More on Bill Murray’s recent college graduation


The Denver Post didn’t have much to contribute about Murray’s belated graduation from Regis University this month, but they did dig up one choice quote from the Sneden’s Landing resident about his days as a pre-med student back in the ’70s:<blockquote><div>”I was not really college material,” Murray said. “I didn’t know how to study, but I liked the lifestyle. You could dress any way you wanted. I was wearing pajamas and a sports coat to school and pajamas and loafers to formal events. College was terrible. I didn’t get it at all, but it got me out of the house.”</div></blockquote>

I just love that mental image. Wait, lightbulb idea: It’s high time Peter Kelly instituted an X20 dress code. As far as I know, there isn’t one in place, but all his other restaurants have one. Bill, you can sell him on this.

Pajamas and sport coats, all the way.

(Photo: Regis University)

Denzel Washington weighs in on Mount Vernon mayoral race

tjndc5-5fqd9i9g6f7euo93cc8_layout.jpgClearly my celebrity radar is faltering due to the mid-summer humidity. I just found out that last Wednesday, July 18, Denzel Washington was back in his hometown of Mount Vernon to support Clinton Young, his longtime friend and a Westchester County Legislator, who is running for mayor against incumbent Ernest Davis.

The candidates event was dubbed a “Celebrating the Positive” forum, which sounds just great … although it’s never easy to look on the bright side of topics like gang violence. Still, Washington’s presence — not to mention his $1 million donation to build a new Boys & Girls Club facility in the town — undoubtedly constituted at least one “positive.”

Denzel Washington to lend star power to Mount Vernon mayoral hopeful’s event” [LoHud]

(Matthew Brown/The Journal News)

NBC continues begging Rosie O to appear on a show, ANY show

tjndc5-5f2qol0l38859cmebjm_layout.jpgSeeing as how Ben Silverman’s appeal to get Rosie to appear on “The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition” met with a resounding nuh-uh, he and NBC have a plan B: a guest spot on “Friday Night Lights.” According to TV Guide, the producers of FNL have offered the South Nyacker a six to seven-episode stint starring as an angry girl’s soccer coach pissed off that all the school’s funding is going to football.

“Rosie’s a big fan of Friday Night Lights, as we know from The View, and we heard she was interested in being on the show,” executive producer Jason Katims said. While O’Donnell’s spokesperson, Cindi Berger, flatly rejected NBC’s overtures to appear on the newly revived “Apprentice,” this offer sounded much more promising. “No definitive plans,” she said. “They are in talks and she loves the show.”

Personally, I always saw her as more of a bipolar softball coach, but maybe that’s just me.

(Thanks to F.O.S. Amy Vernon for the tip.)

(AP Photo/Tina Fineberg)

Emmy Nods for Vanessa Willliams, Kevin Dillon, Stanley Tucci, Tim Daly

Williams is up for Supporting Actress in a comedy for Ugly Betty.

Dillon is getting  his for nomination for Entourage.

Tucci is getting some love for his guest turn on Monk.

And Daly is likewise being nominated for his guest-starring stint on The Sopranos (which, by the way, led the pack with 15 nods in all).


Great news for these amazing Lohud stars but,  once again, the Emmy voters seem unwilling to recognize outstanding shows without blockbuster ratings.

Where are the deserved nominations for The Wire? The critical darling has one of the most incredible ensembles and produces consistently solid TV (really, it’s more than TV, it’s event programming that tells us something about where we are as a country).

Ditto for the ensemble cast of Deadwood.

And where’s the love for Battlestar Galactica’s Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell–two of television’s finest actors doing some of their best work ever?

Instead we get Kiefer Sutherland’s 20th nomination for what has become a depressingly tired, and critically stale character (“Damn it, we’re out of time”).

Full list of nominations is here.

