Rosie, Management, and the split screen


It’s the use of the split-screen (a common tool on cable news shout-fest shows like The O’Reilly Factor) that pushed Rosie over the edge, according to Kathy Griffin and several coded responses on the comedian’s own blog.

Griffin—a friend of Rosie’s who co-hosted the show on Thursday—apparently went out with Ro on Friday night and later dished about it during her stand-up gig at the Borgata in Atlantic City.

According to the red-haired flame-thrower told the crowd:

<blockquote><div>I tell you who I got a call from [on Friday]. ‘Hey Kath. It’s Ro. What are you doing? Wanna hang out?’ I spent the whole day with Rosie! How about that!?’ </div></blockquote>

O’Donnell told Griffin it was the split screen that pissed her off most.
“I don’t want to do Hannity and Colmes,” Griffin says she told her.

On her blog over the weekend, O’Donnell took some jibes at the show in responses to questions from readers. Here are a few highlights:

<blockquote><div>Question: Did you get along with Bill Geddes [the show’s executive producer]?
Rosie: not really</div></blockquote>

She also called the use of the split screen “below my standards� and agreed with a reader who said the tactic seemed “sweepish.� Rosie later suggested there was an “agenda� behind the decision.

And when one reader wrote: “Do you feel exploited by the show? I get the feeling there was more than just the fight with EH. U brought up ratings, the EPs made money. EH didn’t conrol [sic] the split screen. Thoughts?� Rosie responded simply: “ding ding ding�
Finally she took a swipe at her three co-hosts. One emailer said:
“Rosie- HOW BAD DO YOU HATE IT WHEN THE 3 OTHERS LOOK AT THE SCREEN BEHIND THEM INSTEAD OF THE MONITOR ON THE VIEW LOL…I crack up every time I see you cringe when they did that!!!!!!!!!!!!!�
Rosie responded: “tv production 101�

Here are a final few questions I have:

* For anyone who watched The View yesterday (which was pre-taped), you probably noticed Rosie offering her Miami home to Elisabeth and her family for a week “as a birthday present�—Hasselbeck turned 30 yesterday. I wonder if the offer is still on the table?

* On today’s show, was Barbara wearing black because she was in mourning? And when she said, “We’ve been a hot show for ten years and we’ll be a hot show for many [more] years� did it strike anyone else as maybe a little too forced?

* Will the show steer away from politics now?

* Will Kathy Griffin replace Rosie next year?

* How long before they book Trump on the show?

(AP Photo/ABC, Heidi Gutman)