Matt Dillon’s Dinosaur Jr video needs more chicks in bikinis

tjndc5-5bjwu06oihz10szql71r_layout.jpgWith the exception of “Herbie Fully Loaded,” Matt Dillon a lot of talent and an impressive range as an actor. But as I posted about last week, I don’t have the foggiest idea why the Mamaroneck native is making the leap to directing music videos. That’s all fine and good for young punks like Zach Braff (who did videos for Josh Radin, Gavin DeGraw, and Cary Brothers) or Elijah Wood (vid for Apples in Stereo), but Dillon is pushing 43.

That said, I couldn’t be happier that he’s pimping his skills for Dinosaur Jr., one of my favorite bands from the late ’80s, early ’90s. The finished video, which you can watch HERE on Subterranean Blog, is pretty solid, though it does kinda play like a deleted scene from the movie “Singles.” Furthermore, I don’t get why Dillon nixed the band’s idea to sprinkle the video with girls in bikinis.

Not to be too critical, Dinosaur Jr., but I’m pretty sure if you’d gone with Braff he would have been all over that bikini concept.

“Been There All The Time� Dinosaur Jr video on Subterranean Blog

(AP Photo/Alvaro Barrientos)

Richard Gere kisses the wrong Pretty Woman


Protesters in India burned effigies of the Pound Ridge actor after he kissed a popular Bollywood actress, Shilpa Shetty, at an Aids awareness rally in New Delhi. Public displays of affection and sex remain major taboo subjects in the country and many Indians were apparently offended by Gere’s theatrics. Some protesters have even chanted for Shetty’s death.

The protesters say Gere insulted Indian culture, according to the BBC, by kissing Shetty on her hand and face multiple times. Shetty has defended Gere’s off-the-cuff action, which was acted out to entertain the audience.

“I understand people’s sentiments, but I don’t want a foreigner to take bad memories from here. I understand this is his culture, not ours,” she told Indian news outlets. She added that Gere has apologized profusely to her for the incident and the reaction it caused.

(AP Photo/Gurinder Osan)

How to spot Vanessa Williams, part 2: Look for the Maserati

We already know that, for her 44th birthday on March 18, Millwood native and current Chappaqua resident Vanessa Williams got a shiny new star on the Hollywood walk of fame. But turns out she gave herself something even shinier as a present: a kickin’ Italian sports car.

As she put it to More magazine, “For my fortieth birthday, I got a Maserati coupe, a sports car with paddle shifting and a great-sounding engine … It’s really fast — plus I get big props from the guys on the set of Ugly Betty because I can handle it. They love to hear me zoom up and screech to a halt. Being able to get the toys I want is one of the true luxuries of getting older. I wish I’d always known about options like climate control — to think, I used to just roll down a window!”

And don’t forget, Ms. Williams is our cover story for the April issue of InTown Westchester, due in your mailbox any day now.

via Inside Entertainment

PREVIOUSLY: “How to spot Vanessa Williams”

(Williams: AP Photo/Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Bob Freeman; Maserati: PRNewsFoto/Maserati North America)

Howard on board for ‘Da Vinci Code’ prequel

tjndc5-5dl7iljj6w5uu87uf7e_layout.jpgNot that anyone ever seriously doubted whether Greenwich resident Ron Howard and his buddy Tom Hanks would reunite to adapt Dan Brown’s “Angels & Demons” for the big screen, but now it’s official.

After all, despite being a snoozefest and getting one of the worst critical drubbings in recent memory, the first one did make $758 million. Sony Pictures has set January as the start date for “A&D” to begin filming, and reportedly Akiva Goldsman is going to do the screenplay (again) — this time about a mysterious murder and age-old mystery involving the Illuminati and the Vatican.
Hanks, Howard near ‘Da Vinci’ prequel –

(AP Photo/Glenn Cratty, American Society of Cinematographers)

Stephen Baldwin and Michael Lohan join forces to save Hollywood youth

So when he’s not celebrating Easter at the White House, what is Stevie B. up to these days? Saving the souls of young Hollywood harlots, that’s what!

According to this press release, the Upper Grandview resident has teamed with Michael Lohan, Lindsay Lohan’s estranged father, to accomplish this very goal. You may remember Michael as the prison inmate who became a born-again Christian while in the slammer, and then, like a butterfly emerging from a federally incarcerated cocoon, turned into an ordained minister after he got out.

The two have apparently already teamed up to help troubled teens with substance abuse problems at the Long Island Teen Challenge. And according to In Touch magazine (note: not InTown) the pair is also shopping a reality TV series about their spiritually sanctioned endeavors.

Next up: “The Simple Life: Jesus Camp Edition.”

“Lohan’s dad teams up with Baldwin to help kids” [PR Wire]

(Lohan: AP Photo/ Dick Yarwood; Baldwin: Gwynne Johnson / Rockland Magazine)

Tats Hot

jc.jpgTV Guide cover boy Justin Chambers (a former Rocklander) told the magazine all about his brooding character on Grey’s Anatomy and about his every-man existence in real life (fun fact: his childhood nickname was “Juddybird�).
But, for the moment, let’s focus on his tats. That’s right, the 36-year-old former model has seven—count them—seven different marks. As TV Guidesays, “If you want to know what’s important in Justin Chambers’ life, ask him to take off his shirt”…trust me, I tried, he won’t return my calls.