Highlights after the jump:

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‘Hell’s Kitchen’ comes to Westchester


In the wasteland that is summer network television, my one and only guilty pleasure has been the Gordon Ramsey show, “Hell’s Kitchen” on FOX. Actually, no, that’s not accurate: I’m not guilty about liking this show at all. It 100 percent kicks ass. If you’ve ever dined at a resturant and (A) waited an hour for appetizers, (B) gotten an entree that’s stone cold, or (C) wanted to bitch out the chef in the kitchen for totally, completely disappointing you, Ramsey’s rants are borderline poetic. Every time he screams at one of the incompetent contestants, you’ll feel like he’s blowing his top on your behalf. Or maybe not. But it’s still damn entertaining.

The reason I’m sharing all of this here is that over on my colleague Liz Johnson’s blog, Small Bites, she’s got news that a Ramsey protege, Neil Ferguson, is going to be taking over as the head chef at Monterverde at Oldstone Manor. Whether Ferguson will be having “Hell’s Kitchen”-caliber blow ups in Cortlandt Manor, I can’t say. But I do know this much: After watching the mind-blowingly bad crop of contestants on the TV show, whatever he serves at Monteverde will look good by comparison.

(Gordon Ramsey Photo: Kharen Hill/FOX)

Hayden Panettiere suitors, start saving up for a trip to Fiji

tjndc5-5f9mt27i2sw5plgcj7s_layout.jpg It’s not that Hayden Panettiere’s list of “Summer Must-Haves” in People Mag is all that revealing. And I’m not so petty as to poke fun at her passion for Harry Potter or post-Sopranos embrace of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.” It’s just that I don’t want to break our months-long streak of linking to any and all gossip about the Palisades native.

That said, being into bocce, Entourage, and Bruce Willis is just good common sense. Clearly this girl has her head screwed on straight. Oh, and her comment about wanting to go to Fiji — “I just read something in the magazine the other day that there are these underwater hotel rooms now in Fiji that are literally made out of glass. It would be my dream. It’s like $15,000 a person to go.” — that is kind of funny.

(AP Photo/Wizard Entertainment, Anders Krusberg)

Jonathan Demme and Debra Winger team up for ‘Dancing with Sheba’


It doesn’t look likely that Trump-O’Donnell “Apprentice” dream team will come together, but fortunately there’s another trans-Hudson partnership forming: Nyack director Jonathan Demme (“Silence of the Lambs,” “Philadelphia,” that PBS documentary about Katrina that I totally meant to watch in full) has cast Irvington’s Debra Winger in his new film, “Dancing with Sheba.”

I’m not sure which is more happy making — Demme’s return to the land of fictional movie-making or Winger’s return from the land of the dead. Her IMDB page says she’s starred in a few films in recent years (“Radio,” “Eulogy” anyone?), but I’m pretty sure the first movie on that filmography that anyone has even the faintest memory of is 1995’s “Forget Paris,” which, ironically, I can’t see to forget. The new Demme film will be about an ex-model getting out of rehab to attend her sister’s wedding. Anne Hathaway is the druggie model, Winger has a supporting role as her mother. The weirdest part of all, according to Cinematical: It’s all supposed to be a dark comedy.

Katonah Vs. Martha Stewart (music and lyrics by Marc Black)

First there was, “The Times They Are A-Changin.'” Then came “Fight the Power.” Now, a new tune is ready to be inducted into the pantheon of classic American protest songs: “Chief Katonah.”


Katonah resident Marc Black penned the comical diddy lampooning Martha Stewart’s attempt to trademark the name Katonah for a line of Home Design products at the request of his neighbors, who have been fighting the domestic diva’s plans.

“In the beginning when they asked me to write it, the idea was to have fun and I just hoped to raise peoples’ spirits a bit,” the songwriter told the Journal News. “Music tjndc5-5epn2p4vysl10igldaj6_layout.jpgvery often grows out of a problem, as all art does, so now I’m kind of interested in knowing if it can have an effect.”

The surprisingly hummable song is currently on YouTube and Black says he’ll perform it live this Saturday at the Towne Crier Cafe in Pawling.

A few sample lyrics:

<blockquote><div>And while we were sleeping

And the chief was crying

Somebody snuck in

And I ain’t lying (and she’s got lawyers).

She’s the personification of gracious living

Capacious gal from New York City.

