Bob Barker denies endorsing Rosie

AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

So much for Bob Barker annointing Rosie O as his “Price is Right” successor. Days after giving what I — and many other writers — interpreted as an official thumbs up, the daytime show legend clarified his stance to the AP, saying, “I have not been asked for my opinion, nor have I expressed one. … I think there are several people who could do the show, and Rosie is certainly one of them.”

OK, so maybe his previous quote — “There’s no doubt in my mind she could do the show” — wasn’t such a clear-cut endorsement. My bad.

Meanwhile, Drew Carey is the latest name to be floated as a contender for the “Price is Right” throne, according to TV Guide. Which could be kinda tricky, given that he just signed on to host another game show, “The Power of 10” — a quiz show where contents are given a series of questions, each of which has the dollar value increment increased by the power of 10. But heck, if Regis and Meredith can do double-duty on TV, why not Drew?

Update: Fox News’ Roger Friedman also points out another obvious problemo with Rosie hosting: She lives in South Nyack, and the show is filmed in L.A. He adds that “One solution that O’Donnell will propose is shooting a month’s worth of shows over a four-day period every 30 days.”

NBC pays $1 million for Paris Hilton’s first post-jail interview

AP/L.A. County Sheriff

And the lucky LoHudder getting the interview gig? None other than Irvington resident Meredith Vieira.

Another surprise: NBC getting the gig instead of ABC, despite the fact that Barbara Walters had become so close to the Hiltons. As the NY Post reported, “ABC was the front-runner until NBC Universal boss Jeff Zucker personally called Hilton’s father Rick and made the pitch, the sources said.” Meredith apparently was chosen by Paris because of quote-unquote “disparaging” remarks that Westchester native Matt Lauer made about her.


CORRECTION: Turns out that Meredith Vieira didn’t land the Paris Hilton interview after all. The NY Post reports that NBC’s top brass nixed the deal, and then Larry King swooped in book Hilton. Amazingly, CNN isn’t paying a dime.

Greg Fitzsimmons discusses afterlife, comedians with Howard Stern

AP/Stuart Ramson Stand-up comedian Greg Fitzsimmons, who was raised in Tarrytown, stopped by Howard Stern’s studio this morning to discuss, among other things, Fitzsimmons’ Sirius satellite radio broadcast last night, the afterlife and fellow stand-ups.

Stern, who launched his professional radio career on 107.1 FM in Briarcliff Manor, commended Fitzsimmons for his recurring Sirius show, which Stern said has been getting rave reviews. The ability appears to be hereditary, as Fitzsimmons’ late father, Bob, was a famous deejay and TV host himself. (More about Bob Fitzsimmons’ connection to another Lower Hudson Valley comedian later.)

After Stern congratulated Fitzsimmons for his radio show, Stern sidekick Artie Lange teased the guest with some dark humor, saying “your father can complete the 180 (degree) turn in his grave.” Fitzsimmons laughed.

“God, I hope they don’t have satellite (radio) on the other (side),” Fitzsimmons said.

Stern asked Fitzsimmons if he believes in an afterlife. Replied Fitzsimmons:


I don’t disbelieve it any more than I believe it. I’m right in the middle. I can’t imagine that with the amount of thoughts that go on in of my head, that I can’t stop without medication, that it all just ends immediately.


Find out Fitzsimmons’ takes on Billy Crystal, Steve Martin and the greatest living stand-up — and which other local comedian’s early career was helped by the elder Fitzsimmons — after the break.

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He’s baaaack: The Donald developes “Lady or a Tramp” for FOX

AP Photo/Tim Larsen

On the heels of the NBC’s decision to ditch “The Apprentice,” The Donald has switched networks and begun working on a new reality TV series about turning wayward party girls into well-mannered ladies. The show is being developed with RDF USA (of “Wife Swap” fame), and has been fast-tracked for the coming fall TV season.

Like so many of the successful new reality programs, “Lady or a Tramp” (note the clever Trump-Tramp wordplay) is a British import. The overseas the title was “Ladette to Lady.”

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Booze hound Danny DeVito launches his own liqueur

AP Photo/Phil McCarten

OK, I’ll admit, the local connection here is weak, but I can justify writing about DeVito’s new brand of booze for one simple reason: He revealed himself as a charming drunk on The View, back when Rosie was co-hosting, and of course she lives in South Nyack.

The Philly Inquirer reports that DeVito’s new business is going to be called Premium Limoncello, an after-dinner liqueur made in Italy and available in August for about $25 per pobble. As may recall, this was precisely the same drink that he told Rosie and the gals that he had been consuming in mass quantities.

