Catherine Crier still living…but not ‘live’

tjndc5-5b5g6d1e1rt189x9zezi_layout.jpgCatherine Crier Live, hosted by Bedford’s Crier, has been canceled, Court TV announced yesterday. The show has aired in its 5:00 time slot since debuting in January, 2000. Apparently, the network plans on filling the hour with reality and entertainment shows.

They also announced Star Jones new talk show would soon begin airing at 4:00 p.m. (hmm, going head-to-head with Oprah, Judge Judy, and Ellen here in New York—is that smart?).

Crier, a well-known face at the trials of the rich and famous (she was practically a second prosecutor during Michael Jackson’s recent pedophile trial), has been with Court TV since 1999. She has also anchored and reported for ABC News and Fox News before coming to the legal-obsessed cable channel.

Given her awesome name, headline writers are having a field day with the news. Here are a few that the fine folks at Suburbarazzi have been toying with. Let us know your preference:

Don’t Crier for me, Court TV
Time to re-crier?
The Cat’s ninth life
No longer Catherine the Great?
Court TV’s done “Cri�-ing

Or let us know any you’ve come up with.

(Photograph courtesy of Krupp Kommunications/The Patent Trader)

Rip Torn DWI: Sounds like a case for Judge Judy’s son

rip2.jpgIn other legal news, DMX isn’t the only local celeb fighting the Man. As Terry Corcoran reported in The Journal News today, actor Rip Torn has decided to take his DWI case from last year to trial.

Torn was arrested last December after he crashed his Chevy into tractor-trailer on Route 22 in North Salem. He then proceeded to do his best Nick Nolte impersonation, complete with a fabulously hobo-ish mug shot and surly attytood with the arresting officers.

At his hearing yesterday Torn’s lawyer was — get this! — Judge Judy’s son, Adam Levy. That’s the same Adam Levy who we told you is running for Putnam County DA. (Alas, according to the TJN article, Torn may be looking for new representation, but my fingers are still crossed that Torn will come back to Levy. After all, the guy got him acquitted for another drunk-driving case in ’94, so he can do the job.)

Other fun facts about Torn gleaned from Terry’s story:

• Torn lives in Lakeville, CT.

• His birth name is Elmore, not Rip.

• He’s 76 years old. (Even with that crazy mug shot, I still say he looks younger than that.)

(Incidentally, if you haven’t seen the YouTube clip of Torn’s grisly wrestling match with Norman Mailer, be sure to check it out.)

“Rip Torn to take DWI case to trial” [TJN]

DMX misses court date — again! — again! What the hell?!

tjndc5-5b20uus2vqs19r1vkk3i_layout.jpgWhen it comes to DMX’s court dates, we’ve begged and we’ve scolded the Mount Kisco rapper to please, please show up already! Yet yesterday, for the umpteenth time, the man blew it. He was due to appear in White Plains and Yonkers city courts to stand trail on two arrests — the first, an arrest in June ’06 on traffic charges, and the second, a more recent arrest in February for blowing a traffic light in Yonkers.

As we reported about a month ago, he skipped out on his last court date because, his attorney claimed, he missed a plane flight. Which would totally fine, except that in ’06 he’s missed a court date too — an incident that led to a warrant being issued, bail not being paid, and DMX spending a night in White Plains jail. You’d think that would have scared the artist also known as Earl Simmons straight, but nooooooo.

According to intrepid Journal News reporter Rich Liebson, City Court Judge Brian Hansbury has granted DMX a one-day reprieve. Up ’til this point he’s been much more lenient than Judge Barbara Leak (the one who threw him in the slammer), but now another warrant has been issued.

Will DMX spend another night behind bars? Will he reenact one of the many bonkers scenes from his ill-fated BET show “Soul of a Man”? Stay tuned to Suburbarazzi later today to find out.

Update: As of 2pm, still hasn’t shown up. Time to issue some more bench warrants.

“DMX due in White Plains court today — or else” [TJN]

Don Imus is a stringy-haired hack

tjndc5-5earjbk3f4132hvlmcd_layout.jpgI don’t listen to Don Imus. I don’t watch his show. If I wanted to hear the opinions of a has-been grasping for relevance I’d prefer to watch one who’s appearance doesn’t scare small children.

Let’s forget what he said for a moment—calling the Rutgers girls basketball team a group of “nappy-headed hos�—as objectionable and humorless as that was, it’s only the latest in a long string of objectionable material the man has put out (in fairness, he’s done a lot for charity, especially his work with sick children, which is noble).