She sells in the north and she sell in the south

Cookies made to melt in your mouth.

She could be a good pal.

In the summer of love she became a stockbroker.

While I was getting high, she was learning poker.

She’ll cater to you

She’ll cater to me

Cater to KMart, woo-eee.

Welcome to the neighborhood.</div></blockquote>

More lyrics after the break.

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Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: Trump, Diddy, and Sorkin soldier on!

If there was one message to this week’s segment, it was this: The Lower Hudson Valley sure know how to bounce back. Things might have looked bad from the Trumpster a few months ago, but this week there’s news that “The Apprentice” will return, not to mention two new Trump TV shows in 2008. Likewise, Sean John recovered quickly from his breakup with Kim Porter, and “Studio 60” mastermind Aaron Sorkin also rebounded quickly, landing a three-picture deal with DreamWorks.

The answer to the trivia quiz — Which Late Show personality is penning a memoir — is after the break …


Link to LoHud RNN viewer

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Ang Lee’s “Lust, Caution” trailer leaked


The trailer for Larchmont resident Ang Lee’s new Chinese-language film, “Lust, Caution,” briefly made the rounds on YouTube last week. But sadly, by the time I got around to finding the clip, it had already been taken down. According to SlashFilm, “Focus Features has asked that we remove the trailer from /Film because it ‘was illegally leaked from the studio.'” Rats!

But wait, this is the internet, right? There’s got to be another copy floating out there somewhere. Yes, yes, there is. Happy day.

In case you can’t tell from the trailer, the movie is set in WWII Shanghai and it revolves around a plot to assassinate a spy in the Chinese government. It’s scheduled to come out, in limited release, on September 28.

Bill Murray finally graduates from college

AP Photo

God, I love Wikipedia. A few months ago I was perusing the Bill Murray entry after my close encounter with the Sneden’s Landing actor at the opening of X20. Seeing as how he was out all night at the restaurant solo, partying it up after most everyone had left, I was curious if he was actually married. Seemed unlikely.

But when I got home and did a search, sure enough, I learned that Murray is on his second marriage, this time to Jennifer Butler, and they have four kids.

Even more surprising, though, was the revelation that Murray never graduated from college. As Wikipedia put it, “he attended Regis University in Denver, Colorado, where he took pre-med courses. He later dropped out after being arrested for possession of marijuana at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.”

How can you not love Murray after hearing that?

The best part: There’s a happy ending to the college-dropout story. Last Friday, Regis awarded him an honorary doctor of humanities degree.

“I will show this degree off proudly,” he said at the school. “I met the nicest, finest people at Regis.”

“Regis gives funnyman Murray honorary degree” []

Trump wants Rosie on ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ no bull – – – -!

AP Photos

It’s hard to believe that anything could top the insanity of giving Donald Trump another season of “The Apprentice,” but it appears that NBC’s new programming chief Ben Silverman has done it. Next year’s version of the show will be an all-celebrity edition, and yes, it’s true, Rosie has been asked to be on the show.

Shortly after Silverman joined the Peacock, Fox News reported that he would “do anything” to get Rosie on his network. Now, I always assumed he meant in a daytime, game show, or talk show capacity. But well, give the man credit: This is 10 times as genius. Evil genius, but genius none the less.

Still, The Donald inviting his arch nemesis on his show? It’s almost too outlandish to believe. But then I found the blog of this Kansas City reporter, Aaron Barnhart, who indeed confirmed that Trump didn’t only agree to entertain the idea of Rosie on “The Apprentice,” he actually asked Silverman to invite her. Barnhart says that after the press conference, he thought he hadn’t heard right:

<blockquote><div>After the session I had to confirm it. Were you bullsh – – – – ng us? I yelled up at the stage. “No bullsh – – !” Silverman yelled back</div></blockquote>

Since the announcement, O’Donnell’s spokeswoman, Cindi Berger, told the AP, “It will never happen in this lifetime or beyond.” Mmm, sounds like a maybe to me.

“The Apprentice to return with celebs” [USA Today]