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Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN: Rosie’s bid to host The Price is Right, Matt Lauer interviews the Princes, and Rob Thomas’ Record Label

The answer for this week’s quiz question — which local mega celebrity said they would consider doing “Dancing with the Stars”? — is after the break.


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The cruel, cruel embarrassment of being Johnny Drama’s daughter

AP Photo/Andrew Medichini

I’m a week or so late on this, but apparently Kevin Dillon was on Conan O’Brien last week talking up the return of “Entourage” after its two-week hiatus. The best part of the interview, according to Celebrity Baby Blog, was when Dillon, a Mamaroneck native, starting talking about how his 16-year-old daughter cringes while watching the HBO show:

<blockquote><div>I let her watch the show. She enjoys it. It’s a little tough occasionally when Johnny Drama is put into some unusual positions. Whenever there’s a massage scene, it’s always kind of tough for her. She’s gotta go to school the next day and face her friends, so it’s a little embarrassing for her.</div></blockquote>

More on the Hillary-Sopranos spoof…Johnny “Sack” speaks

Access Hollywood interviewed the Sopranos star who made an appearance in the Chappaqua Senator’s campaign video–filmed at Mt. Kisco Coach Diner this past Sunday. The video’s been catching a lot of attention (Bill O’Reilly even praised it–grudgingly).

Actor Vincent Curatola, who played mob boss Johnny Sack on the series, says he was asked through a friend to take part in the spoof. “I thought it just sounds like fun,” he told the entertainment show.

AP Photo/Clinton Campaign

Despite the fact Curatola says he is unsure who he’ll vote for next year, he says he had some good conversations with the presidential candidate and her husband–both of whom, apparently, are Sopranos fans.

<blockquote><div>They were very, very personable…[Bill] talked to me at length about story lines on ‘The Sopranos’ — different characters, he really seems to be an authentic fan and so is she. She thanked me up and down when she walked in to the set for coming out on a Sunday morning. She really thought it was a noble deed.</div></blockquote>

Breaking: Michael Bloomberg leaves Republican Party

AP Photo/Evan VucciNew York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who owns property in North Salem and Armonk, formally severed ties with the GOP today, switching his “status from Republican to unaffiliated,” according to the Associated Press.

Bloomberg switched his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican before his first mayoral campaign.

AP calls the more recent switch “a stunning move certain to be seen as a prelude to an independent presidential bid that would upend the 2008 race,” but also reports that Bloomberg “said the change in voter registration does not mean he is running for president.”


UPDATE: The Journal News’ Glenn Blain has more information on this defection on the Politics on the Hudson blog.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Rosie O’Donnell: ‘I don’t know if I would define us as friends’

Yolanda Perez/ABC

In an “Access Hollywood” segment slated to air tonight, “The View” panelist Elisabeth Hasselbeck says she is questioning her friendship with South Nyack resident Rosie O’Donnell, People magazine is reporting.

Here’s Hasselbeck’s take on the situation:


Truthfully, I think a friend is someone who you have positive communications with, so I don’t know if I would define us as friends right now. I did define us as friends, but I’m not going to make the leap to assume that we will or will not be friends in the future.


Assuming they are still “friends,” together they are about as enjoyable as the former NBC sitcom of the same name: Fun for the first year, intolerable every year after that. (Just kidding. “Friends” wasn’t that bad; I just didn’t care for it.)

Fugitive DMX cancelling stops on upcoming concert tour


DMX’s upcoming summer tour appears to be off to a rocky start. According to (best community rap site EVER!), his upcoming show at Elixur nightclub in Rockford, IL, has been cancelled. Set to take place this Friday, June 22, the concert was called off because the club’s owners were concerned that their 20 security guards wouldn’t be enough to handle a projected 900 people in the audience.

Or maybe, just maybe, they were worried about DMX, a Mount Kisco resident, attempting to top Akon’s fan-tossing record. Then again, they might have just been nervous about hosting an act with two warrants currently out for his arrest. Ah, who am I kidding? If anything, the arrest warrants would only boost audience turnout. Who wouldn’t want to go to a concert where the main act has a good chance of getting hand-cuffed and hauled away off stage?


The inevitable, yet quixotic, ‘Save Studio 60’ campaign kicks in


Improbable as it sounds, there actually is someone calling for NBC to reinstate Aaron Sorkin’s lame duck series, “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.” And that masochistic person would be’s president and CEO, Jack Myers, who is calling for fans to stand up and demand that the show — which will conclude on June 28 — get another chance. In his appeal to fans, Myers even called the show “one of the last true politically relevant series on network television.”

If by “politically relevant” he means “perversly autobiographical (about show creator and Scarsdale native Aaron Sorkin’s druggie past),” or maybe “shamelessly pandering (in its use of the Iraq war to get a bump in ratings),” then yeah, sure, I see your point. Long live the Studio!