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Vanessa Williams’s hair secret? Sears

Posted by: Ted Mann - Posted in Chappaqua, Uncategorized, Vanessa Williams on Apr 12, 2007

The “Ugly Betty” star and Chappaqua resident will be gracing the cover of InTown’s May issue, thanks to the handiwork of freelance journalist Adam Stone. His Mother’s Day-themed feature is a round-up of some of Westchester’s most famous residents and the moms who shaped them (other notables include Ben Cheever, Ari Fleischer, Janet DiFiore, and Phil Amicone). Yet as great as Stone’s interview of Helen and Vanessa Williams is, he did forget to ask one basic question, something essential to any women’s lifestyle magazine profile: Who does your hair?

tjndc5-5da7u59kequeg6nmoci_layout.jpgUsusally the name or salon isn’t all that interesting. But Vanessa’s answer, which I found in a TV Guide interview, is pretty unbelievable:


<b>TVGuide.com:</b> One of the unexpected facts revealed on Style Star is that you still get your hair relaxed at JCPenney. Is that true?

<b>Williams:</b> It used to be JCPenney but then JCPenney went out of business in White Plains, so now it’s Sears. Yes, my hairstylist who does my relaxer is still at Sears. When I’m in New York I can walk in and there’s always a chair available. And if she’s not there, then I’ll get another stylist to relax. It takes a village, you know?


Say wha?! They do hair relaxing at the White Plains Sears? Let’s just hope that the good folks at the Galleria didn’t have anything to do with Vanessa’s perm job at this year’s Golden Globes.


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