For years, the going wisdom at NBC and CBS radio was “just let Imus be.â€? I worked for a while at MSNBC when Imus was making the move to the studio in Secaucus. The joke around the office at the time was—if you were young and female, and didn’t want to be verbally harassed, stay away from him. Even the head of the network, Rick Kaplan (who’s since gone on to produce the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric), joked in an all-staff meeting to stay away from Imus, since he couldn’t be controlled. But, “that’s Imus,â€? he added. What can you say about a network that accepts the fact that its star is offensive and unwaveringly brutish, but just doesn’t want to deal with shaking the boat when it comes to a ratings winner?

I personally find it sad that such naked racism and sexism is punished by only a two-week suspension—as Al Roker called it, “a vacation.� I also find it sad that Don Imus can’t learn when to just stop talking—such as when he told a caller yesterday on Al Sharpton’s radio show, “I just can’t win with you people.� Come on, Imus! I think the real problem is not that “those people� won’t cut you some slack, but that you keep using the slack to hang yourself.


I don’t support censorship, but a corporation firing someone who so egregiously crosses the line—and has a history of crossing it over and over again—seems more than fair.
(AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Cancellation Watch: ‘Six Degrees’ Deep Sixed

107030_d_1453_pre.jpgWow, that was fast. It seems like just a month ago (March 1, to be precise) that I posted about how “Six Degrees,” starring Katonah product Campbell Scott, was getting a second chance. Of course, at the time I said that its new Friday night time slot was tantamount to a death sentence … which is just what the show got. According to Brilliant But Cancelled’s Deathwath, the show has been officially yanked (along with the ill-conceived “Wedding Bells”).

I still say that the concept — six total strangers go about their normal lives without fully realizing the impact each has on one another — was interesting and novel, but it looks like show creator JJ Abrams (a Sarah Lawrence grad) will have to continue experimenting with it on “Lost” instead (not that he hasn’t already been doing that for the past three seasons anyways).

Meanwhile, in other cancellation news, it looks like “Studio 60” usurper “The Black Donnellys” has an even shorter shelf life. That show and “7th Heaven” are both on the outs, according to EW. Good news, though: Bedford resident Glenn Close’s “Shield” spinoff, “Damages,” has been picked up by FX.

“R.I.P. Six Degrees” [Brilliant But Cancelled Deathwatch]

Stephen Baldwin goes on Easter egg hunt at the White House


It’s hard to believe that there’s a Stephen Baldwin story we somehow missed but yes, it’s true. Over the weekend, Stevie B. payed a visit to the White House for its annual Easter Egg Roll. Joining him at the festivities were First Lady Laura, Shek, Bugs, Bunny, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and plenty of children age 7 and under pushing eggs around with wooden spoons.

I’m not quite sure how much pull the youngest Baldwin — who lives in Upper Grandview and attends a Pentecostal church up in New City — still has with the GOP’s higher ups, but as far as I know he is still a “cultural advisor” to Bush. That said, he was sharing the lawn with Olympic medalist Kerri Strug, Kasey Kahne, and magicians, all of whom may well be on Bush’s advisory team as well. At the very least, I hope Stephen had the good sense to take advantage of the free face painting.

“White House Hosts Annual Egg Hunt” [Celebrity Cafe]

NY Mag labels Keith Olbermann the ‘Limbaugh for Lefties’

tjndc5-5bnffugx1h29vu22czv_layout.jpgIn an interesting little profile in New York Magazine, Stephen Rodrick gives us some insight into the man both loved and loathed by many.

Like, for example, “the former SportsCenter anchor has even been credited with helping to effect the Democratic takeover of Congress this past November.� Okay, some points are more logical than others.

But on to reality:

It seems like Olbermann doesn’t get along that well with fellow MSNBC-er Chris Matthews.

<blockquote><div>It’s a couple hours before his nightly broadcast, and Olbermann is looking through boxes of mail in his Secaucus office. “Maybe this one contains Chris Matthews’s eyebrows…You see them last night? Did he borrow them from Joe Pesci?�</div></blockquote>

Later, a PR flack tells the writer, Olbermann will snort on air—an imitation of Matthews.

Also, Keith doesn’t like to share. That’s why you’ll never see anyone else on the Countdown stage with him. He’ll only ever speak to them through feeds (even if they happen to be in the same building).

You can thank Tony Soprano (sort of) for turning Keith into the liberal pit bull he’s become.

<blockquote><div>I was sitting on the tarmac in L.A. … I’d exhausted all the conversations with James Gandolfini, who was on the flight. And I thought, ‘Where is the outrage? Where are the constitutional-scholar conservatives coming out and going, “This guy is a danger to democracy. Not to the Democrats or Republicans but to the democracy.� Where is that person?’…Then I thought, ‘Oh yea, I have a newscast, don’t I? I have an editorial latitude, don’t I? Well, I guess it’s my turn. Let me strap the jetpack on.’</div></blockquote>

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The Sopranos kick off the beginning of the end in Putnam Valley

sopranos07_02.jpgI’m sure I wasn’t the only one watching the Sopranos last night who cringed when they saw Tony and Carmela driving up the Taconic to Putnam County. This was sure to be like the “Pine Barrons” episode (shot, by the way, in Harriman State Park) all over again.

