Joy Behar and Rosie O. have ‘gone radical’ on The View

That’s at least what Behar told TV Guide’s Michael Logan. She says the ten year old show got a “big shot in the armâ€? when Rosie arrived this fall. “It’s like we’ve gone radical,â€? the outspoken liberal comic said. “There were certain restraints before — I won’t go into what that dynamic was — but the restraints have been lifted and Rosie and I encourage each other to say whatever we want. Can you call her and tell her to stay?â€?


Wow, sounds like everything going well on the View set, despite rumors Joy was feeling outshined by the more well known funny lady from Nyack. Joy officially cleared the air—it’s not true.

<blockquote><div>People were afraid. They said, “Two comedians? No way. They’ll be competitive.” Well, it’s not true. It’s a much better match than people thought.</div></blockquote>

Here’s what else she had to say…

Joy on Donald Trump:

<blockquote><div>He’s very small. And you know what they say about guys like that: small-minded, small… well, you know where I’m going. He’s a pain. But you know what? It juices up the show because Rosie gets mad. She can’t take it. </div></blockquote>

On the possibility of finally finding a replacement for Star Jones:

<blockquote><div>I say leave it alone. It’s working the way it is!</div></blockquote>

On the rotating roster of guest hosts that have been sitting in:

<blockquote><div>I’m not wild about the idea unless it’s someone the audience already knows really well, like Whoopi Goldberg. That way we can jump into the hot topics immediately without having to explain who the guest host is and take up time interviewing her.</div></blockquote>

Tarrytown comedian on Jeni suicide: ‘His whole identity was as a stand-up comic’

Greg Fitzsimmons, a frequent sit-in guest on Howard Stern’s radio show and a Tarrytown product, talked Thursday about the apparent suicide of journeyman stand-up comic Richard Jeni. Fitzsimmons told the former Briarcliff Manor deejay he received a late-night phone call from fellow comic Dave Attell, then reflected on his own 17 years as a stand-up comedian and Jeni’s personal life.

<blockquote><div>You see somebody who you respect that much and who you think has got it all, and then it ends like that and you realize that they’re really unhappy and that’s my future. Luckily I’m married and I have kids and I love them. I have some more balance in my life that he didn’t have. … His whole identity was as a stand-up comic. One quote that I heard was (from) a friend of mine (who) talked to him the week before (Jeni died) and (Jeni) was freaking out because his 2007 calendar was not filled — the <em>whole</em> year had not been filled. There were holes in it.</div></blockquote>

When fellow stand-up comedian Artie Lange chimed in with “See, that’s a sickness. That’s, like, crazy,” Fitzsimmons agreed to an extent.

<blockquote><div>That made him crazy. And again, I don’t want to say why he did it. I have no idea. There were rumors that he had an illness; there’s obviously a possibility that he had chemical problems.</div></blockquote>

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‘Entourage’ Wish List

As we continue our countdown to the April 8 premiere of “Entourage” (just three more weeks), I’d like to put in a request to the show’s producers, a request to finally give Mamaroneck native Kevin Dillon’s character a proper agent. And no, I’m not proposing Shmuly Tennenhaus. (Though he would totally rock, don’t you agree?)

tjndc5-5dozeo6tynlgf7t4iw6_layout.jpgActually, I’m pitching an existing castmember: Larry Birkhead.

Yes, that’s right. As reported by Radar, Anna Nicole’s would be post-mortem papa starred in the show last year. In an episode titled “Threes Company,” he plays one of Ari Gold’s associates charged with finding a job for Johnny Drama ASAP. Though he only appears on camera for a couple secs, it’s unmistakably Birkhead.

Please, producers, I beg you: Bring him back for season four!

