Will Spielberg bring Sorkin’s ‘The Farnsworth Invention’ to B-way?

tjndc5-5b1y020y9px1n5ioygqo_layout.jpgWith “Studio 60” teetering on the brink of cancellation, Scarsdale’s favorite scribe got a bit of good news this week. Variety reported that none other than Steven Spielberg wants to move the new Aaron Sorkin play, “The Farnsworth Invention,” to Broadway.

Currently being shown on the West Coast in La Jolla, it’s been produced thus far by Dodger Theatricals and Des McAnuff, the same folks who helmed other Cali-to-Broadway transfers like “Jersey Boys” and “The Who’s Tommy.” The Dodger reps delicately explained the Spielberg arrangement to Variety:

<blockquote><div>Mr. Spielberg has no connection with the La Jolla production of the play. Should Dodger Properties decide to produce the play on Broadway at some time in the future, Mr. Spielberg would be involved as a limited partner.


The play is about how Philo T. Farnsworth, a boy genius who invented television in high schoo in 1927, did battle with RCA over the patent for his invention. Presumably, a Broadway deal won’t be ironed out until the current “Farnsworth” run finishes in California on March 25. And although I’m not sure if Spielberg has ever done a Broadway production before, Sorkin’s last one, “A Few Good Men,” basically launched his career as a screenwriter.

Indeed, another breakout Broadway hit would be a great way to raise the profile of Sorkin’s next big movie project, “Charlie Wilson’s War” (for which he wrote the screenplay and Mike Nichols directed), due to come out this December.

“Spielberg Funds Play?” [Variety]

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Steve Tisch pays another visit to Splitsville

tjndc5-5b5hdv3olqrntbhlezi_layout.jpgSpending your days lobbying for a “Forrest Gump” sequel and your nights trying to sooth Eli Manning‘s sibling inferiority complex can take its toll on your personal life. This much was clear with the announcement that mega-producer (and Giants owner) Steve Tisch and wife Jamie are getting divorced.

Tisch, a former Scarsdale resident, married Jamie in 1996 and had three children together. According to Page Six, Jamie may also be due for “a big career announcement” soon. “Now that her kids are grown,” one source said, “she’ll be focusing more on her fashion career.” Meanwhile, let’s hope that Tisch returns home to Westchester so he can keep a closer eye on his NFL franchise. Tom Hanks may need him around to get Gump II off the ground, but the Giants need him more.

“H’Wood Pair’s Splitsville” [NY Post]

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Kevin Dillon has a 16-year-old daughter? Seriously?

tjndc5-5dxz6zu27tv1ieg3jji0_layout.jpgBelieve it, man! Johnny “Drama” is a dad. As I learned from KerlaNext.com, the Mamaroneck native is a “dedicated long-distance father of a 16-year-old daughter,” as well as daddy to another daughter, Ava, who was born last May.

Apparently Kevin Dillon spends a good chunk of the year in LA, where they film “Entourage,” but the 16-year-old still lives in New York. “I can wield a lot of power from a distance on the telephone,” Dillon told an interviewer.

Meanwhile, the article says that Dillon married model-actress Jane Stewart (Ava’s mom) last year, and that they live in an L.A. four-plex he bought six years ago. Don’t know exactly how much of the year Dillon spends on the east coast, but I have heard from members of Winged Foot that he’s a member there — and occassionaly joins dad Paul for a round of winter snow golf.

“Kevin Dillon Enjoys Fatherhood” [Keralanext.com]

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Hot, hot, hot: Annable, Chambers, Panettiere! Plus—finally and definitively—Annable is not dating his TV mom


This week TV Guide unveils its list of the 40 “hottest stars� on television, which happens to include three former Rocklanders—Justin Chambers (from Grey’s Anatomy), Hayden Panettiere (from Heroes), and Dave Annable (from Brothers and Sisters). Even better, the mag gets co-stars of the men to gush about them (none of Panettiere’s cast mates talk about her looks, but since she’s 17, that’s probably a good thing).

After the jump, Kate Walsh on Chambers, Rachel Griffiths on Annable…and is he or isn’t he dating Sally Field (he’s not…oops, I’m bad with teases).

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We should all be so lucky to carry Naomi Campbell’s purse

The supermodel has taken a lot of heat lately from the press (especially the NY Post) for throwing phones at her maids and assistants (allegedly as many as four times at four different people) and most recently for handing off her bag to a sanitation worker to hold as she sauntered in to her court-mandated community service yesterday. But really, shouldn’t we cut her some slack? Yes, I know, she makes an easy target: A supermodel, with an apparent hyper sense of entitlement, who’s cruel to her hired help! Okay, I get it. But really who’s to blame in all this? Naomi Campbell for throwing phones or the assistants and maids who insist on filling out police reports?

She’s Naomi Campbell. La Campbell! If Naomi wants to throw a phone every once in a while, the lady has a right to throw a phone. Next time, a mobile device from Campbell hits you, just say, “Sorry Ms. Campbell. I got in the way of your phone. I’ll get this repaired as soon as I go to the ER to get stitches for this gushing wound.” Is that so hard?

Why must the police get involved? I throw things all the time at our magazine’s tireless copy editor, Jimmy. Does Jimmy complain? Does he call the police? No. And that should be a lesson to people in the vicinity of Naomi Campbell: Zip it!

And, so what if she didn’t want to carry her own bag? Why should she? She’s a model. She’s got dignity—she’s pretty AND can walk in a straight line. Why shouldn’t she make a man who’s spent 24 years of his life serving the people of New York as a police officer for the Sanitation department carry her Louis Vuitton. I bet he’s never even walked a runway before. And, while we’re at it…of COURSE he should have walked five paces behind her. You do not walk side by side with La Campbell! It’s just not done.

