A LoHud-tastic Thursday on Gawker

bonnielikeus.jpgToday, it seems, all Gawker posts lead back to the Westchester and Suburbarazzi’s own Robert Zeliger.

It began this morning when the site was good enough to link to an InTown Westchester article written by Robert. The InTown piece was a June profile of the Hastings resident and Star magazine editor, but our celebrity-stalking sisters were observant enough to notice that in our photo of Fuller, which was taken in her office, the website on her computer screen is none other than Us Weekly, her former employer. Yes, look closely, and you’ll see it.

Gawker’s headline — “Take me back, Jann! Bonnie Fuller’s Homepage is Just like ‘Us'” — pretty much says it all. We’ll try to ignore the fact that they credited the story “Lower Hudson Online” instead of InTown, or the blatant theft of our hard-earned photography. Just so long as you keep those plugs coming, G-money, we’re all square.

Following the Fuller post, Gawker had two other interesting tidbits with LoHud/Zeliger ties …

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Why did Lorraine Bracco cheat on Harvey Keitel?


Three words: Edward James Olmos.

I was catching up on some back-episodes of Oprah last night (hey, lay off, the wife is working night and there’s nothing else on TV right now), and I caught an from last week in which the Sopranos star talked about her own battle with depression — a depression, she said, thatgrew mostly out of her messy split with Harvey Keitel and the custody battle over their daughter, Stella. I already knew that Bracco had put out a memoir, “On the Couch,” about the whole ordeal, but what I didn’t know is that the breakup was largely driven by her own infidelity … with Edward James Olmos.

“Eddie was a lovely man,” she said on the show, “And, in all retrospect, Harvey is a good man… It was an immature choice. I was on that river in Egypt, called denial! And I wasn’t mature enough or smart enough or willing to accept that I was unhappy in that relationship.”

Stella was also on the show, talking about how unstable her mom — who still owns a home in Sneden’s Landing — had been while growing up. The topic of how Stella has been seen smooching mom’s costar Robert Iler (aka A.J.), sadly, did not come up.

(Bracco: AP Photo/Stephen Chernin; Keitel: AP Photo/Louis Lanzano; Olmos: AP Photo/Lisa Rose)

Check out Demme’s Katrina doc on PBS

tjndc5-5b53bc4lthvsjtgh7p4_layout.jpgOscar winner and Nyack resident Jonathan Demme’s documentary about the aftermath of Katrina, in which he followed around residents of the Lower 9th Ward for a year after the hurricane, is airing right now on PBS. This much I learned while channel-surfing the wasteland that is early-summer TV. “Right to Return: New Home Movies from the Lower 9th Ward,” a five-installment series, has two more episodes to go — tonight and tomorrow on Tavis Smiley’s late-night program.

I was hoping we’d get to see this one take down “Sicko” at the box office, but I guess instead we’ll just have to see if it can outperform “Studio 60.” Should be an interesting face-off. Ready. Set. DVR!

(Photo: Mark Vergari / The Journal News)

NY Post: David Letterman foots Don Rickles’ birthday bill

dave1.jpgDavid Letterman didn’t make it to Don Rickles’ 81st birthday celebration at Le Cirque, but the North Salem talk show host made his presence known by paying for the evening festivities, according to yesterday’s New York Post.

The Post doesn’t mention who, other than fellow talk show icon Regis Philbin, joined Rickles at the event, or how much Dave’s birthday gift was worth. But something tells me Rickles won’t be as quick to do a Top 10 list of Letterman insults when Dave’s birthday rolls around again April 12.

Oh, who am I kidding? Rickles probably saves the most vicious stuff for his friends!

(Associated Press file photo by Adam Rountree.)

Let the betting begin: Who will replace Rosie O’Donnell on ‘The View’?

The following are some names being thrown around to fill Rosie’s “moderator” role on the 10-year-old daytime chat show. Will the producers go for someone a bit more mellow or will they go for another firebrand who will bring in controversy and viewers? We’ll find out soon. In the meantime, let’s judge the potentials based on various Rosie-related attributes.

tjndc5-5f0rqj8zln856zhtkx9_layout.jpgRoseanne Barr
Buzz Potential (will she get people to talk about her): 6.Three words: Star Spangled Banner. That was something! But then again, it was 17 years ago. When was the last time we talked about her?
Bight (willing to take on feuds; has “edge”): 7. Her classic feud with Tom Arnold indicates she’s not afraid to use the media to try to make men cry. But then, Arnold is such an easy target. Will she go after big dogs like Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly? Also, earlier this year, she caused a stir when she said politically active gay and lesbian people never talk about anything that’s “not about them…some people say being gay and lesbian is a totally narcissistic thing, and sometimes I wonder.” She later apologized and said she didn’t mean it.

