Rosie’s final days at ‘The View’ score record ratings

The Nielsens are in. And as if it weren’t already obvious that Rosie O’Donnell is an evil ratings genius, it’s now been confirmed. In her final month on “The View,” the South Nyack resident averaged 1 million women in its key 18-49 demo, the highest in the show’s 10 year history. TV Guide also reports that, in all, its 3.8-million viewer average was almost a 30 percent jump versus the show’s average in 2006.

Beat that, Whoopi!

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And the Lord said, let there be a Baldwin-Lohan Religious Detox Center

At first the pairing of Stephen Baldwin and Michael Lohan seemed just harmless and goofy. But now the fearless team of evangelical eccentrics has itself a mission: to build a $15 million alcohol and drug treatment center in Southampton, Long Island. According to the NY Post, they’re planning to build it on 10 acres owned by Donald Havrilla, the pastor of the town’s Full Gospel Church — and, oddly, the only person outside Uzbekistan who hasn’t heard of Lindsay Lohan (Michael’s daughter) or her DWIs or her own numerous failed attempts at rehab.

The strangest part of this whole story: Michael is actually still undergoing treatment himself at a separate facility in West Babylon. Which, when you think about it, has to make you smile. At last, Stephen Baldwin has finally found a family more screwed up than his own.

“Papa Do Preach” [NY Post]

(Lohan: AP Photo/ Dick Yarwood; Baldwin: Gwynne Johnson / Rockland Magazine)

Could Rosie O’Donnell be the next Bob Barker?


The only thing trickier than betting on who will be Rosie O’Donnell’s replacement on “The View”? Betting on what Rosie’s next career move will be.

According to a prop bet former prop bet on, here are some of the possibilities, along with their odds:

Start her own TV talk show: -8000
Start a new comedy show satirizing Barbara Walters: +5000
Compete in beauty pageants: +15000
Join a Donald Trump Corporation: +500
Publish a magazine: +2000
Give etiquette lessons: +300
Sell trailers: +15000
Become a recording artist: +5000

I’m not exactly sure what a negative 8000-to-1 bet would entail (would you owe money if she launched The Rosie O’Donnell Show 2.0?), but ignoring that, there’s one possibility is conspicuously absent from this list: Rosie taking over “The Price is Right.”

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Shameless InTown Westchester Plug: Matt Lauer’s secret Tom Carvel obsession

intownjune.jpegUntil a couple months ago, the question of whether Matt Lauer even grew up in Westchester was hotly debated in our offices. There were rumors that he might have lived in Chappaqua and/or Ardsley, but no confirmation about either. That is, no confirmation until intrepid reporter Jenny Higgons got on the set of NBC’s “Today” and ferreted the truth from him for InTown Westchester’s June cover story.

Here’s what she learned: Lauer did indeed live in Chappaqua — until the first grade. Then he moved to Ardsley, where he lived right next door to Tom Carvel. And, as Lauer explained to Higgons, the ice cream kingpin had a big impact:

<blockquote><div>“Tom gave us frozen flying saucers for Halloween, and he kept all the old Carvel trucks in a big wooded area behind his house; my friends and I would play in them and pretend we were ice-cream men. Life was an adventure in the woods.�</div></blockquote>

Just imagine how different things would have been if, during 4th grade, Lauer decided to go work for the Hartsdale Carvel instead of taking up an afternoon paper route. Would Fudgie the Whale be doing the weather instead of Al Roker? Could Katie have been replaced by Cookie Puss? We’ll never know.

What we do know is that after Lauer’s parents got divorced, he was forced to slum it up in Hartsdale (hey, I can say that ’cause I live there!), until he finally moved to the greener pastures of Greenwich in high school.

“Lauer Power” [InTown Westchester]

Vanilla Ice and Stevie B. to go Bull Riding on Reality TV

baldwin.jpgEver wanted to watch Stephen Baldwin get bucked from a horse and/or mauled by livestock and/or gored by a bull? No? Guest that’s just me.

Well, anywho, I’ll sure be tuning into the Upper Grandview actor’s new reality TV series about his adventures bull riding and learning the sport of rodeo. He’ll star alongside Leif Garrett and Vanilla Ice (aka Robert Van Winkle), among others. The show — currently titled “Ty Murray’s Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge” — is supposed to debut at 9 p.m., August 10, on CMT.

After spending 10 days at a ranch learning the ropes, the “celebrities” will compete at a Professional Bull Riders event in Nashville. Will Baldwin have as much chemistry with Ice as he did with fellow friend of God Corbin Bernsen on “Celebrity Mole”? We can only hope and pray.

“Baldwin and Garrett set for Bull Riding Show”

UPDATE: According to Starpulse, Baldwin needed to be rushed to a Texas hospital this week when he broke a shoulder and rib after being thrown off a bucking bull while filming the TV show. And of course, now I feel extra guilty. Be careful what you wish for …

(photo: Gwynne Johnson/Rockland Magazine)

‘Fire Elisabeth Hasselbeck’ petition closes in on 25,000 signatures

54872_51_7_pre.jpgSouth Nyack’s Rosie O’Donnell and her former “View” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck may have moved past their week-old feud, but their fans sure haven’t. Witness, a website with the goal of convincing “ABC to fire Elisabeth Hasselbeck from The View to ensure that all reasonable views can continue to be heard.”

As of noon today, the site already had 24,200 signatures in its online petition.

via TV Squad

(Photo: Yolanda Perez/ABC)