out a magazine. Personally, I think the idea sounds like a no-brainer. With a staff of hundreds already out gathering all the good scoops, it wouldn’t be hard for the Post to one-up Us Weekly or Star. But then, what do I know. FishbowlNY says that the last time the paper took a stab at a gossip magazine, over a year ago, “it was a bit of a crash and burn.”

LoHudders Kevin Kline and Bryce Dallas Howard team up for ‘As You Like It’

AP Photos/Chris Pizzello

I’ve been looking to write something about Kevin Kline for a while now — if only to remind the Suburbarazzi faithful that he lives up in Garrison with wife Phoebe Cates (note the addition to our Suburbarazzi Star Map). And as luck would have it, HBO’s production of the “As You Like It,” which TV Guide says is set to debut August 21, is the perfect excuse. The Kenneth Branagh-directed adaptation of the bard’s play stars Kline, along with Byram Hills grad Bryce Dallas Howard and recent “Hoax” costar Alfred Molina.

Thanks to F.O.S. Amy Vernon for the tip.

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs recovers from break-up with ‘couple of hot babes’

AP/Lynne Sladky

A day after a spokeswoman for Sean “Diddy” Combs announced the split of the Mount Vernon-raised hip-hop mogul and his girlfriend, Kim Porter, Hamptons.com is reporting that Diddy hasn’t exactly been sitting around the house mansion crying about it.

At his annual White Party, Diddy showed up (un)fashionably late — 2:15 a.m. — and left soon thereafter with a few lovely parting gifts, according to Jennifer Tuesday’s gossip sheet:


[Hamptons.com sources] say he stayed just long enough to pick up a check for showing his face, grabbed a couple of hot babes and sped off with his caravan of SUVs.


Mind you, this maneuver is delivered by the man who practically begged “I Need a Girl” on one of his tracks. Talk about a lack of street cred.

Will Jon Stewart — not Conan O’Brien — succeed Jay Leno on ‘Tonight Show’?

I’ve always preferred North Salem resident David Letterman to Jay Leno. Letterman’s once-groundbreaking alternative approach to late-night comedy bred his most critically acclaimed contemporaries, including Conan O’Brien and Jon Stewart.

I don’t think Jay’s a bad guy or anything — his hilarious “Headlines” segment or one of my favorite A-list guests sometimes will convince me to flip from CBS to NBC for a few minutes — but I’ve always had a far greater fondness for all things Letterman since NBC tabbed Leno for “The Tonight Show.” Still, we Suburbarazzi must have some respect for the late-night ratings champ: After all, while Leno grew up in Andover, Mass., he’s a native of New Rochelle.

AP photos. Leno:Paul Drinkwater; O’Brien:Kevork Djansezian; Stewart:Eddie AdamsBecause Leno tends to stay out of the tabloids, the best gossip of late that revolves around “The Tonight Show” involves his eventual replacement. So, for one shining moment, let’s discuss an empty seat on a talk show that doesn’t involve “The View.” (Hooray!)

If Leno sticks to his word and retires when his contract expires in 2009, NBC will be faced with a few options. The right thing to do — on a few levels — would be to hire O’Brien, whose rough start in the mid-’90s has blossomed into improved ratings and late-night’s most consistently funny hour. Not only has NBC announced that the former “Simpsons” writer would take Leno’s post in ’09, but also O’Brien has the best chance to charm new viewers while retaining devout fans.

But of late, rumors have been circulating that NBC execs are trying to woo Stewart for “The Tonight Show.”

As much as I love Stewart’s insightful interviews, ironic gravitas and impeccable delivery on “The Daily Show,” a shift to network late-night poses a few problems — almost all of which would involve ratings, not a lack of talent. He would probably be asked to strike a happy medium politically, potentially alienating liberal fans of “The Daily Show” and fighting an uphill battle to attract conservative viewers who hate it. Plus, his previous attempt at a late-night show didn’t fare so well.

Also, should NBC pick Stewart over the previously announced O’Brien, it would result in the biggest late-night controversy since Leno unfairly claimed Johnny Carson’s seat over Letterman, potentially prompting a backlash among viewers. (Although it warrants mentioning that O’Brien wouldn’t exactly be walking away empty-handed; his contract buyout has been reported as high as $40 million.)

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Paul Shaffer memoir coming; how does ‘The Devil Wears Tube Socks’ sound?

AP Photo/Diane Bondareff

Bedford resident and longtime Letterman sidekick Paul Shaffer is writing a memoir. Scheduled to come out in 2009, Shaffer is cowriting it with David Ritz, who also collaborated on memoirs by Marvin Gaye and Ray Charles, and Random House’s Flying Dophin Press will publish the book.

As Shaffer summed it in a press release, quoted on Forbes.com, “These anecdotes have been accumulating in my mind for the past three-plus decades; it’s been a nutty ride, and I felt it imperative to finally commit my reflections to the page … at least Volume One.”

I have no idea what those anecdotes will be, but given that Shaffer once was a musician on SNL — playing the piano foil to Bill Murray’s Nick the Lounge Singer and musical director for the Blues Brothers, among other things — I’m sure he’s got plenty of good ones. But for now, in the spirit of The Late Show’s top 10 lists, I’ll share my favorite Shaffer-Letterman moments (all clips on YouTube):

10. “Don’t Eat That Spinach”

9. Paul’s impersonation of Chef doing “O Holy Night”

8. Stump the Band

7. Day 1 of Dave and Paul’s Road Trip

6. Dave and Paul play soccer

5. Paul Shaffer, Movie Monster (note: this is actually video of “The Sopranos,” in a three-second scene where Christopher’s wife screams upon learning of his death, and Paul laughs in the background. Funny in a post-modern sort of way)

4. Dave and Paul’s reality TV show

3. Paul’s “Dress Cool” ’80s music video

2. Day 7 of Dave and Paul’s Road Trip

1. Dave and Paul go golfing

50 Cent takes his place alongside cinematic legends DeNiro, Pacino

AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian

A while ago we reported that Sneden’s Landing resident Al Pacino would be reteaming with Robert DeNiro for the first time since “Heat,” but there’s a new twist in their joint venture. That would be the casting of the film’s male lead #3: 50 Cent.

According to the Hollywood Reporter (via Billboard), 50 is in “final negotiations” to co-star in the film, “Righteous Kill,” portraying a drug dealer who helps DeNiro and Pacino track down a serial killer.

Sorry Mos Def and Ludacris, looks like “The Woodsman” and “Crash” has kinda of burned off whatever reformed-gansta street cred you once had. And should 50 ever appear to be too “Hollywood,” might I propose an understudy? Mount Kisco’s own DMX, with two warrants still out for his arrest, is surely looking for film work.

The movie starts shooting this September and is due in theaters in 2008.