Popularity (do people know her? love her?): 7. She is one of the most popular television actresses of all time, singlehandedly redefining what it means to be a sitcom star. But that didn’t help her syndicated talk-show, which tanked in 2000.
Political Savvy (can she talk intelligently about matters of importance–you know, like co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck does): 8. Comfortable mixing it up with uber-political bully Bill Maher on his 100-miles-an-hour, take-no-prisoner HBO late night political chat show, Real Time.
Experience (does she know how to lead a show?): 5. As stated above—remember The Roseanne Show? No neither do we.

Whoopi Goldberg

tjndc5-5f0rq916o5egbul5kx9_layout.jpgBuzz Potential: 6. No major controversies in her past (unless you take into account then boyfriend Ted Danson’s black face performance at her roast), but she is certainly willing to give her opinion, as witnessed by her frequent guest-hosting stints on The View.

Bight: 8. On one such guest-hosting appearance she told Joy to let her finish when the red-head interrupted something she was saying. When her radio show debuted last year, it was subject to multiple prank calls from fans of two satellite radio shock jocks (Opie and Anthony). Goldberg invited the duo onto her show and they had a surprisingly good-natured discussion.

Popularity: 6. O’Donnell has stated she would like to see Goldberg take over for her–but then, I’m not sure how much sway her word has right now with ABC.

Political savvy: 8. Can speak intelligently about national affairs. An avowed critic of the President.

Experience: 8. Apparently she hosts a radio show…and apparently people listen to it. Also, her hosting gigs at the various Comic Relief events since 1990, means she knows how to handle crazy zoos with comics like Robin Williams. Also, not that it has anything to do with hosting The View, but the lady has won an Oscar, a Grammy, an Emmy, and a Tony. Can you beat that, Barbara?

Bette Midler

tjndc5-5f0rr1p85sjpf3b2kx9_layout.jpgBuzz Potential: 9. The acerbic comedian/singer/actress would be a real coup for the show…but is she interested in the gig?

Bight: 6. Sure, she’s “tough,” but not quite as hard-edged as some of the other contenders. Her tearful send off to Johnny Carson turned her into sentimental heavyweight, not a brawler.

Popularity: 8. She’s succeeding Celine Dion as the headliner at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas, which certainly sounds like a big deal.

Political savvy: 5. Not known as a politically astute diva, ala Barbra Streisand.

Experience: 4. Used to chanting crowds, but never hosted a TV show (though she has sat on plenty of TV couches over the years).

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O’Donnell going on tour with Cyndi Lauper

tjndc5-5dw2man5yeq52t0sb60_layout.jpgBet you didn’t see that one coming. Or maybe you did. After her premature departure from “The View,” South Nyack’s most beloved hothead has said that she’ll be joining Lauper for a series of dates on her new tour, set to being next week.

Don’t know if I should feel stupid for not picking up on this before. After all, Rosie’s “True Colors” video, a retrospective of her time at “The View” published to her blog over the weekend and featuring a song by Lauper, was an obvious plug for Lauper’s new tour: “True Colors 2007.” And here I thought she was actually getting all nostalgic on us.

“Rosie O’Donnell Plans Rock Tour After The View” [Buddy TV]

(AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Vanessa Williams’ Yorkie on the loose

Please, for the love of Ugly Betty, if you’ve seen Vanessa Williams’ pet dog, Enzo, do the right thing and call the Mount Pleasant Police Department at 914-769-1998. There’s a $2,500 reward. Apparently the black-and-tan Yorkie has been missing since Monday from the actress’s Chappaqua yard, and she filed a missing-dog report fearing the dog had been stolen.

Note: The Yorkie above isn’t Enzo, just a damn cute look-alike from PETCO.

“Vanessa Williams’ dog disappears” [LoHud]

(Williams: AP Photo/Jim Cooper; Yorkie photo: AP Photo/PETCO)

No $ale: Lone ‘General Lee’ bid of $100K isn’t enough for John Schneider

schneider11.jpgThis story is becoming more tired than my puns involving “The Dukes of Hazzard.” (If that’s even possible.)

Mount Kisco native John Schneider has tried three times on eBay to sell his model of the “General Lee,” the orange 1969 Dodge Charger featured on the show.

He’ll need to try a fourth, because yesterday’s auction resulted in only one bid of $100,000, which was less than the minimum Schneider established before the second auction, CNN reports.

The first attempt to sell the car ended with a $10 million bid that was allegedly a goof. The second attempt crashed a week early when the eBay listing was deemed erroneous.

CNN says Schneider will test his luck a fourth(!) time, but not until January, when the car will be “put up for auction at Barrett-Jackson collectible car auction in Scottsdale, Ariz.”