My only regret, is that we live in a society with such a regressive legal system. Here’s what the court should have done: Find her guilty, fine, but allow her to have her maids and assistants do her community service for her. After all, who really wins in all this? The Sanitation Department? The People of New York? The maid who needed stitches (and a new job)? Humanity? Fashion?

No. None of the above. I’ll tell you who wins…Naomi! Why does Naomi win? Because Naomi always wins. That’s just the way things are.

It’s Ro’s Birthday! Happy SuburbaRosie Day!

rosieday.jpgForty-five years ago, on this—the 21st day of March—a tiny star ignited in the magical kingdom of Queens. And this star was called, according to wikipedia.org, Roseann Teresa O’Donnell. Roseann drifted and flickered and faded poignantly, as sad celestial vagrants do until, 44 years later, a dazzling galaxy named Suburbarazzi emerged from the blogosphere and landed with a bang in LoHudLand. The result was spectacular.

Rosie, over the past year we’ve been through a lot together. Without your fiery feuds with The Donald, and Oprah, and Star, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and, well, everyone else, we’d have about as many hits as Juggling Acts. I guess, what we’re really trying to say is: Dearest Rosie, without you there would be no us. So, in honor of the miraculous day of your birth, we hereby declare this National SuburbaRosie Day. Please, take the day off. Blog. Write cryptic poetry. Hang upside down. We will commemorate the day with multiple posts in your honor and, of course, a 50 Koosh salute.

Woosh…Woosh…Woosh …Woosh…Woosh… Woosh…Woosh…Woosh…Woosh…Woosh…
Woosh…Woosh…Woosh …Woosh…Woosh… Woosh…Woosh…Woosh…Woosh…Woosh…
Woosh…Woosh…Woosh …Woosh…Woosh… Woosh…Woosh…Woosh…Woosh…Woosh…
Woosh…Woosh…Woosh …Woosh…Woosh… Woosh…Woosh…Woosh…Woosh…Woosh…
Woosh…Woosh…Woosh …Woosh…Woosh… Woosh…Woosh…Woosh…Woosh…Woosh…

Thank you, Rosie. Thank you. And Happy 45th.

Vanessa Williams (a.k.a. belated birthday girl) claims star on Walk of Fame

After turning 44 on Sunday, Vanessa Williams hiked it to Los Angeles to claim her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday. Even when she returns to Chappaqua, her star will continue to shine from the pavement of 7000 Hollywood Blvd. Quite a week for Ms. Williams!

According to Wikipedia, Williams follows the path of fellow Walk of Fame Lohudders, including Bedford residents Chevy Chase (7021 Hollywood Blvd.) and Donald Trump (6801 Hollywood Blvd.), Pound Ridge resident Susan Sarandon (also 6801 Hollywood Blvd.), former Larchmont resident Joan Rivers and former Bronxville resident Ed McMahon (both at 7000 Hollywood Blvd.).

Not to take anything away from Williams’ special day, but it’s important to remember that the Walk of Fame includes both Marlon Brando and Ryan Seacrest. Interpret that as you will.

(Associated Press file photo by Jim Cooper.)

Rudy Giuliani shows his love for…Nicholas Kristof????

tjndc5-5dxf7akbwu1naqs2omm_layout.jpgIt’s true. The Republican presidential frontrunner is a fan of the globe-trotting—decidedly liberal—columnist for the Times (who makes his home in Scarsdale). According to the Village Voice’s new media columnist, Keach Hagey (great name!!!), Giuliani told a room full of supporters at the Sheraton New York ballroom last week that Kristof’s writing about the situation in Darfur should be essential reading for the American president.

“[He’s] not exactly a commentator that I agree with all the time, or I imagine agrees with me,â€? Giuliani said, according to Hagey. “But he wrote a column the other day . . . that displays something that we all have to embrace.” The column called on the President to head up an international summit on the crisis in Darfur.

Apparently Kristof was just as shocked as everyone else to hear of Giuliani’s praise, Hagey reports.

She even poses the question: Could Kristof be a White House adviser in a hypothetical Giuliani White House? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’re already trying to wrap our heads around the ring of Vice President Joe Torre.
(AP Photo/Seth Wenig) 

Clinton brings NYC up to speed

billspin.jpgButt been a bit droopy lately? Don’t worry, for a single payment of $2,300 you too can have a bottom as bouncy as Bill’s. Just slip into some sexy spandex and meet him at Manhattan’s SoulCycle Thursday night, where he’ll be speaking to a spinning class about the importance of affordable health care and—of course—raising money for the boss lady’s campaign. Afterward Ruth Zukerman, one of the studio’s owners, says she’ll entice Bill to take part in a 45-minute “freedom ride” by playing some Rolling Stones. Bill, however, will be too busy reading the next chapter of How to Run a Political Fundraiser, by Richard Simmons. It has New York Times Best Seller written all over it.

Rye Teen ‘Siege’ party gets the Hollywood treatment

First it was a party that got out of control…then it was a magazine feature…now, if all goes according to plan, it will be Hollywood movie. According to The Hollywood Reporter  Dreamworks is working on adapting David Amsden’s New York profile, “The Siege of Fulton Avenue,� about a group of Rye High School students in 2004, who barricaded themselves in a house after a pre-graduation party got out of control and police were called to the scene. “The night becomes a defining moment for the teenagers inside as they struggle with their fears of growing up,� the paper reported last month. The script was written by Jeff Roda and the film is being produced by Contrafilm. George Tillman Jr. (“Men of Honor�) is set to direct. No word yet on who will star, when production will start, and if they’ll be filming at all in Westchester.