DMX found! Dirty Dancing for his mom! Making a ‘man sandwich’ in South Carolina!

tjndc5-5b1xw0oqsso138s5pgqo_layout.jpgAt least, that’s what what Ted Casablanca reports in his gossip column on E! Online:


DMX [was seen] dirty dancing with a gal and his guy friend in front of his mama at a nearly private get-together. South Carolina. The eager babe in the middle of the man sandwich proclaimed, “Im an Oreo cookie You know what gets eaten first…the creamy white center” DMX was apparently entertained by this seminasty notion and was cracking up. Another woman in said spot recognized the rapper and called all her friends. The scene got packed, so DMX and his mom ditched. Prettier n politer in a classy Cali joint was…


The Mount Kisco resident has been a fugitive from justice for over a month now. Bench warrants were issued for his arrest in both White Plains and Yonkers when he failed to show up for court on multiple traffic violation charges. For a while now, I’d been shocked and dismayed that the local PD hasn’t managed to pick up the man, especially given that almost everybody in Mount Kisco and Bedford knows where he lives (the gate with the giant “ES”). But seeing as how he’s been hanging in South Carolina with his mama at clubs — well, I suppose we can cut the authorities a little slack.

As for the creamy white center — well, there’s only one way to redeem yourself, you aiding and abetting dirty birdy … send us some cell phone pictures.


Ted Mann

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