I can’t wait that long. So, I’ll just have to toss a couple mil at a Batmobile in the meantime.

(Associated Press file photo by Damian Dovarganes)

Suburbarazzi Week in Review on RNN

Yesterday on RNN, Suburbarazzi’s Chris Serico talked about Rosie O’Donnell’s “Nuclear Wednesday” and the fallout from her feud with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, as well as John Schneider’s quest to sell the General Lee and Jimmy Fink’s 1980 firing from WPLJ.

Check it out below:

Download the full RNN segment:

EXCLUSIVE: Jimmy Fink confirms story about New Year’s Day debacle

fink01small.jpgLast week, Suburbarazzi published an item about Jimmy Fink, a deejay for the White Plains-based radio station The Peak. While working for another radio station and boss years ago, Fink was “fired” immediately after working an unwanted New Year’s Day morning shift that the boss “begged” him to do, according to a recent story told on air by Howard Stern’s producer Gary Dell’Abate.

Reached by phone last week, Fink confirmed Dell’Abate’s story, but said it warranted a couple of clarifications.

First, Fink said that after he worked the 6 a.m. to noon shift at WPLJ on the first day of 1980, his boss summoned him to his office to tell him he was fired. Dell’Abate had said that the boss “called” Fink to fire him, but Fink said that action happened in person.

Second, Fink said his boss mistakenly thought he was cutting him at the end of a pay period, but because Fink started another 13-week pay period Jan. 1, he had to be paid for that duration regardless. Fink not only was rehired, but also wound up staying with WPLJ — and his boss — until the station changed formats three years later, he said.

Even though Fink, an Eastchester High School alumnus, had been “fired” after 10 years at the station, he said he didn’t take it personally.

“He wasn’t firing me for something that I did or anything,” he told Suburbarazzi. “You know, that’s the way it is in the radio business. You usually will find out, ‘Hey, you just did your last show,’ for whatever reason it happens to be.”

(Photo courtesy of Jimmy Fink.)

Angelina Jolie: I want More biological kids, more adopted kids


Next month’s Reader’s Digest has an interesting interview with the star. Here are some highlights.

On balancing her children by race:

<blockquote><div>Something changed for me with Shiloh. We had Mad and Z, and neither looked like Mommy or Daddy. Then suddenly somebody in the house looked like Mommy and Daddy. It became clear to us that it might be important to have somebody around who is similar to the other children so they have a connection. Mad’s been very excited that his brother is from Asia. </div></blockquote>

On disciplining the kids:

<blockquote><div>When it comes to the boys, it’s Brad, and with the girls, it’s me. It’s not intentional, but Z can pretty much get anything she wants from her dad. Brad’s like a strong father with the boys. </div></blockquote>

On the recent loss of her mother:

<blockquote><div> I’m one of those people who walk around as if it’s fine, and then suddenly I don’t know why I’m crying over my breakfast. My mother was my best friend. I’m so grateful I had her as a mom. She had cancer for seven years, but she lived long enough to see my brother and I grow up to be quite happy. You almost get the feeling she held on until it was okay. </div></blockquote>

On her risk-taking image:
<blockquote><div>I don’t do drugs. I don’t intentionally ride a motorcycle without a helmet. I will always be careful. But I live a bold life, and I’m a happy mother because of that. I think the bigger question is, Am I living the life that I want my kids to see? If something happened to me doing something I believed in, then I suppose that’s the legacy I would leave as a mother. </div></blockquote>

On the parallels between her and Brad and Daniel and Mariane Pearl (the woman she portrays in the new film, A Mighty Heart:

<blockquote><div>They are what we strive to be. They met with a common goal that was so noble. They dedicated their lives to studying other cultures and trying to make a better world through honest journalism. They clearly set each other on fire to do really wonderful things in the world. </div></blockquote>
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Rosie, Management, and the split screen


It’s the use of the split-screen (a common tool on cable news shout-fest shows like The O’Reilly Factor) that pushed Rosie over the edge, according to Kathy Griffin and several coded responses on the comedian’s own blog.

Griffin—a friend of Rosie’s who co-hosted the show on Thursday—apparently went out with Ro on Friday night and later dished about it during her stand-up gig at the Borgata in Atlantic City.

According to People.com the red-haired flame-thrower told the crowd:

<blockquote><div>I tell you who I got a call from [on Friday]. ‘Hey Kath. It’s Ro. What are you doing? Wanna hang out?’ I spent the whole day with Rosie! How about that!?’ </div></blockquote>

O’Donnell told Griffin it was the split screen that pissed her off most.
“I don’t want to do Hannity and Colmes,” Griffin says she told her.

On her blog over the weekend, O’Donnell took some jibes at the show in responses to questions from readers. Here are a few highlights:
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