Hillary Clinton + Bill Clinton + The Mt. Kisco Coach Diner=The first official Sopranos finale spoof

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The Democratic front-runner filmed a campaign video Sunday at the Mt. Kisco Coach Diner that spoofed the controversial (re: I hated it, everyone I work with loved it) ending to The Sopranos last week. In Hillary’s version, the Senator walks into the local diner and sits down. Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” is playing in the background, and Hillary scans the room, looking at the various patrons (one of whom is actor Vince Curatola, who played Johnny “Sack” Sacramoni on the HBO mob show; here he’s cast in the infamous “Members Only Jacket Man” role, and ominously walks past the candidate, staring her down (where’s the secret service?)).

HBO Anthony Neste

A casually-dressed Bill soon follows her into the diner and sits down. Unlike the greasy onion rings the Sopranos infamously scarfed down in their final scene, Hillary orders a basket of carrots for her husband, who responds, “No onion rings?”
An abstent Chelsea takes on the Meadow role. After Hillary asks “Where’s Chelsea?” we cut to a car tire hitting the curb outside. “Parallel parking,” the former president replies.

“How’s the campaign going?” he asks.

“Well, like you always say, focus on the good times.”

“So what’s the winning song,” he asks, referring to his wife’s monthlong search for a campaign tune.

Hillary: “You’ll see.”

Bill: “My money is on Smash Mouth. Everybody in America wants to know how it’s going to end.”

Hillary: “Ready?”

Just as she drops her change into the juke box, the scene goes black.

On Hillary’s homepage, however, the candidate announced her campaign song would be Celine Dion’s “You and I.”

The Scoop: Behind the scenes at star-studded charity golf tourney

Photo by Seth Harrison/The Journal News

If you want the formal account of yesterday’s Autism Speaks celebrity-laden tournament at Mamaroneck’s Winged Foot Golf Club, check out this story in today’s Journal News.

In it, you’ll find quotes by former NBC Chairman Bob Wright, who cofounded the charity; “Dateline NBC” co-anchor and Dobbs Ferry homeowner Stone Phillips; “Fox5 News at 10” meterorologist and New Rochelle resident Nick Gregory; National Football League Hall-of-Famer Harry Carson; fellow former New York Giant and one-time star of “The Bachelor” Jesse Palmer; and “Late Show with David Letterman” announcer Alan Kalter.

Now for some behind-the-scenes gossip that didn’t appear in print due to the constraints of space, time and relevance:

• Some of the other celebrities to appear at the event, in alphabetical order: actor Gregg Bello; CBS sportscaster Don Criqui; Kansas drummer Phil Ehart; CourtTV commentator Jack Ford; “Squawk Box” cohost Joe Kernen; actor Richard Kind; former NFL cornerback Jeremy Lincoln; “Today in New York” sports anchor Otis Livingston; music producer Brendan O’Brien; and musician Tyrone Vaughan, who is the nephew of the late Stevie Ray Vaughan.

• Among those scheduled to appear at the event, but didn’t show, were season-five “American Idol� champ Taylor Hicks, “Today� show cohost Matt Lauer and comedian George Lopez.

• True to his persona on “The Bachelor,” Palmer charmed members of the public and media, enthusiastically posing for photos and answering questions.

• Carson said he was happy to help out the charity, despite repeatedly stating that his golf game “sucks.” Asked what his score was minutes after completing the 18-hole course, Carson said, “I have no idea.”

• Celebrity golf handicaps (or at least those they want us to believe): Kalter, 14; Palmer, 15; Lincoln, 16; Wright, 18; Gregory, 26.

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Rosie on The View, Donald, and Angelina…part 376

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

Forget Tom Cruise, it seems Rosie O’Donnell has a little crush on Angelina Jolie, at least that’s what she joked to the audience on Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Tour Sunday night in Columbia, Md.–where she appeared as a special guest. According to People Magazine, the former View co-host was discussion Roe V. Wade and said, “I don’t want anyone to have control over my body besides me and Angelina Jolie.” She added, referring to her partner back home in Nyack, “Just a little joke, Kelli. She’s out sick. She’ll never hear it. Don’t you YouTube it, or it’ll be two more years of counseling.”

Rosie also received some attention for comments she made about her former colleagues on The View.

