Rosie O’Donnell vs. ‘Poor little Elisabeth’ – Who won?

tjndc5-5ex7njynmv41asxjrmv8_layout.jpgWhat follows is a line by line review of yesterday’s ten-minute smackdown, with points awarded to all those involved. Did your favorite win? Keep reading…
* In the beginning, when Joy tries to say something, Rosie responds: “Wait, Joy.�

1 point for Rosie. Way to control the table.
-1 point for Joy. She actually �waited� when Rosie told her to.

* When Rosie tries to get Elisabeth to answer, “Did Iraq attack us on 9/11?� she snaps, “I’m saying our enemies, Al Quaeda [attacked us]. Are you hearing that?� Rosie appears to be taken back by the blonde’s sudden attack. “Um, I hear it…�

1 point for Elisabeth…for that added bit of rudeness. Why stay civil?
-1 point for Rosie…for stuttering. The ‘pure little Christian� got the better of her there.

* Elisabeth uses the analogy: “If you’re playing a game, and you’re going to say, okay I’m going to throw to my wide receiver, wide right. Do you do that? I’m going to do that in two seconds. What does that do for your enemy? Rosie responds, “Well you know what Elisabeth? If the enemies are innocent civilians I don’t want to play that kind of football.�

-1 point for Elisabeth, for recycling tired political talking point mumbo jumbo… the war as a sport’s game? Please.
1 point for Rosie for choosing not to play. I only like to play football with military combatants as well!

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Bill Murray’s ‘Ghostbusters’ quote part of unique YouTube countdown

It’d be ridiculous to say “Ghostbusters” is the No. 12 film of all time; the supernatural comedy starring Sneden’s Landing resident Bill Murray is obviously No. 1. But because one of his “Ghostbusters” lines includes the number 12, it’s No. 12 on a new YouTube video countdown of 100 movie quotes that state integers from 100 to 1.

Confused? At position No. 98, the video references a “Dead Poets Society” moment when Robin Williams’ character says, “I was the intellectual equivalent of a 98-pound weakling.” For No. 43, a guard from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” deduces that a “swallow needs to beat its wings 43 times every second.” Got it? Good.

As Ghostbusters Dr. Peter Venkman (Murray), Dr. Ray Stantz (Dan Aykroyd) and Dr. Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis) are headed off on their first paid assignment at the Sedgewick Hotel, they’re dressed in uniform and wearing proton packs on their backs. When a man by the elevators sees these outfits, he asks Venkman if he’s some kind of cosmonaut. Murray’s character replies with the quote featured in the montage: “No, we’re exterminators; somebody saw a cockroach up on 12.”

You can see the “Ghostbusters” clip at the 8:11 mark, followed immediately by Christopher Guest’s legendary “These go to 11” line from “This is Spinal Tap.”

Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN

At last, we finally have the ability to show you our weekly Tuesday segment on RNN’s Hudson Valley Newscenter Now. Among the topics discussed in this week’s segment: Michael Moore’s legal troubles, whether the Donald Trump bubble has finally burst, and Matt Dillon’s bid to become an eco-friendly celeb. The answer to this week’s trivia question — Which star from the new “Grey’s Anatomy” spinoff, “Private Practice,” hails from the Lower Hudson Valley? — is available after the jump.

Download the full clip:

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Bill Murray’s son earns his Stripes

tjndc5-5b5fn4kyeasoilo5ezi_layout.jpgI hope none of you saw my post about Jaime Murray, a woman I thought was Bill Murray’s smokin’ hot daughter. As it turns out, she’s the progeny of another Bill Murray — the actor in London, not the funnyman who lives in Sneden’s Landing. In an attempt to make up for that erroneous post (which was quickly deleted), I felt the need to get you some certified gossip about some of the Rockland Murray’s real offspring.

To wit: Last Sunday his son, Luke, graduated from Fairfield University in Connecticut. As the CT Post reported, Murray was giddy with excitement at the ceremony:

<blockquote><div>”Here he comes, here he comes,” he gushed, twisting a red Fairfield University baseball cap in his lap. “Can you believe it, I remember when he was just this big,” he said, holding his hand a couple of feet off the ground.

When young Luke Murray walked by, a slight smile on his face but no other sign that he recognized his father, the elder Murray, 56, beamed.

“He looks the same today as he was when he was 3, he made the same face when he walked by,” the father added.</div></blockquote>

Alright, so maybe Luke ain’t as much of a looker as Jamie, but as this picture with his dad attests, he’s definitely a direct descendant of the film legend.

