Studio 60 sails off into the Sunset

For a show that started so brilliantly, it certainly went down hill quickly right around halfway through the season. And the last five episodes, with its hostage crises in Afghanistan, medical emergencies, creepy military officers, schlocky political scandals, and post 9/11 flashbacks (where everyone looked exactly the same), got a bit out of hand. Wasn’t this a show about a less-funny version of Saturday Night Live?

Anyway, now it’s gone. Rest in peace Aaron Sorkin’s could-of-been-great baby.

Sorkin, a Scarsdale native, won’t be unemployed long. He’s currently readying a play for Broadway to possibly open November 18, according to Playbill. It will be called The Farnsworth Invention and tells the story of “the battle for the patent for the invention of the television set.”

In other words, it’s kind of a prequel to Studio 60.

Sorkin is also working on “Charlie Wilson’s War,” a film adaptation of the famous book.  Mike Nichols will direct and the cast will include Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Philip Seymour Hoffman.