<blockquote><div>I got to tell you, I’ve been hanging around with those heteros for a full year and it’s not fun. Turn around one minute and they’ll stab you in the back with a high heel. They will. </div></blockquote>

She also sounded off, once again, on her feud with The Donald:

<blockquote><div>We have a difference of opinion, Donald and I. He likes his women thin and silent. I like large and loud. Every time I saw Trump on one of those shows saying I was fat and unappealing, I’m like, ‘Pass the Doritos.’ </div></blockquote>

EXCLUSIVE: Stone Phillips’ post-‘Dateline’ plans: ‘Traveling, rest and relaxation’

AP file photo

Dobbs Ferry homeowner Stone Phillips was one of many celebrities to appear at today’s Winged Foot Golf Club outing in Mamaroneck to fundraise for the Autism Speaks charity.

Just before heading to the links, Phillips chatted exclusively with Suburbarazzi about the prospect of providing piano accompaniment for event no-show Taylor Hicks; the similarities between football and golf; and his plans after his employer opted not to renew his “Dateline NBC” contract, which expires at the end of the month.


Suburbarazzi: You played piano and serenaded Katie Couric on her “Today” show finale, and “American Idol” champ Taylor Hicks was expected to be here today, but didn’t show. Would you have accompanied him on a song had he shown up?

Stone Phillips: I would not. Because I wouldn’t have embarrassed him or me by trying to do that.

Suburbarazzi: You were the starting quarterback on Yale’s 1976 Ivy League Champion football team. Do any of those skills translate to anything on the golf course?

Stone Phillips: Yeah, I think some of them do. To me, it’s visualization. You have to visualize the point of junction between and the receiver and the ball you throw. And in golf it’s a lot of visualization, too. Other than that, I just try to have fun. I enjoy playing football and I enjoy playing golf.

Suburbarazzi: What are your plans, post-“Dateline�?

Stone Phillips: Nothing immediately. Nothing for a while. You know, I’m going to take some time off and do some traveling with my wife and take it from there. It’s gonna be a nice long period of rest and relaxation, and then taking on some independent projects.


Bob Barker has ‘no doubt’ Rosie O’Donnell could host ‘Price is Right’

AP photo/Miranda Shen

Bob Barker’s legendary run as host of “The Price is Right” officially came to an end with yesterday’s broadcast of the season finale. And while the Associated Press quotes him as saying he has confidence in Rosie O’Donnell’s ability to succeed him, he adds he’s not sure that TV execs would have the same confidence:


There’s no doubt in my mind she could do the show. Now, whether they want a lady host, I don’t know.


Among the favorites to host are the E! network’s Todd Newton, “Entertainment Tonight’s” Mark Steines, and actors George Hamilton and John O’Hurley. But I still think Bob Saget would be the best successor. As I wrote in my ridiculously long synopsis of Barker’s “TPiR” finale, Saget has the snark, sense of humor and gravitas to host the show. Plus, he’s named Bob.

While I think O’Donnell could pull it off, I’m sure a number of people would be upset by this South Nyack resident hosting. Which begs the question, would Bedford homeowner Donald Trump do a better job? They’re both available this fall. Who would make the better host?

I still say vote Saget. Or at least Dave Coulier.

Rob Thomas starting his own record label

AP Photo/Stephen Chernin

Tired of a being a hired gun for Taylor Hicks, Mount Kisco rocker Rob Thomas has announced that he’s forming his own record label. Billboard reports that he’s creating R Tel Records with longtime friend Evan Lamberg, and the two already have a deal with Sony BMG’s Epic Records, which will provide funding for R Tel’s new acts and release the label’s records through either Epic or RED.

“I don’t have to have any creative input whatsoever,” Thomas told Billboard. “But I’m definitely here if they want it. I’m like an in-house musician who’s been through the last decade with really great success.”

The first act getting the Thomas’s hands-off treatment? British songwriter/artist Garfield Mayor, a onetime collaborator of Rob’s back in his Matchbox Twenty past. Mayor’s album will come out this fall.

“Rob Thomas Launching Label With Lamberg” [Billboard]

“Dancing with the Stars” to get Al Pacino?

AP photo/Matt Sayles

Sometime this last week, between the “Ocean’s 13” debut and his accepting the American Film Institute’s lifetime achievement award, Sneden’s Landing resident Pacino answered some questions for TIME magazine’s readers. In their “10 Questions” feature, one person asked, “I know you are a private person, but I hear that you can really dance. Would you consider doing Dancing with the Stars?” His reply?

<blockquote><div>”Actually, I would consider it. All due respect and trying to be as modest as I can be, I am a dancer. But I don’t think I would be on Dancing with the Stars mainly because I would be too shy.”</div></blockquote>

To quote Jim Carey from “The Cable Guy” “Dumb and Dumber” … “so what you’re saying is, there’s a chance.” And for all those remember how well he cut a rug with Gabrielle Anwar in “Scent of a Woman,” I think we all know Pacino would be up to the challenge.