“Fairfield grads encouraged to think big” [CT Post]

(AP Photo/Laurent Emmanuel)

Howard Stern producer recalls Jimmy Fink’s unhappy New Year’s Day

jf.jpgGary Dell’Abate, the radio producer for shock jock Howard Stern, recently talked on the air about the difficulties people in the radio industry face during holiday seasons. In the process, Dell’Abate referenced my fellow Eastchester High School alumnus and my favorite local deejay, Jimmy Fink.

Last week, Dell’Abate had been chatting with colleagues on Stern’s “Wrap Up Show” about unwanted holiday radio shifts early in their careers. He then recounted a story that involves Fink getting served — and I don’t mean delicious pancakes at his defunct Ardsley restaurant, either:


Jimmy Fink, … great guy, he told me this story: He worked at (a) radio station, and the guy that ran the radio station begged him, begged him, begged him to work on New Year’s Day, which he did not want to do. And the guy says, ‘I really need you to do this: I need you to do 6 to noon on New Year’s Day.’ So (Fink) said that he went out (on New Year’s Eve), but he got home at like 10 o’clock. He and his wife toasted and then he went to sleep early. And he got up and he did 6 to noon, and he got off the air — and the guy called him and fired him…. (The boss) totally knew what he was going to do (and) figured, ‘Why (tick) off one of my employees I’m keepin’?’


Here’s hoping Fink’s current radio bosses at The Peak are far more appreciative.

An interesting fact, which Dell’Abate did not mention: Fink — who spun records at WPLJ and WNEW before working at the same station as the Stern crew at what was then WXRK — now broadcasts on 107.1 FM, the same airwaves that in the ’70s provided Stern with his first paying radio gig. Back then, though, the station had different call letters and broadcast from Briarcliff Manor instead of its current White Plains digs.

(File photo by Seth Harrison/The Journal News)

Alex Nackman’s music brings much-needed calm to ‘Real World’ finale

The song “Proximity,” by Sleepy Hollow product Alex Nackman, played in the background during last week’s season finale of MTV’s “The Real World: Denver.” Dig it.

nackman.jpgIn the episode, when “Real World” cast member Davis tries to win back ex-boyfriend P.J., “Proximity” starts playing. If you want to cut right to that scene, fast-forward to the moment when there are exactly six minutes remaining in the “Hard Times” clip. It’s a nice chunk of Nackman’s music and lyrics, too — about 50 seconds, which is a marathon by MTV bed standards.

Full disclosure: Nackman is the elder son of Barbara Nackman, a reporter for The Journal News. That said, I’ve been a fan of “Proximity” and other A-Nack tracks for a while now, so it’s nice to see the guy get some Viacom props.

After the break, find out what Alex had to say about being a part of one of the first series to define reality TV as we know it.

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Breaking: Stone Phillips out at Dateline

tjndc5-5ewmnc8nkvlg7fza1bb_layout.jpgThe Dobbs Ferry resident is leaving his signature post as the anchor of Dateline NBC at the end of June, the network announced today.

The network will allow Phillips’ contract to expire, rather than renew it, in a move meant to help the cash-strapped news division save money.

“It’s been a wonderful 15 years, I’m profoundly appreciative of the many friends and colleagues, past and present, who have been a part of the `Dateline’ family,â€? Phillips said, according to a press release issued by the network. “This is a great news division with a bright future. I wish the people of NBC News all the best.â€?

Phillips can take comfort in the fact that NBC apparently deems him irreplaceable. No permanent anchor will take his place. Instead, Ann Curry—the show’s currently co-host—and several NBC News reporters will rotate in the role.

(AP Photo/Stuart Ramson)

From $10M to $100,000: Bids start anew for John Schneider’s ‘General Lee’

Just when it seems like the Dukes are spinning out, we often forget: Bo knows tenacity.

schneider11.jpgMount Kisco native John Schneider, who played Bo Duke on “The Dukes of Hazzard,” isn’t giving up on selling his personal “General Lee,” a 1969 Dodge Charger that was featured on the TV show. Schneider had been seeking $1 million for the car on eBay to fund a sequel to his movie, “Collier & Co.”, but the top bid of just short of $10 million was deemed a hoax.

A few things are different this time around.

For starters, all prospective buyers are being subjected to a screening process before they can register bids on eBay.

In addition, eBay might be preventing nosy folk (including this Suburbarazzo) from checking how high the bids are climbing before bidding ends a week from today; what I do know is the starting bid is $100,000. I’ve read that car experts don’t estimate the vehicle’s actual worth eclipsing $1 million, even with its celebrity tie-ins.

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Cindy Adams fetes Ellen Burstyn, mouth-feeds her dog

tjndc5-5cas43s25bsj7qeblpg_layout.jpgThe “salty� gossip columnist recently hosted a party for Rockland’s Ellen Burstyn in her massive Park Avenue apartment, writes Rebecca Mead in this week’s New Yorker.

