No more seperation from ‘Six Degrees’

107030_d_1453_pre.jpgThere were clearly a lot of new shows last fall that deserved the ol’ heave ho, including even a few from celebs with LoHud ties (yes, I’m looking at you “3 Lbs.” and “Studio 60”). But there were also a couple — “The Nine” and “Six Degrees,” specifically — that seemed promising, but were prematurely yanked. And I’m not just saying that because Tim Daly is Suburbarazzi’s new MySpace friend.

Luckily, one of those benched programs, ABC’s “Six Degrees,” is coming back in March. Created by J.J. Abrams (who went to Sarah Lawrence in Bronxville) and starring Campbell Scott, (who was raised in Katonah and went to John Jay with Stanley Tucci), the show employed the ‘Heroes’-ish take on serendipity (except without the whole superpowers part).

Anyhow, I liked it. It’s moving from Thursday nights to Friday 9 p.m. on March 23. That’s commonly known as “the death slot” at the networks, but who knows, maybe it’ll have a “Men in Trees” like miracle, get moved to a better night, and have Justine Bateman join the cast.

“ABC to bow ‘Road,’ reheat ‘Degrees'” [Hollywood Reporter]

(Campbell Scott: ABC/BOB D’AMICO)

John McCain announces his run for president on David Letterman’s show…or rather he announces his plans to announce his run for president…or actually he confirms plans that have already been announced to announce his run for president

Talk about a scoop! The North Salem funnyman welcomed the Republican frontrunner last night, who told the audience he will announce his candidacy in April. So, if you’re keeping track, the man who everybody knew was running anyway made big news by “revealing” he would announce his plans to run in a few weeks.

“By the way, I’ll be making a formal announcement in April,” is how McCain explained it to Letterman. “This is the announcement preceding the formal announcement. You know you drag this out as long as you can. You don’t just have one rendition. You’ve got to do it over and over.”


Even though McCain formed an exploratory committee in November and has repeatedly told interviewers that there was nothing he could foresee that would alter his plans to run, the surprise announcement seemed to have caught at least a few people off guard—namely Letterman himself and McCain’s political team. Letterman responded to the Senator from Arizona with an, “Oh.” And later, the New York Times reported:

Mr. McCain is known as something of a free spirit, and his aides suggested that his remarks to Mr. Letterman were, if formal-sounding, extemporaneous rather than a result of careful planning by his campaign. Nonetheless, aides said, his appearance clearly fit into the campaign’s effort to stir as much excitement and interest as possible in his plans. </div></blockquote>

In other words, announcement number 572 will be coming shortly.
(AP Photo/CBS)

Lindsay Lohan makes more than Hayden Panettiere? An outrage, I tell you!

It’s no big shock that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are pulling in close to $40 million a year, or that Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter, gets $13 mil per pic. But there were a few surprises in Forbes Magazine’s list of “Young Hollywood’s Top Earning Stars.”

tyler2.jpgAmong them: Dakota Fanning was paid $4 mil last year — to star in, amongst other projects, the deeply disturbing-sounding “Hounddog,” in which the 13-year-old’s character gets raped. Yonkers’ Tyler James Williams (of “Everybody Hates Chris”) also made the list at #9 with $1.2 million. Oh, and 8-year-old Oscar nominee Abigail Breslin is already earning around $1.5 mil per year. What Alan Arkin would have to say about that?

Hayden PanettiereThe most surprising of all, though, is that Palisades native Hayden Panettiere came in at #6, with a whopping $2 million last year. Holy cow. I wouldn’t thought it would take at least another year for the “Heroes” dollars to finally start rolling in. That still places Hayden well behind #3, Lindsay Lohan ($6 mil last year), but if she keeps hanging around Paris, J.R., and Rumor Willis (Bruce and Demi’s offspring), she should be able to close that gap in no time.

“Young Hollywood’s Top Earning Stars” [Forbes] (click on the “In Pictures” box to get the rankings)