“10 Questions for Al Pacino” [TIME]

Podcast of Pacino Interview: [TIME]

New Rochelle’s Robin Givens opens up about Iron Mike

Can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I was starting to feel something approaching pity for old Mike Tyson. Last weekend, I downloaded the old Nintendo game “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!” on my Wii, only to discover that the boxer’s name has actually been stripped from the title. Now it’s just called “Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream,” with Mr. Dream being Tyson’s apparent replacement. That’s just wrong.

Tom Nycz/The Journal News

Then in today’s Journal News, I read a story by our celebrity-loving colleague Heather Salerno about Tyson’s ex-wife, New Rochelle native Robin Givens. In her recently released memoir, “Grace will Lead Me Home,” Givens reveals that Tyson began hitting her before they got married. What’s more, before her famous interview with Barbara Walters, “Tyson choked and sexually assaulted Givens, tried to commit suicide and threatened to kill her.” And yet somehow, Givens told Salerno:

<blockquote><div>”I think it was easier for me to forgive Michael than it was to forgive myself. … I felt a loyalty to him, or that I failed him. He had issues, and (I thought) I was going to help him with those issues, and that I did a bad job.”</div></blockquote>

Poor girl! I hereby rescind all feelings of pity for Iron Mike and reassign them all to her. Somebody needs to get Givens on Oprah for a pep talk.

“Robin Givens is forgiving about her abusive marriage to Tyson” [The Journal News]

Funkmaster Flex: Snitching on rap stars is just plain responsible citizenship

In response to my weekly updates on fugitive rapper DMX, who still has two warrants out for his arrest, I got some angry comments on the blog.


• james wrote, “leave dmx alone all you self rightous hipocrets.”

• truebluechicago said, “He can stay at my place anytime for his house arrest, with his fine ass. Leave X alone and quit helping the cops do their job, you’re not getting paid for it.”

• Mpho exclaimed, “u want X arrested u dick head?? … GTFO”

• And Left told me to “stop snitching.” </div></blockquote>

Now, I’m not one to normally back down on those who mess with the criminal justice system (you’re not going to ever hear me defending Paris Hilton, ok). Still, in this instance I was starting to wonder if I’d made some breach of hip-hop etiquette.

Ford Motor Company

That’s why I was heartened to read that none other than Funkmaster Flex, the legendary Hot 97 DJ (who has an office in Dobbs Ferry), has taken on the proponents of the rap business’s so-called “anti-snitching” movement. “Call me what you want,” he said on Monday, “I’m snitchin’.” He added he would give out police hotline numbers to anyone who wanted them.

Now, granted, he was talking mainly about the tragic murder of Dipset rapper, Stack Bundles, and the reluctance of people to speak out to authorities. But still. As far as I’m concerned, Flex’s endorsement of “snitching” is good enough for me.

The search for DMX continues!

“Funkmaster Flex Speaks On Snitching & 50 Cent” [HipHopDX]

After two years of semi-retirement, Bill Murray returns to the movie biz

AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau

iF Magazine reports that Sneden’s Landing’s Bill Murray has finally, after two years missing from the big screen, signed on to star in a movie called “City of Ember.” When I met Murray last month at the opening of x20, he was mum about what his future movie plans, preferring instead to crack jokes and carry around restaurateurs on his shoulders.

The new movie sounds interesting, if a bit of a departure. He’ll play the mayor of Ember, a once powerful, bright-lite city that has a now failing generator. With the lamps around the city starting to flicker, two teens set out to save the city. It has an expected October 2008 release and is supposed to begin filming this summer in Belfast. Hear that, all you Irish college students? Murray’s coming to town, he like to party, and he’s got an itch to clean some dirty dishes!

“Bill Murray to govern ‘City of Ember'” [iF Magazine]

Hayden Panettiere, dog take to NYC fashion runways

tjndc5-5ciegggv7xt14xpvg2ep_layout.jpgWhen photos of Palisades native (and “Heroes” star) Hayden Panettiere hanging out with Paris Hilton surfaced early this year, I couldn’t help bemoaning the bad influence. But now another similarity between the two blondies has surfaced: their love of toy dogs.

Panettiere appeared at the recent 8th annual Paws for Style benefit fashion show with a cute grey puppy. The two even took to the runway together. Check out photos of the event on TMZ and Celebrity Dog Watcher.

But, see, here’s the real shocker: The dog wasn’t one of the two she owns—Madison, a white terrier mix, and Penny Lane, a brown dog that I looks like a terrier-lab mix. How do I know all this? Don’t ask.

(AP Photo/Danny Moloshok)