Mead was there, but that’s not exactly an enviable thing. Note this passage (or don’t if you want to keep your lunch down):

<blockquote><div>Adams’s attachment to her [two Yorkies, Jazzy and Juicy] was clear: mid-party, she lay down on the marble tiles of her hallway and fed a pastry to Juicy from her mouth, a transfer requiring much licking and wagging from the canine party.</div></blockquote>


By the way, if you were wondering when Adams and Burstyn became such good friends…well, technically, they’re not: “the party had been conceived in Burstyn’s public-relations office,� Mead writes.


(AP Photo/Rick Maiman) 

Pee-wee (from Peekskill) to ride again?

tjndc5-5ebstoet7z6c7h7seb5_layout.jpgI’m a child of the 80s, so Pee-wee’s Playhouse was a big part of my youth. However, it’s been 16 years (or approximately 602 very lonely Saturday mornings) since Pee-wee’s gone away. And since Mr. Herman, aka Paul Reubens, was found enjoying a movie at a South Florida theater a bit too much back in 1991, the actor has kept an extremely low profile. Now, 54, the Peekskill native has given a rare interview to The New York Times, telling Ruth La Ferla that “the public already knows about me more than I ever wanted it to know.�

And talk about a difficult interview subject:

<blockquote><div>To this day, he is skittish, deflecting questions with a stream of diversionary chatter. Mischievously, he showed off his Casio watch, set to buzz at the end of two hours o signal that time was up. He confided having dreamt about this interview, or more precisely about the tape recorder he imagined would be used. Why, he wondered was it not attached to some sort of winding umbilical cord with a microphone at one end, and at the other, the reporter, seated at a respectful distance at the far side of the room. </div></blockquote>

Hmm, good point, Pee-wee. That said, the one great nugget to come from the story:

<blockquote><div>Though the past still rankles, Mr. Reubens is not quite ready to retire Pee-wee Herman. He hopes to secure financing for a third Pee-wee movie…a cautionary tale in which Pee-wee descends on Hollywood and becomes a rock star rotten with fame.

‘It’s kind of like crunch time now,’ he said of the project. ‘I feel like I can’t put this off too much longer.’ Wait too long, he fretted, and all the digital retouching in the world would not mask the effects of age.</div></blockquote>

(AP Photo/Matt Sayles) 

Hayden turns to Neutrogena webisodes in the “Heroes” off-season

Hayden PanettiereIf little Hayden Panettiere was starting to look a little stressed out — and ready to break out — in the season finale of “Heroes” last night, fear not. The Palisades native is the spokesperson for Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Acne Stress Control. You think they’re about to let a single pimple get on that girl’s face?

In fact, young Hayden is such a model for young-adult blemish-less-ness, she’s going to be hosting Neutrogena’s online reality show, “OneLessStress,” while “Heroes” is on break this summer.

The webisodes will follow 20-something women as they encounter NYC-based stress tests: dieting, dating, time management, money management, etc. The series will run through August, and there’s an online sweepstakes at for a trip for two to Paradise Island in the Bahamas. The deadline for entering to star in a webisode is June 15, and you can enter the Bahamas sweepstakes up through September.

(AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

DMX found! Dirty Dancing for his mom! Making a ‘man sandwich’ in South Carolina!

tjndc5-5b1xw0oqsso138s5pgqo_layout.jpgAt least, that’s what what Ted Casablanca reports in his gossip column on E! Online:


DMX [was seen] dirty dancing with a gal and his guy friend in front of his mama at a nearly private get-together. South Carolina. The eager babe in the middle of the man sandwich proclaimed, “Im an Oreo cookie You know what gets eaten first…the creamy white center” DMX was apparently entertained by this seminasty notion and was cracking up. Another woman in said spot recognized the rapper and called all her friends. The scene got packed, so DMX and his mom ditched. Prettier n politer in a classy Cali joint was…


The Mount Kisco resident has been a fugitive from justice for over a month now. Bench warrants were issued for his arrest in both White Plains and Yonkers when he failed to show up for court on multiple traffic violation charges. For a while now, I’d been shocked and dismayed that the local PD hasn’t managed to pick up the man, especially given that almost everybody in Mount Kisco and Bedford knows where he lives (the gate with the giant “ES”). But seeing as how he’s been hanging in South Carolina with his mama at clubs — well, I suppose we can cut the authorities a little slack.

As for the creamy white center — well, there’s only one way to redeem yourself, you aiding and abetting dirty birdy … send us some cell phone pictures.