Susan Sarandon pulls a Will Smith

Susan Sarandon Eva Amurri

And by that, of course, I mean that she’s teaming up with her offspring for some on-screen drama. Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri are set to play the mother-daughter team in the upcoming film “Middle of Nowhere.” The two have starred together before, in both “The Banger Sisters” and “Dead Man Walking,” but this is one of the first where they’re both in leading roles. Sarandon, who lives with Tim Robbins in Pound Ridge, will play an unstable mom who blows her older daughter’s college fund in order to get her youngest daughter into a beauty pageant.

According to Variety, it’ll be directed by John Stockwell, the same guy who did “Blue Crush” and “Turistas.” I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: “Little Miss Sunshine” needs a sequel, and that sequel better feature some desperate, bloodied spring breakers.

Ride shotgun with Funkmaster Flex

Funkmaster FlexAre you as excited as I am for season two of Flex’s reality TV series, “Car Wars with Funkmaster Flex,” debuting this Sunday, May 20, on ESPN2? No?

Well, what about actually winning an official Funkmaster Flex Edition Ford Explorer? How good is that?!

Let me explain: Besides the TV show, the hip-hop guru (who has an office in Dobbs Ferry) is also launching his own Flunkmaster Flex Custom Car and Bike Show Tour, with nine stops around the U.S. and Canada. At any one of those give sites, you may also get to meet stars like Nas, T.I., Jim Jones, Cam’ron, Fat Joe, Ghostface, T-Pain, Young Jeezy, Fabolous, Paul Wall, Mike Jones, and my personal favorite, Q-Tip.

Locally, the tour will make stops in both Edison, NJ (June 23), and Hartford, CT (July 21). And yes, there’s a contest to give away a free Explorer at one of the events. To enter, send an email to <a href=””></a> with the subject: “Funkmaster Flex Ticket Giveaway.â€? Make sure to indicate which show you want to go to and enter no less than 7 days before the event.

“Win Tickets To The Funkmaster Flex Car Show” [SOHH BLOG]

(photo: Ford Motor Company)

Al Pacino to get lifetime achievement award, re-team with Robert De Niro


Congratulations to Sneden’s Landing resident, Al Pacino. The American Film Institute chose him as the recipient of its lifetime achievement award this year. He’ll get the honor on June 7.

Pacino said he was “moved and honored to be considered for such a prestigious award,� according to

Meanwhile, Variety reports that Pacino will team up with fellow celluloid legend Robert De Niro (for only the second time ever—Heat anyone?). The pair will play detectives searching for a serial killer in the thriller, “Righteous Kill.�

The stars—who are friends—also co-starred in 1974’s The Godfather Part II, but they never shared a scene together. In 1995’s Heat, the two were only onscreen together for two scenes. However, in this new film, the two will be together on screen throughout.

As excited as I am to see the two actors together, an even bigger draw for me is the film’s writer, Russell Gerwitz, who scripted last year’s awesome Denzel Washington heist flick, Inside Man.

(AP Photo/Universal Studios Home Entertainment)

DMX still a fugitive

dmx-earl-simmons.jpgI just spoke with the Westchester County DA’s office to check the status on the DMX case. After not one, but two arrest warrants were issued for him (by courts in White Plains AND Yonkers) on April 12, the rapper, born Earl Simmons, officially became a fugitive from justice.

Here we are over a month later, and he’s still on the lam! It’s hard to fathom that the White Plains po-po hasn’t been able to find this turkey (yet they can still ticket my car repeatedly within minutes of an expired meter).

According to Christina Frantom at the DA’s office, because DMX’s traffic violations aren’t felonies, it’s not the sort of thing the police would try to extradite him from Arizona for. Which of course begs the question: Is he even in Arizona? Or is he at his home in Mount Kisco? Where the heck is he?

If you have any knowledge of Mr. Simmon’s whereabouts, do the right thing and call the DA at (914) 995-3414. Or just post a comment here. On second thought, definately the latter: comment first, cell phone picture sent to <a href=””>Suburbarazzi</a> second, then a call to the authorities.

