Forget Rosie, Hire Helene!

boygeorge.jpgI’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but I’ve been checking out Rosie’s video blogs, which she records right before taping The View, and I can’t get enough of her quirky stylist Helene. Ok, so that’s not Helene with Rosie—it’s Boy George—but how could I resist posting a picture like that? You can see Helene here on Rosie’s personal flikr page (she’s the one in the middle) or check out Wednesday’s blog in which Helene, in her aviators and model-esque haircut, chows down on a gigantic drumstick—for breakfast.

If The View were smart they’d snatch this lady up and put her on air. Everyone knows stylists hear the best gossip and according to Ro, Helene’s worked with Edie Falco, Mariah Carey, Susan Sarandon, Liam Neeson, Jamie Lynn Sigler, and the freakin’ Queen of Jordan.

Also: Just becuase you spent the last half hour going through all 388 of Rosie’s personal pictures doesn’t mean you’re sad, weird, or voyeuristic. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.
(AP Photo/Ed Bailey)