“Larry Birkhead pops up on ‘Entourage'” [Radar]

“Larry Birkhead on ‘Entourage'”

(AP Photo/Christine Aylen)

Trump wants to own Tavern on the Green, the classiest of the classy restaurants

tjndc5-5dcnvvxc1pi9ngln3j2_layout.jpgIf you’ve ever gone to Tavern on the Green and thought, boy, I wish this was even more pimped out, more glammed up — sort of like the Taj Mahal in AC — you may just get your wish. According to the Post, Donal Trump is interested in purchasing the Central Park restaurant and returning it to the level of classiness it had under founder Waner LeRoy.

As Trump put it to the post, the restaurant has “suffered greatly” since being takne over by LeRoy’s daughter, Jennifer. No word on what exactly Trump would do if he owned the shiny, shiny restaurant pet. However, it was at least as interesting to learn that Tavern claims to be the country’s highest grossing eatery — $38 mil a year. Damn, that’s a lot of lobster bisque.

“Trump Craves Tavern” [NY Post]

(AP Photo/Danny Moloshok)

Rob Thomas and Chappaqua make it into Page Six’s ‘sightings’


This is big! Finally, our moment in the celebrity tattle-Bible’s glorious spotlight. Here it is. Enjoy!

<blockquote><div>MATCH BOX 20’s Rob Thomas with a group at the Grappolo eatery in Chappaqua sipping “some sort of nectarine martinis”</div></blockquote>

It says so much, and yet so little…who was in the “group” with Rob? What sort of “nectarine martinis” were they sipping? Who called in the tip?

Okay, actually, it’s not that interesting. In fact, the preceding “sighting” puts this one to shame.

<blockquote><div>MICHAEL Douglas leaving Morimoto wearing wife Catherine Zeta-Jones’ jacket by mistake and saying, “I always think her coat is mine”</div></blockquote>(AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)

Larchmont’s John Treacy Egan to close out ‘The Producers’

With the show’s Broadway run winding down, Larchmont’s own John Treacy Egan is set to come back to play Max Bialystock in the final days of “The Producers.”

tjndc5-5camj6n63apl57ddlok_layout.jpgFor those not familiar, the 44-year-old originally followed Nathan Lane in the leading role after he left the cast. In addition to being a Larchmont native, Egan went to a bunch of schools in the Sound Shore area (including Hommocks, Saints John and Paul Catholic School, and Rye Country Day) and graduated from SUNY Purchase with a degree in music and opera.

As the theater told us, via email, “John Treacy Egan will join Hunter Foster to close out the show when it ends its run on April 22nd, 2007.” With all due respect to Tony Danza, I could imagine no finer fella to finish the run.

Can’t wait for the Donald Trump-Vince McMahon Wrestlemania throwdown?


If you’re one of those die-hard fans of The Donald or the WWE — the kind who has already added the coming April 1 “Battle of the Billionaires” to your TiVo — you’re in luck. Trump and Vince McMahon recently gave a little preview of their upcoming battle at WrestleMania 23, the loser of which will be forced to shave their head.

After signing an official battle contract on Monday night, WWE mainstay “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, showed up and started talking trash to Trump. While Bedford homeowner stood stone faced for most of Austin’s rant, he wasn’t about to take the same treatment from the McMahon, who he proceeded to “fire” right across a folding table. Kind of makes his whole “Apprentice” treatment seem tame by comparison, doesn’t it?

“Trump smacks Vince down” [TMZ]

“Sketch� comedy with Martha Stewart

tjndc5-5d5fk8515dl5kxbgguy_layout.jpgWord to the wise: Don’t think you can draw Martha Stewart and then sneak into her studio audience to enjoy the taping of her show…without getting called out in front of everybody by the Katonah talk show host.

According to the New York Post, Shirley Shepard apparently had to learn the hard way. The courtroom sketch artist (who illustrated Martha’s trial) was in the audience of Martha’s show Tuesday, when Stewart spotted her.

<blockquote><div>She pointed her finger and exclaimed, ‘I know you!’ …Then declared, ‘She’s the bad artist who did all those terrible sketches of me’ – and told Shirley to stand up. </div></blockquote>

Shepard tried to stay composed and said: “Martha, you get prettier every day.”