(AP Photo/ Louis Lanzano)

Guess who is representing Michael Moore

tjndc5-5eqawnqvzhjvyorp4ee_layout.jpgThat would be Armonk’s David Boies—Al Gore’s attorney during the 2000 hanging chad chaos (remember that?). Harvey Weinstein, the producer of Moore’s upcoming cinematic slam of the healthcare industry, hired the legal wiz after the U.S. Treasury warned the filmmaker he was under investigation for possibly violating the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba for a visit he made to the island nation in February for his film.

Boies has fired back against the Department, filing a Freedom of Information Act request “for all documents in [the Department’s] possession pertaining to the civil investigation launched by the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control,â€? according to

“Sicko,� which premieres in Cannes this week, will hit screens here in late June.

Meanwhile, Boies has been involved defending the reputation of another of his high-profile clients, the talk-show host Charlie Rose. Radar Magazine ran a story earlier this year titled, “Toxic Bachelors,� in which they included anecdotes about Mr. Rose.

Boies sent the following letter to the magazine, which they published in this month’s issue:

<blockquote><div>I and my firm represent Charlie Rose. It has come to our attention that Radar has published an article about Mr. Rose filled with inaccuracies, including a description that he slid his hand up another man’s wife’s skirt and “palmed her buttock like a honeydew…We demand an immediate retraction.</div></blockquote>

The mag’s response:

<blockquote><div>We double checked with our source and she assures us tat Mr. Rose palmed her buttock very much like a honeydew. If, however, Mr. Rose is quite certain he palmed it in a different manner and you can suggest a more fitting metaphor, we will consider amending the phrase in republished versions of the article.</div></blockquote>

(AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Rosie, the Queen, and her future

Hasselbeck was interviewed by TV Guide this week. The conservative View co-host called the past year on the show, “exhilarating. And fun.� She squashed rumors that Rosie “the bully� has made her cry multiple times: “Underneath these blonde highlights, I’m a fighter.�

Here’s what else she had to say:


On Rosie:

<blockquote><div>Ro and I have become friends. We e-mail each other, we talk about art, we go out together with our kids. I feel such trust for her. Because we so openly take such opposite positions politically, we have made a concerted effort to get to know each other personally.</div></blockquote>

On whether Rosie is or isn’t “obnoxious�:

<blockquote><div>I’d like to know the last time someone called a man out there, who was giving an opinion backed up with fact, “loudmouth.� It takes a man to say something completely heinous, chauvinistic and racist for people to even bat an eye.</div></blockquote>
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Will Russell Crowe wear tights for the remake of Robin Hood?


I know what you’re thinking—wait, there’s a remake of Robin Hood in the works? As a matter of fact there is—but with a twist. The “lead� role in this retelling of the legendary tale will be the “noble� Sheriff of Nottingham—played by our favorite Aussie actor and one-time Nyack denizen.

In the film—which will re-team Crowe with his “Gladiator� director, Ridley Scott—the prickly actor stars as a lawman working for a corrupt king. He’s investigating a murder in which everyone’s favorite forest dwelling thief is the prime suspect. There will also be a love triangle between the two men and Maid Marion.

According to, the film “will give the outlaw a darker side than previous versions.� No word yet on the actor cast to lead the merry men. The film is slated to hit theaters in 2009.(AP Photo/20th Century Fox) 

Why is Hayden Panettiere trying to hide her Palisades roots?

Hayden and her mom, Lesley, appear in this week’s People Magazine for a Mother’s Day tribute. The story also features other “Hereos” stars like Milo Ventimiglia and Masi Oka with their mamas.

Did anyone else notice that the text of the article says that, before moving to Cali, the Panettieres lived in Nyack — a fact easily disproved with a search of Rockland County Clerk’s records. Lesley’s last mortgage, taken out in 2005, was clearly on a home in the hamlet of Palisades. Actually, Sneden’s Landing to be really specific.