On his right arm
—The names of his wife and children
—The word “death” drawn in a way that looks like “life” when viewed upside down
—A ring of fire inspired by the Johnny Cash song

Across his chest
—A bluebird and a cardinal (the latter is the state bird of Indiana and Ohio, where his family is from)

On his shoulder blades:
—Four running ponies that he calls “my four fillies”

On his back
—A design that appears to be a door with a knocker shaped like a lion’s head. “My wife’s last name is Leon, and the door leads into the ‘chambers,'” he explains.
—A giant No. 7. “It’s known as the lucky number in Vegas, “Chambers says, “but it’s know as the number of perfection in biblical terms.” It also happens to be the exact number of people in his family.

(AP Photo/Danny Moloshok)

Was that Al Pacino in the stands at the Tappan Zee softball game?

tjndc5-5buuq6kin1smscn5epm_layout.jpgKidding, I’m kidding. I haven’t been to a girls softball games since … uh, well, ever. But I was interested to read in the Danbury News Times that Al Pacino’s daughter, Julie Pacino, “ranks among the most dangerous hitters in Section 1.” The Pacino family reportedly lives in Sneden’s Landing, where Julie attends Tappan Zee HS.

So all you softball fans out there, next time you hear a “whooo ha!” coming from the bleachers, you probably know whooo it’s coming from. Ba dum bum.
(AP Photo/Domenico Stinellis) boycott petition reaches 40,000 signatures

We now know the name of the troublemaker behind and the campaign to oust the “View” co-host. Yes, Ethan Czahor, we’re talkin’ about you! The East Stroudsburg University student summed up his rationale this way to WCAU in Philly: “If it isn’t stopped, more people will buy into her conspiracies she’s putting out there.”

I’m not exactly a fan of the South Nyack resident, but I was surprised that has outpaced by such a ginormous margin — 40,000 signatures for the former, compared with less than 10,000 on the latter. Then again, they did have a full day head start. And look how much that helped the Imus smartmob.

“Student Launches Nationwide Boycott of Rosie O’Donnell” [WCAU]

Imus fired, Vonnegut dead, DMX still on the lam … did anyone have a good day?

tjndc5-5earjbk3f4132hvlmcd_layout.jpgThe pink slip from CBS head honcho Les Mooves, announcing that the official cancellation of the “Imus in the Morning” radio show, gave me the chills. Especially the second to last paragraph:


He has flourished in a culture that permits a certain level of objectionable expression that hurts and demeans a wide range of people. In taking him off the air, I believe we take an important and necessary step not just in solving a unique problem, but in changing that culture, which extends far beyond the walls of our Company.


If that doesn’t have every DJ, columnist, talk-show host, and blogger in the country spooked — well, it should. I’m the first to admit that I’ve slipped up before. One time I used the word “butch” in something I wrote, which I had no idea was offensive. It was quickly corrected, but that’s mostly just because I’ve got four other bloggers here watching my back.

Anyway, in light of today’s events, I’ve updated the wording in our sidebar poll.

Vanessa Williams’s hair secret? Sears

The “Ugly Betty” star and Chappaqua resident will be gracing the cover of InTown’s May issue, thanks to the handiwork of freelance journalist Adam Stone. His Mother’s Day-themed feature is a round-up of some of Westchester’s most famous residents and the moms who shaped them (other notables include Ben Cheever, Ari Fleischer, Janet DiFiore, and Phil Amicone). Yet as great as Stone’s interview of Helen and Vanessa Williams is, he did forget to ask one basic question, something essential to any women’s lifestyle magazine profile: Who does your hair?

tjndc5-5da7u59kequeg6nmoci_layout.jpgUsusally the name or salon isn’t all that interesting. But Vanessa’s answer, which I found in a TV Guide interview, is pretty unbelievable:


<b></b> One of the unexpected facts revealed on Style Star is that you still get your hair relaxed at JCPenney. Is that true?

<b>Williams:</b> It used to be JCPenney but then JCPenney went out of business in White Plains, so now it’s Sears. Yes, my hairstylist who does my relaxer is still at Sears. When I’m in New York I can walk in and there’s always a chair available. And if she’s not there, then I’ll get another stylist to relax. It takes a village, you know?


Say wha?! They do hair relaxing at the White Plains Sears? Let’s just hope that the good folks at the Galleria didn’t have anything to do with Vanessa’s perm job at this year’s Golden Globes.


“Vanessa Williams Shares Her Style Secrets” []

Is there a courtroom in Westchester that is not waiting for DMX to appear in?

DMX, once again, failed to show up to White Plains City Court yesterday to face speeding charges (and others). He was also due to show up to court in Yonkers to faces charges of driving with a suspended license. The rapper—Earl Simmons—missed both appearances. “In truth, I do not know where he is,� Murray Richman, the 36-year-old rapper’s lawyer, told the AP.

Judges at both courts have issued bench warrants for his arrest. And someone in the clerk’s office in the White Plains court told me he could be picked up at anytime. That is if anyone knew where he was.

Richman told the AP he was in Arizona on Tuesday and apparently missed a flight.

Forget Rosie, let’s vote on Imus

rosiepoll.jpegI almost don’t know why we even took the time to poll our readers for their favorite Rosie O’Donnell feud. Chances are, if you’re on this blog, you’re already in the target audience for Rosie vs. Trump. And sure enough, even though we listed 13 different Rosie feuds, that one was the overwhelming favorite, with 35 percent of the vote (or 78 votes). Next closest was Rosie vs. Reality (a reader addition). Clearly not a favorite: Rosie vs. American Idol. Not even really a fair fight when you think about it.

Anyway, time to move on from pointless, fabricated controversies to pointless, foot-in-mouth ones. Yes, we want your thoughts on the Imus brewhaha. Should he be canned? Should he start serving community service like Naomi Campbell and Boy George? Is it all being totally blown out of proportion?

And remember, if you’re not content to merely vote, add a comment to the Imus post below — already one of our most heated debates to date.