A LoHud-tastic Thursday on Gawker

bonnielikeus.jpgToday, it seems, all Gawker posts lead back to the Westchester and Suburbarazzi’s own Robert Zeliger.

It began this morning when the site was good enough to link to an InTown Westchester article written by Robert. The InTown piece was a June profile of the Hastings resident and Star magazine editor, but our celebrity-stalking sisters were observant enough to notice that in our photo of Fuller, which was taken in her office, the website on her computer screen is none other than Us Weekly, her former employer. Yes, look closely, and you’ll see it.

Gawker’s headline — “Take me back, Jann! Bonnie Fuller’s Homepage is Just like ‘Us'” — pretty much says it all. We’ll try to ignore the fact that they credited the story “Lower Hudson Online” instead of InTown, or the blatant theft of our hard-earned photography. Just so long as you keep those plugs coming, G-money, we’re all square.

Following the Fuller post, Gawker had two other interesting tidbits with LoHud/Zeliger ties …

a_1_cover.jpg• Under the headline “Nick Kristof’s Wife Leaves the Times,” the blog reported that Scarsdale resident and NY Times reporter Sheryl WuDunn announced her departure via email auto-reply. Her message spelled out her reason for quitting: “After many wonderful years at The Times, I have left to write a book with my husband on women in the developing world, and then I will take a job at a firm on Wall Street.” What I find really wild about this is that Robert also wrote a cover story about WuDunn and Kristof for Scarsdale Magazine some months back.

bilde.jpg• And as if that wasn’t enough six-degrees serendipity for one day, another of Robert’s recent profile subjects, Dana Vachon (check out the back page in the June issue of InTown), also got a mention on Gawker today. The much hyped literary wunderkind, who hails from Chappaqua, was expected to sell tens of thousands of copies of his debut novel “Mergers and Acquisitions.” Eh not so much. “According to Bookscan, it has sold 6425 copies.” Course, that was all before Robert’s story broke and the Zeliger effect began to kick in.

(Fuller and Vachon photos: Mark Vergari/InTown Westchester) 

Ted Mann

Ted Mann aspires to join Stephen Baldwin’s Breakthrough Ministry, more commonly known as “skateboarding for the savior." Before becoming a Senior Editor at InTown, he worked at The Atlantic Monthly, the Philadelphia City Paper, and the University of Pennsylvania Press. His writing has also appeared in The New York Times, The New York Press, and The Pennsylvania Gazette.