If at first Stanley Tucci doesn’t succeed, try try to join the “ER” cast

Stanley TucciAfter his stint on the extremely short-lived “3 Lbs.,” I hardly expected North Salem’s Stanley Tucci to do another primetime TV show anytime soon, much less another medical drama

But then last night, while watching the scenes from next week’s “ER,” there he was, in all his bald glory. Apparently, now that Weaver is gone and Kovach has resigned as head of the ER, Tucci is coming in to take over in some capacity or another (TV Guide said it was as head of the ER, but the Cincinnati Post said it would be as head of the entire hospital). And if last night’s episode was any indication, I’d say there’s about an 85 percent chance that he (and five other random characters) will try to jump Neela Rasgotra’s bones.

Bryce Dallas Howard part of Spider-Mania


(OK, so I’m excited.)

bry.jpgThe “Spider-Man” movie franchise is the only set of movies in my life that I’ve seen in theatres on their day of release. I’m obsessed enough to admit that at 12:30 today, I’m heading over to the New Roc IMAX to see the next (last?) installment, featuring Byram Hills High School alumna Bryce Dallas Howard in her first (last?) appearance as Gwen Stacy.

If time allows today, I’ll post a review (with no spoilers, I promise) of both the movie and Howard’s performance.


(Associated Press file photo by Jennifer Graylock)

Obama is coming to town

tjndc5-5emx5h7dkk4v9l6mnll_layout.jpgTop-tier Democratic contender Barack Obama will be in Scarsdale tonight at a $1,000-a-head fundraiser at the home of attorney David Rivkin and his wife, Marilyn. It kicks off at 7:30, according to The Journal News’ Glenn Blain, who got his hands on a copy of the invitation (yet, somehow didn’t get invited).

Blain notes it’s the first time the candidate has come to Westchester—which is after all Hillary’s home turf.

This is not a party you’re going to want to try to crash, however. As of yesterday Candidate Obama is officially under Secret Service protection. So those guys around town talking into teensy weensy walkie-talkies up their sleeves…they’re carrying heat.
(AP Photo/Stefano Paltera)

Quick, get over to Mount Vernon City Hall to meet a Pussycat Doll

Just one thing: Gotta get there by 2 p.m. if you want to meet Asia Nitollano, the city resident who just won “Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for The Next Doll” on the CW.

According to our colleague Desiree Grand, Mayor Ernest Davis will formally congratulate the 18-year-old on winning the competition in a ceremony at One Roosevelt Square. Personally, I’d love to also see Davis take a stab at singing “Don’t Cha.”

“Newest Pussycat Doll at Mount Vernon City Hall” [LoHud]

Bo Duke’s ‘General Lee’ could be yours for a mere $2.3M

schneider.jpgThe good folks at BestWeekEver.tv latched onto the story that Mount Kisco native John Schneider, a.k.a. Bo Duke from “The Dukes of Hazzard,” is selling his personal replica of the fire-red 1969 Dodge known to fans as the “General Lee.” (Catherine Bach not included.)

As CBS is reporting, if the sale exceeds $1 million, Schneider will produce a sequel to his movie, “Collier & Co.” The current bid, as of 4:30 p.m. today? Just over $2.3 million.

Just the Good Ol’ BOY-OH-BOY! (Rimshot.)

If that and subsequent eBay bids are legit, it’ll be a sweet payday for the guy whose “Smallville” character repeatedly turned down monetary offers from Lionel Luther. Ah well. It appears everyone has his/her kryptonite.

I’m not gonna lie, though. I’d take the $2.3 milion check over the car. Which would you pick?

(Associated Press file photo by Damian Dovarganes)

O’Donnell is such a tease!

nip-tuck1.jpgAs I said on the RNN Suburbarazzi segment last night, the $64,000 — no $64 million question — when it comes to Rosie O’Donnell, is where will she go next? Which brings us to last last night’s trivia question: “Which popular TV series is Rosie rumored to being doing a spinoff of?”

The choices were (a) Grey’s Anatomy, (b) Family Guy, (c ) Nip/Tuck, or (d) Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Well, if you’ve been a regular Suburbarazzi reader, the answer is obviously (c ) Nip/Tuck, which Rosie appeared on last season. Even since her memorable stint as a white trash lottery winner who pays one of the surgeons for sex, O’Donnell has been in talks with show creator Ryan Murphy to do a series based entirely on her character Dawn Budge. It may sound awfully close to “The Riches” and the talks have reportedly stalled, but you never know.

Whatever her next project is, apparently Ro will be announcing it soon. At the Eugene O’Neill Theater on Monday, while hosting a panel discussion about teen issues with the Degrassi kids, she said that her post-View plans would be revealed any day now. “You’ll hear very soon,” she crowed. The NY Post took the time to read through her blog to discover that she’s interested in hosting an issues-oriented show with audience participation, a la Phil Donahue. Also, “Late night interests me,” O’Donnell wrote.

Whether she opts for daytime or late night, you can be sure she won’t be getting back to Broadway or magazines. “Taboo,” her ill-fated play based on Boy George, cost her millions and her magazine, Rosie, ended in a court battle. So we magazine editors can rest easy, I think. But David Letterman, watch your back.

“Rosie O’Donnell Teases Her Next Move” [TVGuide]

“Comin’ up Rosie” [NY Post]

(photo courtesy FX)

Bill Irwin takes his marching orders from Julia Stiles

julia-stile-bill-irwin.jpgAt least, he did while shooting her short film, “Raving,” which premieres today at the Tribeca Film Festival and runs through May 6. The film is Stiles’s directorial debut, and it features Zooey Deschanel (“Elf”) as a scam artist who, when hired to clean Irwin’s apartment, steals some jewelry and a vintage dress.