While there’s no excuse for altering the truth to People reporters, the two do look awfully cute in the magazine. Check out a scan of the page on Hayden’s MySpace blog, here:

As “The Apprentice” goes, so goes Trump the Magazine

trumpmag.jpgIt’s true: Trump Magazine, the classiest publications in the tri-state market, is also quickly becoming one of the brokest. Remember how well the Donald did with the casino business? Yeah, well, let’s just say that the magazine bidness hasn’t been quite so forgiving.

According to Radar, Trump’s quarterly cross between Panache and Skymall is “on the verge of financial meltdown.” It goes on to quote unnamed sources saying, “They owe money to everybody and are being sued every which way. … Will Donald come in and help reinvigorate it with some personal funds? It’s all a matter of timing.”

The magazine begain in 2004 as Trump World, and as I wrote back in January the publisher, Premiere Publishing Group, recently shifted the target audience to the New York region. Apparently the strategy isn’t working all that well, since the mag’s staff has dwindled from 25 to fewer than 10 and, according to the SEC, Premiere lost $5.6 million last year. Somehow amid all this, The Donald still gets a $135,000 royalty payment for each issue.

OK, don’t go getting any crazy ideas, Dr. Louis InTown. You’ll continue to get your royalties in ground beef and like it!

Mr. Noodle finally gets his artistic revenge on Elmo & Co.

tjndc5-5b4h37x89yw1i9anunb6_layout.jpgAt least, he will in about a year, when the Philadelphia Theater Company premieres Bill Irwin’s new play “The Happiness Lecture.” Irwin, of course, is Nyack’s best known thespian-clown, a man who has won both the Tony for “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” and the hearts and minds of toddlers everywhere as Mr. Noodle on Sesame Street.

According to Variety, Irwin’s new play, which will run in 2008 from May 16-June 15, “muses on dreams, puppets and modern life.” It’ll be a long wait for the premiere, but oh how I’ll be looking forward to seeing what I can only assume will be a kind of “Avenue Q” on acid.

(AP Photo/Carol Rosegg)

Matt Dillon and Yahoo! fight global warming … with a fleet of hybrid taxis


The environmental do-gooders over at ecorazzi (hey, good suffix!), I learned that Mamaroneck native has joined the likes of Leo DiCaprio, Al Gore, and Ed Begley Jr. in the campaign to keep automobiles more green. On Monday, he appeared with Yahoo! and Global Green USA to announce the “Be a Better Planet” initiative in Times Square. It’s the first I’d ever heard that Dillon even gave a hoot about global warming.

The idea of the campaign is this: Every person who goes on Yahoo!’s Be a Better Planet website can do one of three things: 1) Take the Green Pledge, 2) Share tips on being green though Yahoo! Answers, or 3) Get “better, greener results using Yahoo! OneSearch” (whatever that means). Doing any of these things earns “green credits” for the city you live in. And when the campaign is over on June 8, the city with the most credits wins. What’ll they get, Rod Rody? A fleet of new cars!

Actually, a Yahoo Fleet of hybrid taxis. Go NYC!

Come to think of it, they look sort of like the ones from Jurassic Park — which I can only assume is a very subtle, subconscious plug for Dillon’s new Dinosaur Jr. video. Nice work, Matt. Just so long as you’re not reminding me of that no-good Beetle from “Herbie: Fully Loaded,” I’m all ears about the environment.

“Matt Dillon Helps Launch a Better Planet” [ecorazzi]

(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Oprah/Maria Shriver interview Vanessa Williams and her mother (hmm, sound familiar to anyone?)

tjndc5-5dxobsbta4og1i6fld4_layout.jpgLast Friday, for her Mother’s Day special, Oprah had Maria Shriver interview both Vanessa Williams and her mama, Helen. If that sounds like a familiar story, it should: It just happens to be the basis for the current May issue of InTown, in which freelance Adam Stone interviewed the two in New Rochelle.

Now, I’m not saying we necessarily scooped Oprah (I have no idea when Shriver’s interview was filmed), but it’s certainly reassuring to know that the last two covers of our magazine have featured the same A-listers that have been appearing on the big O’s couch (in April we had Bob Woodruff). Still, the bad news: Schriver got plenty of juicy anecdotes that we just couldn’t squeeze into our 200-word writeup. Read about the best ones after the jump.

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