Angelina Jolie: I want More biological kids, more adopted kids


Next month’s Reader’s Digest has an interesting interview with the star. Here are some highlights.

On balancing her children by race:

<blockquote><div>Something changed for me with Shiloh. We had Mad and Z, and neither looked like Mommy or Daddy. Then suddenly somebody in the house looked like Mommy and Daddy. It became clear to us that it might be important to have somebody around who is similar to the other children so they have a connection. Mad’s been very excited that his brother is from Asia. </div></blockquote>

On disciplining the kids:

<blockquote><div>When it comes to the boys, it’s Brad, and with the girls, it’s me. It’s not intentional, but Z can pretty much get anything she wants from her dad. Brad’s like a strong father with the boys. </div></blockquote>

On the recent loss of her mother:

<blockquote><div> I’m one of those people who walk around as if it’s fine, and then suddenly I don’t know why I’m crying over my breakfast. My mother was my best friend. I’m so grateful I had her as a mom. She had cancer for seven years, but she lived long enough to see my brother and I grow up to be quite happy. You almost get the feeling she held on until it was okay. </div></blockquote>

On her risk-taking image:
<blockquote><div>I don’t do drugs. I don’t intentionally ride a motorcycle without a helmet. I will always be careful. But I live a bold life, and I’m a happy mother because of that. I think the bigger question is, Am I living the life that I want my kids to see? If something happened to me doing something I believed in, then I suppose that’s the legacy I would leave as a mother. </div></blockquote>

On the parallels between her and Brad and Daniel and Mariane Pearl (the woman she portrays in the new film, A Mighty Heart:

<blockquote><div>They are what we strive to be. They met with a common goal that was so noble. They dedicated their lives to studying other cultures and trying to make a better world through honest journalism. They clearly set each other on fire to do really wonderful things in the world. </div></blockquote>

On finding time to spend with Brad:

<blockquote><div>Right now, that’s our problem! We hang out. We try to talk over the swing set. We’ll have a date night once everybody is settled. </div></blockquote>

On not caring about the gossip:

<blockquote><div>Our first question is what paper is it in. The New York Times? If not, do we really need to worry? </div></blockquote>

On marrying Brad (some reports say they’re planning an elaborate wedding for the fall):

<blockquote><div>There’s no big conspiracy behind our decision not to. We’ve both been married before. Our focus when we got together was family, and we are legally bound to our children. That really seems to be the most important thing. </div></blockquote>

On whether she wants more children:

<blockquote><div>Yeah, yeah. More biological, more adopted</div></blockquote>

Meanwhile, rumors continue to swirl about her supposed rapid weight loss.

Is she shedding pounds because she feels guilty after a trip to famine-plagued Ethiopia? Her brother, James Haven, has said that had something to do with it, along with the devastation over losing her mother recently.

No wonder she needs a break!

(AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)