I won’t spoil the plot (for those who haven’t seen it yet), but I will share one casualty that wasn’t actually onscreen: Putnam Valley. Sure, the town got a shout out at the tail end of the credits, but in the episode you’re led to believe that Bobby Bacala and Janice’s lakeside cottage is somewhere up near the Canada border. Maybe Vermont, maybe upstate New York. It’s not really said. But here’s the full story, as we reported in Putnam Magazine last fall:

The film crew shot in Putnam Valley in July of ’06 at the home of Cynthia Scheider, ex-wife of “Jaws” star Roy Scheider, on the scenic Oscawana Lake. The 1,600-square-foot cottage is on Hemlock Point Road and was also used in the filming of 2003’s “Mona Lisa Smile.” The production crew was seen at the time parked along Peekskill Hollow Road and they showed up daily for sandwiches at the Putnam Valley Market.

As we said at the time, “there were reports that James Gandolfini (who plays Tony) was seen sporting a made-up black eye, while chucking golf clubs into his Escalade. With Steven Schirripa (Bobby Bacala) also looking bruised, it seems like a major fight may kick off the show’s final season.”

Again, I don’t want to give too much away, but can I just say this: Called it!

(HBO photo of Sopranos at Oscawana Lake: Craig Blankenhorn)

Bill Murray bring his Easter entourage to Restaurant X

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: If you’re into spotting local celebrities, you can’t beat Peter Kelly’s Rockland restaurants — Xavier’s, Restaurant X, and Freelance Cafe.

Case in point: Yesterday, Sneden’s Landing resident Bill Murray made a last-minute reservation at X with his fam. The group arrived for dinner, but were in and out in less than an hour (forgoing dessert!). According to our expert star sighter, Mary Lynn Mitcham, Bill looked extra tall while sitting down, yet less lofty while standing. Whatever his height, I hope Bill enjoyed the Beef Wellington.


Want to know where the other local celebs eat out in Rockland? Check out “Dining With the Stars,” Jenny Higgons’s excellent scouting report for Rockland Magazine. And if you see Weird Al Yankovic at Reality Bites, tell him we sent ya!

(Murray: AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau)

En route to ‘Charm School,’ Like Dat returns to Westchester

After watching a promising start to the final season of “The Sopranos” (which gave a shout-out to Putnam Valley in the closing credits, did you notice?), I flipped to VH1, which has no shortage of intriguing celebrity-based “reality” shows.

It was then that I was reminded of a series of VH1 Celebreality spin-offs — those that have some connection to rapper Flavor Flav and appear to have no end. “The Surreal Life” begat “Strange Love.” “Strange Love” begat “Flavor of Love.” “Flavor of Love” begat “Flavor of Love 2.” “Flavor of Love 2” begat “I Love New York.” And both “Flavor(s) of Love” begat the latest in the series, “Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School,” for which comedienne Mo’Nique will determine who among 13 former “Flavor(s) of Love” contestants can make the biggest transformation.

Appearing on both “Flavor of Love 2” and “Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School” is Darra Boyd, a.k.a. Like Dat. (As you may or may not know — or want to admit knowing — Flavor Flav liked to give his bachelorettes nicknames.) Like Dat lives in Jersey City these days, but in a preview of the “Charm School” series, Ms. Dat visited her family in Westchester County to show us how she came to be… Like Dat.

<blockquote><div>I’m going to my Mama’s up in Westchester, you know. We’re going to see the country for a little bit. … Family’s important to me, because this is all I have. When I had problems and I needed help, my Mama was there. Her Mama was there for her.</div></blockquote>

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Don’tcha wish your girlfriend was hot like… Mount Vernon’s Asia Nitollano?

It’s down to five finalists on The CW’s “The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll” and Mount Vernon’s 18-year-old Doll-wannabe, Asia Nitollano, is still workin’ hard workin’ it.

The daughter of Latin R&B musician Joe Bataan has been seen honing her craft on the hardwood of Madison Square Garden as a Knicks City Dancer. So with music in her genes and fancy footwork at her job, the Pussycat Dolls would seem to be a natural fit.

Now, I’ve never seen the show, so I’m not going to judge Asia’s talent (in any department), but I will say that I wouldn’t mind seeing more pop groups break out an open casting call session. Consider *NSYNC. Justin Timberlake’s never coming back, J.C. Chasez just isn’t cutting it solo and Lance Bass is more famous now for his sexual orientation than his singing. Plus, let’s face it, the camera loves Joey Fatone.