You may know Irwin, who lives in Nyack, as the Tony Award-winning star of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf” or Mr. Noodle on “Sesame Street.” Our sister publication, USA Today, has a great story about Stiles and the making of her short. Among the interesting details: Stiles says the movie allowed her to play out the fantasy of “being able to snoop through someone’s apartment. I love snooping, unfortunately.” And apparently Chinatown is a tricky place to set up a tripod. “I wanted the street to be totally deserted, and you’d think in Chinatown at night no one would be there. But all the store owners came out and would hang out in the shot and would demand money to leave, so they ended up in the movie.”

No idea if the film is any good, but — well, anything that gives Irwin more screen time than he got in M. Night Shyamalan’s “Lady in the Water” is ok by me.
“Stiles shows her New York in ‘Raving’ style” [USA Today]

(Irwin: Carmen Troesser/The Journal News; Stiles: AP Photo/Tina Fineberg)

The Sextortionist II: Wolcott Strikes Back

celebrating4.jpgJust when you thought Jessica Wolcott — the Craigslist extortion artist who attempted to scam a local Pepsi excec, Gary Wandschneider, out of $125,000 — couldn’t get into any more trouble, she goes and smashes a woman’s face with a liquor glass at a bar, while out on bail.

Oh, and then she lies to the cops, giving a different name and SSN so she won’t get caught. Jeez Louise! Last week I posted about how Wolcott’s sentencing had been postponed until May 25, and how the judge had been extra lenient by denying the prosecutor’s request that she be held in custody until her court date. Not to say I told you so, but that post is now feeling a little prescient — especially the appeal for Wolcott to lay off the Captain Morgan.

Clearly, that didn’t happen. According to court documents, on March 10 Wolcott was with friend celebrating her upcoming birthday at a Seneca Falls bar. She then got into an argument with Felicia Yadanza and smashed her Long Island Iced tea in her hand into Felicia’s head.
She was soon charged with assault and, the NY Post reports, during her interview gave her name as “Wilcott” and also gave a false Social Security number “to avoid officers from finding out [she] has pending charges” by federal authorities. Yeah, nice try. Once the feds have your fingerprints in their national database, it’s a little tough to pull the old Wolcott-Wilcott switcharoo.

Many thanks to Wolcott’s ex-husband Kyle Strait for the tip (and the above photo).


MORE: Jessica Wolcott posts

Rosie ‘will be missed’ by Suburbarazzi readers … NOT!

rosiepoll.jpegThe jury has spoken, and the overwhelming majority of you said it’s “about time” South Nyack resident Rosie O’Donnell left “The View.” 54 percent of you, to be precise.

While I don’t speak for the my fellow bloggers, I sure voted for “Hope she gets her own show on CBS,” if only to continue supplying us with a steady stream of blog material.

Anyway, since expletive-laden answers keep getting added to our sidebar poll, it’s time we changed the question. And seeing as how we haven’t delved into the whole Alec Baldwin mess yet, it’s only fitting that we ask whether he’s more or less delinquent than his siblings — Bedford’s Billy, Upper Grandview’s Stephen, or newly inducted Sopranos extra Daniel?

What’s the story with ‘What Just Happened’ in Stamford?

tjndc5-5efq7uiko7rbqczo309_layout.jpgAs our parent company continues expanding into Connecticut, it’s only fitting that we beef up our celebrity coverage there as well. To wit: Last week I mentioned how the film “What Just Happened?” was filming in Stamford, but didn’t give many specifics beyond that. Well, here’s what I’ve learned since, thanks to the Stamford Advocate.

The film is being directed by Barry Levinson (“Good Morning, Vietnam,” “Wag the Dog,” “Rain Man”) and stars Robert DeNiro as an aging Hollywood producer. Sean Penn and Bruce Willis both appear in the movie as themselves. In Stamford, they shot on Tresser Boulevard near Atlantic Street, Hoyt and Summer streets, Main and Old Summer streets, Main Street and Clinton Avenue, and Bell Street and in one downtown building. Why Stamford? Most likely because last July Connecticut began giving movies a 30 percent tax credit to film there. And also, Levinson lives in nearby Redding. Oh, and the movie also shot at the Showcase Cinemas in Bridgeport (which is where we got this picture of DeNiro from).

More CT news to come soon. Baby steps, baby steps.

“Stamford is next stop for ‘Happened’ crew”  [Stamford Advocate]

(AP Photo/Jessica Hill)

‘Studio 60’ rises from the dead

tjndc5-5bgaflnkdtjv2go3gno_layout.jpgAfter proclaiming the demise of the NBC dramedy, oh, about a dozen times, I saw yesterday on our sister blog, Remote Access, that “Studio 60” is actually coming back on air. Even more shocking, it’s getting ER’s timeslot (after that show finishes the May sweeps).

According to F.O.S. (Friend of Suburbarazzi) Amy Vernon, the show will begin airing its final six episodes at 10 p.m. Thursdays starting May 24. That’s good news for show creator and Scarsdale native Aaron Sorkin, who I’d assumed had all but moved on to his next project, a musical based on the post-punk rock band The Flaming Lips. Oh well, Broadway’s loss is television’s gain — at least for six weeks.

“Studio 60 ain’t dead yet” [Remote Access]

(AP Photo/NBC, Mitch Haaseth)