Her daughter was less polite.

“It was so rude and so embarrassing,” she told the paper later.
(AP Photo/Louis Lanzano) 

The Today Show, Public Schools, Vaginas—You knew Bill O’Reilly was going to weigh in eventually


Here are the pertinent facts in the case of the three Katonah girls who said “vagina� during an open mic night, according the O’Wise-one:

<blockquote><div>In Westchester County, New York, three John Jay High School junior girls promised Principal Richard Leprine they would not quote explicit lines from the play “Vagina Monologues” at the school’s open mike night.

The principle made the request because younger children would be in the audience. Despite their promises, the girls said the offending lines and were probably suspended for a day.

For their trouble, the three girls wound up on “The Today Show,” where they giggled their way through the controversy. And last night, their suspension was overturned.</div></blockquote>

Hey, everyone’s entitled to his or her opinion. Yes, it’s true, some people may find the word vagina “explicitâ€? and “offendingâ€? (others may consider the sex scene depicted in O’Reilly’s own 1998 novel, “Those Who Trespass,” to be a bit…uh…well…offending).  But as long as we can all disagree without being disagreeable. Right? After all, there’s no need to start labeling each other with silly, childish tags, is there, Mr. O’Reilly?

<blockquote><div>Now the villain here is Superintendent Robert Lichtenfeld, who folded under pressure from the Civil Liberties Union and some foolish parents. Lichtenfeld humiliated Principal Leprine and sent a message to all the students in the district, hey, it’s OK to be deceitful. That’s fine.

This Lichtenfeld is quite a guy.</div></blockquote>

Okay, never mind. Just tell us what we should do, O’Reilly:

<blockquote><div>The end game here is this: The [superintendent] should be removed immediately. And the three deceitful girls suspended for two days, period.</div></blockquote>

‘Period.’ As in, no more talking. Students bad. School wrong. O’Reilly wins again.(AP Photo/Jim Cooper)

Rosie O’Donnell responds to Donald Trump finally breaking his months-long Rosie silence; expresses profound sympathy for hair-afflicted Apprentice host

Ah, it feels like December all over again. Here’s the video via Gawker.

Even though she says it’s the last time she’ll mention the “Dump Truck,� something tells me we’re in for some more.

Sayonara, Lindsay Lohan. Hello, Bryce Dallas Howard

Pity the Hollywood directors who have to deal with the awkwardness of having the talented, yet completely unreliable, Lindsey Lohan in their cast. The latest victim is Jodie Markell, who was supposed to be directing Lohan, Nyack resident Ellen Burstyn, and David Strathairn of Poughkeepsie in “The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond.” Luckily, Armonk native and rising star Bryce Dallas Howard is always happy to pitch hit when, as they say, Lohan pulls a Lohan.

tjndc5-5bsuizcbuu9mpu0f13p_layout.jpgThe movie is a Tennessee Williams story about a Southern socialite in 1920s Memphis who tries to pass off a down-and-out son of an alcoholic (Strathairn) as an upper-class socialite. According to Cinematical (and verified on Imdb), Lohan is being dropped as the lead and the role is now going to Howard.

Between this and “Spider Man 3,” the Byram Hills HS grad may be having one of the shortest maternity leaves in movie history.

“Bryce Dallas Howard May Replace Lindsay Lohan In Teardrop Diamond” [Cinematical]

(AP Photo/Phil McCarten)

Donald Trump finally breaks months-long Rosie silence; expresses profound sympathy for depression-afflicted View co-host

The man’s compassion is limitless. And I quote …

<blockquote><div>I can fully understand: When she looks in the mirror, she suffers from depression. If I looked like Rosie, I’d suffer from depression also, believe me.

I think a picture of Rosie hanging upside down is a very unattractive picture. This is one that I’d pay not to watch.</div></blockquote>

YouTube: Trump on Rosie’s depression